Abortion: America's New Holocaust

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

                   Sing a Little Louder!

I found myself in danger, I cried out in despair
I prayed, "Lord let them hear me! Let just one person care!"
I raised my voice to heaven as the train kept moving on
As we passed behind the church yard I could hear their worship songs
I cried out all the louder to the Christians there inside,
but they raised the chorus louder not hearing me outside
I know they heard the whistle and the clacking of the tracks
They knew that I was going to die and still they turned their backs
I said, "Father in Heaven how can your people be
so very hard of hearing to the cry of one like me?"
I shouted, "Please have mercy! Just a prayer before I die!"
But they sang a little louder to the Holy One on high.
They raised their hands to Heaven but blood was dripping down
The blood of all the innocent their voices tried to drown
They have devotions daily, they function in My name
and they never even realized it was I upon that train.

                                                       Penny Lea. [1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

In our view, individuals who exhibit the least human dignity are those who compare the Holocaust, the mass murder of 6 million Jews, to abortion. There exists no comparison more immoral or depraved. It is both illogical and outrageous to suggest that the calculated murder of millions of children and adults can be equated with an individual woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy ...

                                                                          'Masturbation guru' Sol Gordon.[2]

Why Such Vehemence?

The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid "dens of crime" that Dickens loved to paint. It is not even done in concentration camps and labor camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried and minuted) by quiet men in clean, carpeted and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.

                                                                   C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters.[3]

The Psychology. 

Sol Gordon is certainly not alone in his condemnation of pro-lifers for their audacity in comparing the Nazi Holocaust to the New American Holocausts of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.

Pro-abortion medical 'ethicist' Dr. Sissela Bok insists that any comparison between the original and American Holocausts is "an inflammatory toying with human fears," and British euthanasiast Glanville Williams calls such comparisons "ridiculous fantasies" and says that "No proposal for reform, however strong the argument in its favor, is immune from the 'wedge' objection [the 'slippery slope']."

It is obvious that a spurious or truly ridiculous comparison would not receive the dignity or effort of a logical reply. However, if well-known pro-abortionists feel driven to answer the Holocaust/ abortion analogy with such vehemence, we have some indication that the analogy is at least partially true, or they wouldn't feel threatened by it.

Pro-abortionists will scoff, of course, but psychologists know that the most vicious reactions occur to a statement that comes uncomfortably close to some secret that a person (or, in this case, persons) want hidden or obscured.

Abortion pushers passionately loathe the "American Holocaust" analogy precisely because it is so fitting and because it hits so very close to home.

Pro-abortion propagandists are very disturbed about this comparison, and for good reason their thin veil of privacy will be ripped away if the public sees the pervasive parallels between themselves and the Nazis, and so they attack the comparison with incredibly vehemence.

The 'abortion mentality' might just as well be called the 'eugenics mentality;' we, not God, determine who will be born into this (or who will remain here). This mindset cuts across all borders and issues; it can be applied to birth control, abortion, sterilization, euthanasia, and even genocide!

A Detailed Example of Overreaction. 

It is very important for pro-life debaters to know exactly why pro-aborts object so strenuously to the Holocaust comparison. If pro-abort 'logic' can be effectively debunked, the pro-lifer can show just how Nazi-like the thinking of the anti-lifers really is in the process.

The 1990 National Organization for Women fundraising comic book "Choices" very neatly encapsulated all of the pro-abortion objections to the "American Holocaust" comparison in a two-page piece entitled "Donahue."

It seems amusing that pro-abortionists constantly push their propaganda in comic book form; perhaps they realize that the only people who will believe their swill are those who operate with a comic-book and bumper-sticker mentality.

In this story, a woman quotes a Catholic man (with a classic stern, staring, White 'Big Brother' face), a guest on the "Donahue" television talk show. Her rebuttal to his statements follows, with editorial replies to her rhetorical questions added in brackets.


Hitler had a conscience, he [the "Donahue" guest] said. Hitler made a conscious decision to kill Jews. If Hitler had a Christian conscience, he said, it wouldn't have happened. This guy kept calling a woman's choice the "Abortion Holocaust." This pisses me off!

I mean, does this guy really think that a woman's right to decide for herself can be equated with ovens and gas chambers and medical experiments?"[The unborn are indeed incinerated in specially-made Austrian ovens after they are killed. Late-term babies are also the subjects of ghastly medical experiments, as described in Chapter 73, "Fetal Experimentation"].

Can he actually compare getting on a bus to go to a clinic with being herded onto trains like cattle (worse than cattle), and being delivered into the gates of hell, gates with names like Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka? [Women are herded into clinics by escorts, rushed through assembly-line abortions, and hustled out the door as soon as they can stagger a few steps. No time to think it over, no other options, no informed consent. And the clinics, by whatever name, are the gates to the tortures of Hell for their unborn children].

Does he really believe that going through an elective ambulatory procedure is the same as being strapped down on a table and having your ovaries irradiated and then removed, without consent, without anesthesia? [Unborn babies and now, even newborn anencephalic babies do indeed often have their organs removed without consent and without anesthesia, just as described in Chapter 73, "Fetal Experimentation"].

Jesus Christ! And that's the only Christian thing I can say about it! How dare he equate the suffering of millions upon millions (and not only Jews) which was thrust upon them by a madman and his murdering hordes, with a conscience, Christian or otherwise ... with personal choice? [Call it anything you want, but the only difference is this: Instead of having black-garbed SS troops oversee the execution of millions, now the victim's own mothers willingly carry them to the slaughter all in the name of 'freedom of choice!']

The final panel shows the woman, with a determined look on her face vividly reminiscent of a Red Chinese propaganda poster, volunteering for "Clinic Defense," as she gallantly thinks, "I'm insulted. No, it's worse. I'm disgusted. As a Jew ... and as a woman." [We pro-lifers are disgusted, too and that is why we so adamantly oppose this slaughter of the innocents]!

In summary, the only difference between the Nazi and American Holocausts is that the ability to make the decision to kill has been delegated from the Nazi death camp (Vernichtungslager) doctors to individual women. The main event the killing still takes place.

