Matthew's Testimony To Jesus


St. Matthew's Gospel from Ards Franciscan Friary in Donegal Ireland. Scripture scholar, lay missionary and educator Frances Hogan begins the first part of a NEW major series "Matthew's Testimony to Jesus". Hogan explores Matthew's unique testimony about Jesus as the King of the Jews and the coming of the Kingdom of God. Therefore he begins with the royal genealogy of Christ and ends with the declaration of his kingship over the Jews at his crucifixion. To make his point Matthew quotes the Hebrew scriptures more than 40 times.


17003- The Global Setting of the Bible and Matthew’s Gospel
17004-The Global View of Matthew’s Gospel
17005-The Audience of Matthew’s Gospel
17009-Matthew 2: The Mystery of the Incarnation
17012-Mattthew 3: The Baptism of Jesus
17018-Matthew 5: The Beatitudes Jesus Gave to Us



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