Prayer Policy

EWTN is happy to provide the opportunity for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to request the prayers of others for urgent or on-going needs. Be assured that Mother Angelica and the Nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery and the Priests and Brothers of Annunciation Friary will also include them in their prayers.

We try to post them publicly at least once a day, except over weekends and holidays. It is not necessary to post an item more than once. Even if not yet publicly posted be assured that your requests are included already in the intentions of the extended EWTN family.

Requests for Prayer are requests for other believers to pray and should not be prayers themselves, whether to God or the saints. You may also request prayers of Thanksgiving. Such posts may include a note of thanks to those who have prayed for your intention.

For the sake of those who will read the requests please do not use ALL CAPS and please compose them with the same care used in normal written communication. Such courtesy has all but disappeared on the Internet, but shows respect for those who will read the prayer requests.

We reserve the right to edit Requests for Prayer for content and length. We ask especially that you respect the privacy of those for whom you are requesting prayer and not provide identifying details.  ( No last names, addresses, phone numbers, or place of employment.... ect.) 

Users of  prayer requests should only post 500 characters per day. Multipliable post are not allowed  

Things we will not post include prayer chain notices (a superstitious practice), sermonettes on various topics, lobbying or commercial references tucked into prayer requests and the like. We reserve the absolute right to determine what will be posted in this regard.

Some posts maybe up for a long as 90 days.

If your Request is not posted it will have fallen under this policy and no special notice will be given.


Announcement Policy

The purpose of the Announcement board is to inform Catholics and others of events in the life of the Church, whether offered by dioceses, parishes or other legitimate Catholic institutions or organizations. We will not post announcements of other religions, of a commercial or personal nature, news, web site announcements, job searches, information gathering requests or other matter we deem outside this purpose.

We reserve the right to edit Announcements for content and length. In order to post correctly the only paragraph formatting should be carriage returns (Enter). Tabs, indents, multiple spaces etc. will not be saved by the software, so keep it simple.

Announcements should have date of event and location, such as city and/or state, in subject line. Contact information be should included in body of message. An email address, postal address or telephone number will be posted. EWTN does not provide web links. 

Users of  announcements should only post 500 characters per day. Multipliable post are not allowed.  

If your Announcement is not posted it will have fallen under this policy and no special notice will be given. Usually posts will be made daily or the day after a weekend or holiday, but please allow two to three days before contacting EWTN.

Thank you for making our job easier by adhering to these guidelines. God bless.

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