In fact, it may be said that the American Holocaust is far worse than the Nazi Holocaust, not only in sheer numbers of deaths, but in the fact that tens of millions of women have had their consciences deadened to the point that they want to abort their children for convenience. At least in the Nazi Holocaust, only a few tens of thousands of men and women without consciences did the killing.

The Responses. 

Notice the tone of the above pro-abortion tirades. These explosions of incandescent rhetoric illustrate the only two possible pro-abortion responses to the Holocaust comparison;

(1) Gordon simply states his opinion; as always, there are no attempts to refute, only to condemn, the Holocaust comparison.

(2) the "Choices" comic-book writer merely asks a long line of rhetorical questions for the purpose of obscuring the comparison.

Notice also that both writers puff up like fat toads with sheer indignity and bitterness. This is all the pro-abortionists can do. After all, it is virtually impossible to disprove such a complex analogy. It is much easier to obscure it with the diversion provided by an explosion of indignant words.

Pro-lifers have an easy task with the Holocaust parallel; all we have to do is highlight just a few of the many parallels between the original and current Holocausts to get our points across. It is up to the pro-aborts to disprove the analogy, which of course is impossible.

When Pro-Abortion 'Jews' Object.

The Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights shares the outrage of our member Jewish groups and other member religious bodies over statements by persons in the anti-choice movement equating the practice of abortion with the Nazi Holocaust.

                                      Mary Jane Patterson, President, RCAR Board of Directors.[4]

They Do a Good 'Indignant' ... 

At no time do Jewish abortophiles become more indignant than when pro-lifers explain and publicize the many parallels between the original Nazi Holocaust and the one occurring in the United States right now. The intensity of their reaction to such analogies is almost comically vitriolic.

When a pro-lifer confronts a 'Jewish' abortophile on the topic of abortion, the situation can get very sensitive. The 'Jewish' pro-abort will always fall back from the focus of the debate and will always accuse the pro-lifer of "anti-Semitism." This reaction is guaranteed, the 'Jewish' pro-abort simply does not have the imagination to formulate any other response. The 'Jewish" pro-abort is taking the classic 'victim stance,' and the pro-lifer must not let him get away with it.

The only possible way to deal with this nonsense is with a very strong counterattack. The pro-lifer should debunk this accusation as flatly stupid and illogical, and should explain the many parallels between the Old and New Holocausts. If the situation is particularly 'hot,' the central point can be emphasized again and again: "Who did all the killing in the first Holocaust? And who does all the killing now?"

There is no way around this parallel for the pro-abort.

The pro-life debater must recognize that real Jews are pro-life, as explained in Chapter 44. Only Modernist or revisionist 'Jews' are pro-abortion, just as only Modernist or revisionist 'Catholics' are. In other words, people who claim to be both "pro-choice" and "Jewish" are really not Jewish at all.

Revisionist 'Jews' As Bigots. 

Strangely, the same people who snivel about "religious bigotry" are usually virulent anti-Christian bigots themselves. More particularly, most pro-abortion 'Jews' seem to have a strong anti-Catholic bias that they do not even seem to be aware of.

For example, 'Jewish' abortophile Regina Barshak squawked loudly when pro-lifers dared to draw the Old/New Holocaust analogy in her presence; "For the purposes of this political campaign, they [pro-lifers] help themselves at the expense of cheapening the memory of those millions of murdered men, women and children, as well as at the expense of the personal distress caused by an apparently disrespectful use of events ... It must be noted that while millions of men, women and children relentlessly dragged themselves to their death under the boots of their tormentors for nearly a decade, neither the voices of the prestigious leaders of the Vatican nor the voices of "Value of Life" persons were heard on behalf of these tortured lives. Now this world drama is exploited in the form of a callous and cheap and convenient cliche for the self-serving purposes of a political controversy."[5]

The Real Scoop on the Vatican.

Not only is Barshak's knowledge of history abysmal, but her transparent anti-Catholic bigotry clearly shows through. Prominent Jewish leaders have acknowledged the actions of the Vatican and of various Fundamentalist churches in saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews during World War II.

During the War, Pope Pius XII authorized the issuing of more than 10,000 Vatican ration tickets, identity cards, and other papal documents to refugees at great risk to both himself and the Vatican. The Vatican's Crusade of Charity directly assisted more than 695,000 victims of the war, including a large percentage of Jews.

Pope Pius XI even issued an encyclical condemning Nazism on Palm Sunday of 1937 entitled Mit Brennender Sorg ("With Burning Anxiety"). The document, which referred to Hitler by name as "a mad prophet possessed of repulsive arrogance," was smuggled into Germany, where it was read by all of the German Bishops from their pulpits.[6]

The Nazi national newspaper Volkischer Beobachter viciously attacked Pius, characterizing him as "the Jew-god in Rome."[6]

Himmler's deputy, Paul Heydrich, commented that "The Pope has repudiated the National Socialist New European Order ... He is virtually accusing the German people of injustice toward the Jews and makes himself the mouthpiece of the Jewish war criminals."[6]

The Pope saved the lives of hundreds of Jews by paying to the Nazis a ransom of one hundred pounds of gold, obtained by melting down religious vessels. And the Pope and his officials established 180 places of refuge within the cramped confines of the Vatican, which sheltered more than five thousand Jews during the Nazi occupation of Rome.[7]

On Christmas Day of 1942, a New York Times editorial praised the Pope as "a lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent."[8]

The Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, and his wife became Catholic in 1945 and took the baptismal name Eugenio, the given name of Pope Pius XII. The Rabbi, who had offered himself as hostage for his fellow Jews during the War, was declared dead by his former synagogue and declared several days' fast in atonement for his conversion.[9]

Additionally, at least a dozen Catholic priests are honored as "Righteous Gentiles" with trees planted along the Avenue of the Just at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.[7]

When Pius XII died in 1958, Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir declared that "When fearful martyrdom came to our people in the decade of Nazi terror, the voice of the Pope was raised for the victims." Israeli official Pinchas E. Lapide wrote in 1967 that the Catholic Church saved anywhere from 700,000 to 860,000 Jews during the Holocaust.[8]

But these historical facts mean nothing to common bigots like Barshak, who will slavishly ignore all evidence in their almost pathological desire to condemn the Catholic Church, which remains the single greatest obstacle to their treasured goal of free and easy abortion on demand.

