EWTN Global Catholic Radio On-line Monitoring Form

To assist EWTN Global Catholic Radio in our monitoring efforts, we offer this easy-to-use on-line monitoring form. To help you provide us with monitoring information, an SIO code is used. The SIO code is based on:
S – Signal Strength
5: Excellent
4: Very Good
3: Fair
2: Low
1: Barely Audible
I – Interference
5: None
4: Slight
3: Moderate
2: Severe
1: Extreme
O – Overall Quality
5: Excellent
4: Very Good
3: Fair
2: Poor
1: Barely Audible

As you can see, the greater the number, the better the reception. S-5 / I-5 / O-5 would then signify excellent signal strength, no interference from other stations, excellent overall merit as good as a local AM station. Lower numbers, based on your rating, would signify lesser reception quality as indicated in the above table. Please be precise and factual. This helps us determine what shortwave frequencies work—and do not work—best in you area of reception. We would enjoy receiving a report at least, but not limited to, twice per month.

Shortwave reporting is uncomplicated and fun. First, listen to EWTN Global Catholic Radio with your shortwave receiver. Our frequencies are listed on our Frequency Guide page. Second, simply fill out our form and click on the submit button. Monitoring novices and veterans will find the form convenient and easy to understand and use.

Shortwave broadcasters use a universal time standard known as UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) also known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). We prefer the reports be in UTC; the common time the world uses. For example, if it is 1300 UTC in North America, it is 1300 UTC in Rome, Italy, Perth, Austalia, and every other city in the world. There are no time zones. Take a look at our Frequency Guide and you will see time listed in both Eastern U.S. and UTC to assist you in determining UTC.

UTC goes by a 24-hour clock as opposed to the standard 12-hour clock. If it is 7 AM UTC, it is expressed as 0700 UTC. 7PM would be expressed as 1900 UTC. Notice that there is no colon or other punctuation within the time (0700).

Thank you for your valuable input!

Glen Tapley
Frequency Manager
EWTN Global Catholic Radio

Online Reception Report Form
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