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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Neghist Girma, United States Congratulations! 4/27/2005
Willis and Grace Broussard, United States Congratulations 4/26/2005
Thomas, United States Keep the Barque Afloat 4/19/2005
Pat Onyekwelu, Nigeria Praise God!! 4/26/2005
Simon Bala Koban, Indonesia Congratulation! Our Prayer & Support to Holly Father will be always and forever. 4/24/2005
Wojtek, Poland Witamy Cie Ojcze Swiety... 4/20/2005
Michael Fanelli, United States Praise 4/24/2005
Birgit Marxer, Switzerland Glück- und Segenswünsche 4/23/2005
William Conroy, United States Congratulations upon election of Pope Benedict XVI 4/23/2005
St,lazarus youth , Myanmar prayer for the Holy Father 4/23/2005
Patrick Roland, United States God Bless You! 4/22/2005
Patricia Moelder Hass, United States prayers are with you 4/25/2005
Cynthia Rios, United States Congratulations 4/22/2005
Gaertner, Sebastian and Gertraud, United States Dear Pope Benedict XVl 4/22/2005
Margaret Flick, United States Congratulations 4/22/2005
Fame A. Biongcog, Philippines I thank God for the new Pope 4/23/2005
Patricia Gartmann, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Sharon Carl, United States Blessings 4/23/2005
Eileen , United States Congratulations! 4/23/2005
Jeff Reeves, United States Congratulations-Pope Benedict XVI 4/22/2005
Rebecca S Wright, United States Congratulations Benedict XVI 4/22/2005
Allen Kephart, United States Congrats 4/23/2005
fred sheehan, United States heart felt congratulations 4/23/2005
Rev. Jeffrey L'Arche, M.S., United States AD MULTOS ANNOS! 4/23/2005
The Dupmeier Family, Canada Thank God For You 4/24/2005
Michael Hornak, United States Installation 4/24/2005
Douglas Antipas, Guam Prayers and good wishes... 4/23/2005
Carole Tokaruk, Canada Keep you in my prayers 4/23/2005
Stephanie Camic, United States To His Holiness 4/23/2005
M.E. Hugeback , United States Congratulation and prayers 4/24/2005
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