Barshak and her repulsive ilk simply base their bigotry upon the opinions of other bigots, the first of whom was Rolf Hochhuch.

Pope Pius XII died in 1958. Just five years later (now that he was unable to defend himself), anti-Catholics launched their flood of backstabbing criticisms and slander with an undistinguished Berlin play in February of 1963. The heretofore-unknown German playwright Rolf Hochhuch produced Der Stellvertreter ("The Deputy"), which, among other things, alleged that Pius XII was a "war criminal" because he was "totally silent" on the question of Jewish extermination; that he actually approved of and assisted the Nazi regime in many ways; and that he urged the United States to join Hitler in attacking the Soviet Union in 1945.[8]

Inconsistency and Hypocrisy. 

Notice how pro-aborts like to have it both ways; when pro-lifers enter the political arena, abortophiles snivel that they are trying to impose a "profoundly religious" viewpoint on everyone and then, when pro-lifers try to become involved in church activities, the abortion issue suddenly becomes a "political campaign," as Barshak asserts.

Pro-lifers should not be misled by the agonized bleating of 'Jews' who are aggressively promoting abortion. For these people, preserving their precious abortion 'right' is infinitely more important than honoring the memory of the victims of the original Holocaust.

The Dangers of the Slippery Slope.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever!

                                                                      George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four.


Perhaps the one aspect of the new and old Holocausts that disturbs pro-abortionists the most is pro-life insistence upon the existence of the looming "slippery slope."

If the public finally realizes that abortion inevitably leads to euthanasia (and therefore poses a direct and clear threat to them), the anti-life agenda will be exposed. The pro-abortionists know that the spurious "right to privacy" on a national scale is the only thing that can preserve their "progress" down the slippery slope. They will do anything to maintain this strategic veil of secrecy.

Incrementalism is the Key. 

The Nazis skidded down the "slippery slope" with incredible speed, traversing the complete range from eugenic sterilization to genocide in only nine years. They violated the principle of incrementalism (gradualism), which states that social change must occur at a rate that is virtually unnoticeable to the public. If change proceeds too quickly or in steps that are too large, the movement will be vigorously opposed. We 'modern' people are following the same road, albeit at a more careful and leisurely pace. We are paying attention to the principle of incrementalism.

After reviewing the medical war crimes trials at Nuremberg, the World Medical Association (WMA) adopted the Declaration of Geneva in 1948. This document read, in part; "I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of conception; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity."[10]

With Nazi atrocities still vividly in mind, researchers and physicians generally held to the Declaration of Geneva, and to the more comprehensive Hippocratic Oath, for about two decades after World War II concluded.

The Wall is Doomed. 

But then cracks began to appear in the armor of the physician's regard for human life. Once again, the eugenicist/utilitarian mindset began to appear in isolated instances. And, as we all know after being taught the lesson twice, after the first crack appears, the wall is doomed.

Two famous physicians/researchers injected live cancer cells into elderly patients at Brooklyn's Jewish Hospital and Medical Center in the mid-1960s. In the first publicized case of infanticide, doctors at Johns Hopkins Medical Center allowed a baby boy with Down Syndrome to starve to death in 1971.[11]

Soon thereafter, the United States Supreme Court bestowed upon us abortion on demand throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy. In 1983, Baby Doe of Bloomington, Indiana was starved to death. Although an estimated 2,000 infanticides had been occurring in this country every year, what made this case significant was that it was the first court-sanctioned instance of euthanasia in this country (for further information on the history of the euthanasia movement in the United States, see Chapter 110 in Volume III).

It was not long before late-term aborted babies became prey to experimentation while they were still alive and feeling pain, as condoned by two leading medical researchers; "Since we know we are going to destroy, dismember and discard the fetus in a procedure known as abortion, it seems a small indignity to expose it to rubella vaccine just prior to that termination. The medical ethic 'do no harm' would, of course, be violated but we have already violated that principle when we accepted the concept of abortion. The ultimate harm of destroying the fetus trivializes that which precedes it."[12]

Compare this statement to the one made by Nazi Dr. Julius Hallervorden, quoted at the Nuremberg trials in 1945: "If you are going to kill all these people, at least take the brains out so that the material may be utilized."[13]

The Similarities Between the Nazi and American Holocausts.

Nazism is merely applied biology.

                                                                                                 Rudolf Hess.[14] 


The proof (or rebuttal) of any comparison is found primarily not in the differences between two or more entities or ideas, but in the similarities.

The similarities between the Nazi and American Holocausts are simply too profound and numerous to ignore. They include;

(1) the identical country of origin;
(2) the identical pervasive use of propaganda and deceptive language 
(3) the identical justification of the atrocities;
(4) early medical leadership of the Holocausts;
(5) dehumanization of the victims; and
(6) the identical anti-life, Hegelian philosophy of those in power.

These similarities are not trivial or 'fringe' in nature; they address the very heart of the matter. The philosophies and the methods employed by both the Nazis and the pro-abortionists are identical!

These similarities are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Similarity (1): Country of Origin.

The United States Leads the Way. It may be almost incomprehensible to the close-minded and those who would like to avoid shame by rewriting history, but the philosophy of the Nazi eugenics movement was not framed and nourished in Germany.

It was conceived, developed and nurtured in our own "land of the free" the United States!

Statements of the Eugenicists. 

The proof is in the statements made by leading American eugenicists, racists, and euthanasiasts during the period from the mid-1920s to the mid-1930s, when their movements flourished.

Several years before the Third Reich was founded (i.e., in the mid-1920s), Hitler and his cronies were avid readers of American eugenicists, including especially the pathologically anti-Semitic Madison Grant.

