Doctrinal Questions

The Church's teaching is composed of two major divisions, Faith and Morals. Dogmatic teaching & theology encompasses matters of the Faith, as represented by the 12 articles of the Nicene Creed. For this reason the Catechism of the Catholic Church in “Part I” uses the Creed as the outline within which it teaches the most significant dogmatic truths. Answers to doctrinal questions can, therefore, be found in this section. Questions regarding "Part III" of the Catechism on the Ten Commandments (encompassing Moral Theology) can be found in the Section on "Moral Questions."

The Catechism also has two other sections, on practical matters of the faith, “Part II” on the Celebration of the Mysteries of Faith, and “Part IV” on Prayer. The sections on "Liturgy and Sacraments" and “Spiritual Questions” deal with these, though other sections on Mary, on Mysticism and Prayer, cover specific sub-topics.