Grant argued that "sentimental beliefs" (such as Christianity) short-circuited the practice of infanticide, which he saw as a natural weeding-out process necessary to the preservation of the species.[15]

Grant and Dr. Lothrop Stoddard exerted great influence "... in awakening in Germany ... the movement for the preservation and increase of the Nordic race." Stoddard asserted that compulsory sterilization of the "unfit" was a "gift" from the American eugenics movement.

It is interesting that the masthead slogan of the Birth Control Review was "Creating a Race of Thoroughbreds." In 1933, the magazine featured an article entitled "Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need," authored by Adolf Hitler's Director of Genetic Sterilization and founder of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygiene Ernst Rudin!

Lothrop Stoddard sat on the board of the American Birth Control League (later Planned Parenthood) in the 1930s. The Birth Control Review enthusiastically endorsed his book The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy. In this book (introduced by fellow racist/eugenicist Madison Grant), Stoddard demonstrates beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt the intimate connections between abortion, eugenics and goal-oriented racism, both in the Nazi regime and in latter-day America;[16]

... upon the quality of human life all else depends ... none of the colored races shows perceptible signs of declining birth-rate, all tending to breed up to the limits of available subsistence ... It can mean only one thing: a tremendous and steadily augmenting outward thrust of surplus colored men from overcrowded colored homelands ... But many of these relatively empty [Northern] lands have been definitely set aside by the white man as his own special heritage ...

His ["colored" man's] outstanding quality is superabundant animal vitality. In this he easily surpasses all other races. To it he owes his intense emotionalism. To it, again, is due his extreme fecundity, the negro being the quickest of breeders. This abounding vitality shows in many other ways, such as the negro's ability to survive harsh conditions of slavery under which other races have soon succumbed ... black blood, once entering a human stock, seems never really bred out again ...

White men cannot, under peril of their vary race-existence, allow wholesale Asian immigration into white race-areas ... The grim truth of the matter is this: The whole white race is exposed, immediately or ultimately, to the possibility of social sterilization and final replacement or absorption by the teeming colored races.

And, of course, the more primitive a type is, the more prepotent it is. This is why crossings with the negro are uniformly fatal. Whites, Amerindians, or Asiatics all are alike vanquished by the invincible prepotency of the more primitive, generalized, and lower negro blood.

 ... whether we consider interwhite migrations or colored encroachments on white lands, the net result is an expansion of lower and a contraction of higher stocks, the process being thus a disgenic one.

For race-betterment is such an intensely practical matter! When peoples come to realize that the quality of the population is the source of all their prosperity, progress, security, and even existence; we shall see much-abused "eugenics" actually moulding social programmes and political policies ... we or the next generation will take in hand the problem of race-depreciation, and segregation of defectives and abolition of handicaps penalizing the better stocks will put an end to our present racial decline.

Notice how, near the end of the second paragraph, Stoddard lets slip that he does not consider Blacks to be human. Does this sound familiar? Remember that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, heartily approved of the book's contents.

Notice also how Stoddard waxes prophetic in the last paragraph. His prophecy, unfortunately, has turned to fact. It is our benighted generation that has taken up the task of "abolishing handicaps" and dealing with "race-depreciation" by employing the devastatingly effective weapon of racially-directed abortion.

H.L. Mencken, another leading American eugenicist, urged that "A resolute attack be made on the fecundity of all the males on the lowest rung of the social ladder."[17]

Yet another American eugenicist demanded that Hitler be "... made an honorary member of the [American] Eugenics Record Office."[18]

James Davenport grumbled that "Our ancestors drove Baptists from Massachusetts Bay into Rhode Island, but we have no place to drive the Jews to. Also, they burned the witches, but it seems to be against the mores to burn any considerable part of our population."[15]

The Courts Go Along. 

With so many leading American thinkers advocating such a fashionable, utilitarian, and 'socially beneficial' course of action, is it any surprise that their depraved fantasies were placed into concrete action, despite Constitutional safeguards?

The United States court system bestowed its imprimatur upon eugenics in 1927, when Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the majority opinion in the Court's Buck v. Bell decision upholding the enforced eugenic sterilization of poor Black women. Holmes held that; "We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices ... Three generations of imbeciles are enough."[19]

This eugenic sterilization law was reversed by the Supreme Court only as recently as 1972. But the damage had been done. Following the lead of the Supreme Court, thirty states had enacted laws that mandated sterilization for the poor by 1933.[14]

These laws followed the Model Eugenical Sterilization Law, promulgated by Harry H. Laughlin, director of the Eugenics Record Office. They called for the sterilization of criminals, mental patients, the retarded, the blind, deaf, diseased, and alcoholics, and for dependents upon society: the homeless, orphans, and tramps.[15]

From 1924 to the early 1970s, more than 7,500 poor men and women were forcibly sterilized in the State of Virginia alone. Of course, these operations were performed in approved "mental health facilities" on "unwed mothers, prostitutes, petty criminals and children with disciplinary problems."[15]

Other laws drafted by American eugenicists mandated segregation of those with birth defects and mental disabilities in state-run institutions. No inmate ever left these places with their reproductive organs intact they were all neutered like stray dogs. In some states, all of those inmates who carried hereditary disabilities were sterilized. Other state regulations mandated contraceptive use by all whose family history indicated a predisposition towards serious hereditary defects.[20]

Resurrection of the Horror. 

A person with common sense might think that this type of thinking would die out after the eugenics-driven horrors of World War II. Unfortunately, those who long for a better world right now always desire it at the expense of those they consider inferior to themselves, as shown by the quotes in Figure 53-1.


[We have a choice of] a painless weeding out before birth or a more painful and wasteful elimination of individuals [with low IQ] after birth.

                                           Garrett Hardin. Biology: Its Human Implications (1949).

Do our nobly intended welfare programs promote dysgenics retrogressive evolution through the disproportionate reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged?

Nobel Prize winner William Shockley Chase, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey: Rutgers University Press), 1963, page 482.

We civilized men do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poor-laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the live of every one to the last moment ... Thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man.

Charles Darwin, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey: Rutgers University Press), 1963, p. 4.

Society as the trustee of life is responsible to life for every botched life that comes into existence; and as it has to atone for such lives, it ought consequently to make it impossible for them ever to see the light of day: it should in many cases actually prevent the act of procreation, and may, without any regard for rank, descent, or intellect, hold in readiness the most rigorous forms of compulsion and restriction, and, under certain circumstances, have recourse to castration ... "Thou shalt do no murder," is a piece of ingenuous puerility compared with "Thou shalt not beget" !!! ... The [unhealthy] must at all costs be eliminated, lest the whole fall to pieces.

Friedreich Nietzsche, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey: Rutgers Press), 1963, page 53.

No training or education can create intelligence; you must breed it.

British scientist Karl Pierson, Huxley Lectures, quoted in Daniel Kelves' In the Name of Eugenics (New York: Knopf), page 3.

The social imperialist state might well have to intervene in reproductive matters, at least in the families of anti-social propagators of unnecessary human beings.

British scientist Karl Pierson, quoted in Daniel Kelves' In the Name of Eugenics (New York: Knopf), p. 34.

There is now no reasonable excuse for refusing to face the fact that nothing but a eugenics religion can save our civilization from the fate that has overtaken all previous civilizations.

George Bernard Shaw, quoted in Mark Haller's Eugenics (New Jersey: Rutgers Press), 1963, page 19.

Double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling has suggested that those who carry "dysfunctional genes" have such information tattooed onto their foreheads.

Linus Pauling. Foreword to "Reflections on the New Biology." UCLA Law Review, Feb. 1968, page 269.

Biologist John Maynard Smith would like to give tax breaks and bonuses to the educated and intelligent who have children and heavily penalize others.

John Maynard Smith. "Eugenics and Utopia." Daedalus, Summer 1989, page 91.

When it comes to feelings, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They are all mammals. They all feel pain. There is no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights ... 6 million people died in concentration camps, but 6 billion chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.

Ingrid Newkirk, founder and director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), quoted by syndicated columnist Stephen Chapman in the December 6, 1989 Chicago Tribune.

The last quote by animal rights activist Ingrid Newkirk in this table is doubly amusing, not only because of its inherent outrageously illogical nature, but also because of the fact that Sol Gordon and other pro-abortionists who rail against the comparison between the Nazi and American Holocausts don't seem to mind Jews being compared to feedlot chickens.

There is ample evidence that the Nazi "quality of life" ethic not only survives to this day, it flourishes and receives wide acceptance and applause. This phenomenon is particularly evident when addressing abortion and sterilization.

Dr. H.G. Whittington unconsciously betrayed the Holocaust-abortion connection when he wrote that "The [abortion] counselor must help the applicant [for abortion] face a painful existential dilemma: whether to kill one nascent human being in order to enhance the quality of life of another person ... Society legalizes abortion to enhance the quality of human life."[21] Just as the Nazis exterminated the Jews to enhance their 'quality of human life' and Lebensraum.

This utilitarian, anti-life attitude even extends to minorities, who should know far better than the rest of us what oppression is, and who should know the true value of human life. For example, as a "somewhat chilling surprise" to the researchers who did a survey of Black health workers and opinion leaders, 73 percent of those polled approved of the involuntary sterilization of mentally handicapped and mentally ill women.[22]

Similarity (2): Use of Newspeak.

Neither American nor German history justifies the leap from that proposition [that legalizing abortion is to legalize murder] to the view that Americans reason like Nazis and have "simply declared the unborn to be nonhuman."

"Of Analogy and Abortion." The New York Times, March 15, 1984.[4]

The Purposes of Newspeak. 

Both the National Socialist (Nazi) movement and the pro-abortion movement use nice-sounding words to salve the consciences of their respective followers.

Despite luxuriant growths of Newspeak, the average German knew precisely what was going on. And so does the average American. But the average German was afraid to take action. And so is the average American. Ditto for the churches. The public and the churches, just as much as the actual killers, use these terms to give themselves an excuse not to stop the killing. The average do-nothing "Christian" uses these words when he talks about abortion and infanticide with other average do-nothing "Christians."

Examples of Newspeak. 

Notably, both the Nazis and the American pro-abortion movement habitually use inflammatory Newspeak as propaganda for the purpose of degrading and dehumanizing both their victims and their opposition.

Tens of thousands of Jewish, Gypsy, and handicapped children were killed by the "Reich Committee for Children." Those sickly persons who would be eliminated were identified by the grandly-named "Committee for Research on Hereditary Diseases and Constitutional Susceptibility to Severe Diseases." These unfortunate people were carried to concentration camps by the "Non-Profit Patient Transport Corporation," and their passage was funded by the "Charitable Foundation for Institutional Care."[23]

The Nazis used a vast galaxy of terms when referring to the extermination of the Jews; "resettlement," "evacuation," "clearing the area of Jews," "cleansing," "disinfection," "special treatment," "moving off to labor in the East," "injecting off," "putting to sleep like animals," "discharging," "cleaning-up of the Jewish question," and "the final solution to the Jewish question" are just a few of the euphemisms they employed.

The words employed by the Nazis and the pro-abortionists to label the essential elements of their respective Holocausts the victims, the killing, the killers, the killing places, and the opposition are shown in Figure 53-2. The similarities are absolutely striking.



Ballastexistenzen human ballast
"Garbage" Dr. Christian Wirth
Sheise (shit) Hermann Goebbels
"Live devoid of meaning and value"
"Empty shells of human beings"
"Human weeds" Hermann Goebbels
"An infection" A. Hitler


"Just like fingernail clippings or warts"
Products of conception, contents of the uterus
Abortus, conceptus, gobbet of meat
Blob of tissue, parasite, leech
Mass of protoplasm
Human waste
Pregnancy is a venereal disease


Ordinary mainstream citizens
Social psychologists
Heroes of the Aryan Race
Builders of a new social order


Ordinary mainstream citizens
Woman's choice physicians
Champions of women's choice
"Providers" of a social good


Improvement of the Aryan Race
Evacuating the afflicted/infested (urban) area
Removal of undesirable social elements
Adjustment of the social order
Evacuation, removal
Purification, cleansing


Improvement of women's health
Evacuating the afflicted/infested (uterine) area
Interruption/termination of pregnancy
Postconception fertility interruption
Venereal disease treatment
Retrospective fertility control


Resettlement camps
Brausebad showers
Delousing centers
Transition rooms
Welcoming facilities


Women's care centers
Procedure rooms
Reproductive health center
Transition rooms
Preterm institutes


Anti-progressives, reactionaries
Enemies of the Aryan Race
Small and vocal minority
Interfering meddlers


Non-progressives, reactionaries
Enemies of women (misogynists)
Small and vocal minority
Hysterical Bible-beaters
Ayatollah Khomeini clones (abortionist Bill Baird)
Drooling androids (abortion lawyer Ed Tiryak)

Just "Ordinary Men" ... 

And so, after a dozen years of this kind of soothing and reassuring propaganda in Germany, the Nazis recruited 3,000 ordinary men from all walks of life in the Spring of 1941 for a "special assignment."

After several months of training, these 3,000 men were organized into four special-purpose battalions (Ersatzgruppen) and given their assignment: To roam the vast reaches of Eastern Europe and ruthlessly exterminate all of the Jews and Gypsies they found.

Within nine months, these 3,000 men had killed 1.5 million men, women and children an average of 500 murders per man! Some of the killers were sickened at first, but soon grew used to the ceaseless slaughter. For month after month, they killed 8,000 people per day (they got weekends off), and their leaders who were specially trained and instructed to watch for psychological impacts among the men reported almost none.

After the war, hundreds of these men underwent intensive and detailed psychological tests on the belief that they were psychopaths specifically recruited by the Nazis for their genocidal task. But the Summary Report found that there were no more psychological anomalies in this group than in the general population. The only characteristic common to all of them was that they were all completely desensitized to violence and killing.[24]

In other words, they were just ordinary Germans. They were, in a word, just like ordinary Americans.

Most of the Nazi killers of the World War II concentration camps were also perfectly ordinary human beings, as described in Christopher Browning's book Ordinary Men (Harper-Collins, 1992). Browning describes the activities of a military reserve unit, the 101st Police Battalion, which was comprised entirely of Bremerhaven steelworkers.

It was the job of these men to "process" new arrivals at the Polish concentration camps, including Auschwitz. When trainloads of Jews and other "undesirables" would arrive at the camps, the steelworkers would first separate small children from their mothers. Then they would slaughter the mothers. And then they killed the little children with clear consciences, since, without mothers, their "quality of life" (Lebensqualitat) would be too low.[25]

And so, the members of this unit which consisted entirely of perfectly ordinary people slaughtered thousands of little two- and three-year old girls and boys, and claimed at the Nuremburg trials that they were merely participating in "acts of mercy."

A Bogus Comparison? 

Pro-abortionists (especially 'Jewish' pro-aborts) will scoff at the idea that Americans have been desensitized to violence. They will simply claim that no rogue battalions wander the countryside slaughtering millions in the United States.

What is the truth? Have Americans been desensitized to violence towards the preborn or have they not?

Pro-aborts are not really raving demons, although they may appear to be at times. They are perfectly ordinary human beings just like you and me who just happen to have bought into the deadly "quality of life" ethic.

Today, abortion clinic workers echo the same words used by the Bremerhaven steelworkers as they fruitlessly tried to defend themselves against charges of mass murder and genocide at the Nuremburg trials. Many abortuary staff have candidly admitted that, if it were legal to kill perfectly healthy four- and five-year old boys and girls in clinics, they would gladly help.

A typical interview;

Question: "Oh, so as long as you make money, it doesn't matter?"

Clinic Employee: "As long as it's food in my stomach, no, it doesn't matter. It is legal ... It is legal ... It is legal!"

Question: "So if they legalized killing four-year-old children, you would have no problem?"

Clinic Employee: "No, I would not have a problem ... My conscience is very clear ..."[26]

If this is not a classic example of desensitization, what is?

If we have not been desensitized, why do late-term abortionists describe the process of desensitization in precisely the same words that the German "ordinary men" did: "You have to become a bit schizophrenic. In one room you encourage the patient that the slight irregularity of the fetal heart is not important, everything is going well, she is going to have a nice baby, and then you shut the door and go into the next room and assure another patient on whom you just did a saline abortion that it's fine if the heart is already irregular, she has nothing to worry about, she is not going to have a live baby. I mean you definitely have to make a 180-degree turn, but somehow it evolved in my own mind gradually, and I have no trouble now making the switch ..."[27]

If we have not become desensitized, how can abortionist Warren Hern calmly and dispassionately describe the dismembering of a two-or three pound viable baby like this: "We have reached a point in this particular technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction on the part of the operator. It is before one's eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current ... The procedure changes significantly at 21 weeks because the fetal tissues become much more cohesive and difficult to dismember ... A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus."[28]

If we are not desensitized, how can another late-term abortionist compare pulling apart viable babies "like chickens?": "It's difficult to pull apart a chicken when it is newly killed. You have to cook it first, and then it comes apart very easily. It's the same here [when doing a late-term abortion]."[29]

And how can a nurse sound almost joyous at the prospect of assisting at late-term prostaglandin abortions: "It's a really interesting thing that is happening. It's fascinating, when you can think about it clinically and not get involved in the babies, or the people ... Several times I saw really beautiful things happen, I mean it's physically beautiful. Sometimes you can see the vagina opening up and the entire thing coming out at once ... It's a really interesting thing, and it got me very excited."[27]

Finally, how can we compare living unborn babies to warts if we have not become desensitized to the unceasing slaughter that is happening in our own communities right now: "For the most part it [fetal remains] is thrown out like in many doctors' offices. If you had a wart removed or whatever (chuckle) you could make that analogy."[30]

Most appalling and frightening of all, how can the majority of the American public believe that abortion is the killing of a living human being yet still want to keep the procedure "safe and legal" if it has not been profoundly desensitized?

Similarity (3): Justifying the Holocausts.

The perpetrators of any oppression must rationalize their actions for two reasons: (1) to try to fool the public, and (2) to try to fool themselves.

The greater the offense against humanity, the more aggressive the propaganda and the deeper the self-deception.

Unlike the Nazi Holocaust, the American Holocaust has had millions of perpetrators, some ignorant of, and some in complete command of, the facts. The most pervasive and deceptive propaganda is directed towards the perpetrators of the American Holocaust those women who have had or are about to have abortions.

Figure 53-3 shows some of these self-excusing rationalizations. Notice the heavy dependence on the idea that "if it's legal, it's right." Notice also that physicians are not killers, just "instruments," as if they were dull and simple tools without judgment, morals, or discernment. Finally, notice that the appeals to the public are framed in terms of "the common good."


[A medium text size on your computer's 'view' setting is recommended, otherwise, the tables may be discombobulated.]

(NAZI) MOVEMENT                                 MOVEMENT

"The accused did not                              "I did nothing which was
act wrongly because they                        illegal, immoral, or bad
were covered by the law                         medicine. Everything I did
and were carrying out the                        was in accordance with the law."
laws of the land."                                         
                                                                    Boston abortionist Kenneth
     Hadamar Hospital                                   Edelin, at his manslaughter
     Euthanasia Trial, 1945.                            trial for strangling to
                                                                    death a live late-term
                                                                    aborted baby girl in 1975.

"The courts tell us                                   "I just go by what the court
that this is a legal matter                           says. I only do what's legal."
it is all quite legal." 
                                                                   Abortionist M. Jackson,
     Nuremberg defendant                             New York City.
     Walter E. Schmidt.

"The physician is merely                          "The physician is only the
an instrument, as in the case                     instrument of her decision."
of an officer who receives an
order."                                                          Abortionist Bernard
                                                                    Nathanson, 1974. 
     Dr. Karl Brandt, Nuremberg
     Doctor Trial, 1947.

"The victims of this                                  "In the case of abortion,
Buchenwald typhus test did                      the fetus is doomed to death
not suffer in vain and did                          anyhow, but perhaps its death
not die in vain. People                              can be ennobled when the     
were saved by these                                 research has as its objec-
experiments."                                           tive the saving of the lives of 
                                                               other wanted fetuses."
     Dr. Gebhard Rose, Nurem- 
     berg Doctor Trial, 1947.                         Drs. Willard Gaylin
                                                                    and Mark Lappe, 1975.

"What good does it do to                        "Most birth defects are not
humanity to maintain arti-                         discovered until birth. If a
ficially and rear the                                  child were not declared alive until
thousands of cripples, deaf-                     three days after birth, the doctor
mutes, and idiots? Is it not                       could allow the child to die if the
better and more rational to cut                 parents so choose and save a lot of
off from the first this                                misery and suffering. I believe
unavoidable misery which their                this view is the only rational,
poor lives will bring to                             compassionate attitude to have."
themselves and their families?" 
                                                                   Nobel laureate Dr. James D.
     Dr. Ernst Haeckel, medical                     Watson, 1973.
     and biological scientist,

The collaborationist Vichy                       The governments of various
government ordered 2,000 Paris             cities, including Atlanta, Pitts-
police to ensure that "demon-                  burgh, New York, San Francisco,
strators" did not disturb public                 and many others turn out swarms
"peace and order" while hundreds           of riot-helmeted police to ensure
of Jewish children were rounded              that "demonstrators" do not disturb
up and crammed into busses for              public "peace and order" while
transport to extermination camps             hundreds of American preborn       
in the Summer of 1942.                           children are exterminated.

Reference: Most of these quotes may be found in William Brennan. The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution. Order from Landmark Press, Post Office Box 13547, 1461 Dunn Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. 1983, 237 pages.

Similarity (4): Medical Leadership.

Physicians not black-clad Schutzstaffel thugs developed the philosophy and methodology of the Nazi Holocaust. Almost all of the leading German, British, and American eugenicists admired by the leaders of the Third Reich were doctors.

The American Holocaust was initiated by Neofeminists and opportunistic politicians, but physicians soon took over the pro-abortion movement's leadership. Warren Hern, Bill Baird, Bernard Nathanson, Henry Morgentaler, Willard Cates, Alan Guttmacher, and many other pro-abortion strategists and leaders were physicians.

Figure 53-4 shows the similarities between the thinking of the German and American doctors.

The attitude that is most striking is the bare, stark utilitarianism shown by these so-called Nazi and pro-abortion 'physicians.' Placed in a position where they could literally dictate life or death with impunity, they soon reverted to relying upon their own instincts for guidance instead of a truly caring, God-inspired set of immutable rules.

What we must remember is that the anti-life mentality is purely utilitarian. Anything (or anyone) that is inconvenient or useless must be eliminated. This viewpoint originated in Hitler's Hegelian ethic, as described in his work Mein Kampf; "Everything must be examined from this [utilitarian] point of view and used or rejected according to its utility."[31]

Once again, situation ethics reign supreme in the United States, just as they did in Nazi Germany a half-century ago.


NATIONAL SOCIALIST                          PRO-ABORTION
(NAZI) MOVEMENT                                    MOVEMENT

"The destruction of Jews                       "Abortion is precisely equivalent
is analogous to removing a                     to operating on an appendix or
gangrenous appendix from a                   removing a gangrenous bowel."
diseased body."                                           Dr. Alan Guttmacher,
     Nazi doctor Fritz Klein.                               Planned Parenthood.

"A doctor may interrupt a                       "A licensed physician is
pregnancy when it threatens the               justified in terminating a pregnancy
life or the health of the mother.                 if he believes that the pregnancy
An unborn child that is likely                    would impair the physical/mental
to present hereditary and                         health of the mother or that the
transmissible defects may be                   child would be born with grave
destroyed."                                            physical or mental defect."
     German Penal Code and                        American Law Institute
     Hamburg Eugenics Court,                      Model Penal Code, 1962.

"The authority of physicians                    "The abortion decision
is enlarged to include the respon-            in all its aspects is inherently
sibility for according a "mercy                 and primarily a medical decision
death" to "incurables.""                           and basic responsibility for it
     Hitler's Euthanasia Order,                  must rest with the physician."
     September 1939.                                   Roe v. Wade, 1973.

"If you are going to kill                           "With changes in the abortion
all these people, at least take                   laws, fetuses as valuable research
the brains out so that the                         material is on the increase."
material may be utilized."                             Dr. Leroy Jackson, 1975.
     Dr. Julius Hallervorden,
     Nuremberg trials, 1945.

Reference: Most of these quotes may be found in William Brennan. The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution. Order from Landmark Press, Post Office Box 13547, 1461 Dunn Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. 1983, 237 pages.

Similarity (5): Dehumanization of the Victim.

Those who use this [Holocaust] analogy maintain that the proponents of freedom of choice have dehumanized the unborn child, just as the Nazis dehumanized the Jew. This is not true.

'Rabbi' Charles D. Mintz, writing for the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR).[4]

It is so much easier to eliminate a class of people who have first been carefully stripped of their human dignity. This has happened so many times that we have lost count. Yet we still refuse to learn our lessons from history.

The same Neofeminists who call the unborn "protoplasmic rubbish," "gobbets of meat," "parasites," and "blobs" fume about how women were historically oppressed and 'kept down' by men who viewed them as 'weaker vessels' with no talents other than having and raising babies.

Black 'leaders' like Jesse Jackson and Coretta Scott King, who refer to the unborn as "products of conception" or "contents of the uterus," snivel about the injustices that White men heaped on Blacks more than a century ago, robbing them of their humanity by calling them "brutes, obscene with animal appetites, vicious, and illegitimate," and "ignorant, perverse, wicked, the pest of White men, agents of Satan."[32]

According to the Nazis, Jews and others not of Aryan quality "... had to be treated like tuberculosis bacilli, with which a healthy body may become infested. This was not cruel, if one remembers that even innocent creatures of nature, such as hares and deer, have to be killed, so that no harm is caused by them."[23]

Adolf Hitler, in his book Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), variously referred to Jews as "maggots in a rotting corpse;" "a plague worse than the Black Death;" "mankind's eternal germ of disunion;" "drones in the human hive;" "spiders sucking blood out of the people's pores;" "a pack of rats eating one another;" "the eternal bloodsucker;" "the vampire of peoples;" and "a harmful bacillus that spreads," among many other degrading terms.[31]

Figure 53-5 shows the striking sameness of the language of dehumanization. Acts of genocide are invariably cloaked with words of kindness and compassion; "empty," "removal," "evacuation," and "treatment," to name just a few. The perpetrators, instead of being truthfully portrayed as the killers they really are, wear the thick and nearly impenetrable cloak of respectability, and anyone who dares question it is ruthlessly suppressed.


NATIONAL SOCIALIST                          PRO-ABORTION     
(NAZI) MOVEMENT                                   MOVEMENT

"It had nothing to do with                               "What is aborted is a
humanity. It was a mass. I                              protoplasmic mass and not
rarely saw them as individuals,                        a real live individual."
always a huge mass."                                          Dr. Walter Char and
     Franz Stangle, Treblinka                                Dr. John McDermott, 1972.
     Concentration Camp
     Commandant, 1971 trial.

"If it is pointed out that                                   "It is a wild contention that
the Jew is human, I then reject                        newborn babies are persons."
that totally."                                                         Dr. Michael Tooley, 1972.
     Reichstag speech, 1895.

"Whenever Jews are left to                             "A parasite can commit
themselves, they bring brutal                           murder. What attention has
misery and depravity. They                            Catholic thinking or the law
are pure parasites."                                        given to the fetus's capacity
     Reichsfuhrer A. Hitler, 1943.                    to murder its mother?"
                                                                          Dr. Natalie Shalness, 1968.

"The Jewish-Bolshevik                                  "For the first four and
Commissars personify a                                 one-half months, the fetus is
repulsive yet characteristic                             subhuman and relatively close
subhumanity."                                                to a piece of tissue."
     Dr. August Hirt, 1942.                                  Amital Etzioni, Ph.D., 1976.

"Only persons of German or                           "The word 'person' as used
related blood can be citizens;                          in the Fourteenth Amendment does
this does not include Jews."                            not include the unborn."
     Reich Citizenship Law 410,2, 1934.              Roe v. Wade, 1973.

"59,000 persons were                                   "The uterus was evacuated."
evacuated."                                                        Abortionist David Edelman, 1974.
     SS Report on the Warsaw
     Ghetto, June 1942.

"The Baron de Hirsch ghetto                         "The uterine cavity was emptied."
would have to be emptied."                                Abortionist A.K. Mukerjee, 1973.
     Max Merten, 1943.

"... the removal of the                                    "... remove the products of conception."
Jewish element."                                                Abortionist Thomas Dillon, 1974.
     Hans Frank, 1943.

"The treatment was admin-                            "... abortion as treatment for
istered to the children of the                           the sexually transmitted disease
Haar-Eglfing Institution."                                of unwanted pregnancy."
Dr. Heinrich Pfannmuller, 1945.                         Abortionist Willard Cates.

Reference: Most of these quotes may be found in William Brennan. The Abortion Holocaust: Today's Final Solution. Order from Landmark Press, Post Office Box 13547, 1461 Dunn Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63138, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. 1983, 237 pages.

On Pro-Lifers and Nazis.

The ill-conceived "love of neighbor" has to disappear, especially in relation to inferior or asocial creatures. It is the supreme duty of a national state to grant life and livelihood only to the healthy ... in order to secure the maintenance of a hereditarily sound and racially pure folk for all eternity. The life of an individual has meaning only in the light of that ultimate aim, that is, in the light of his meaning to his family and to his national state.

                                                    Dr. Arthur Guett, Nazi Director of Public Health.[33]

Pro-Lifers = Nazis? 

Pro-abortion propagandists love to compare the pro-life movement to the Nazi movement. They do this for two reasons;

(1) to imply that pro-lifers are 'right-wing fanatics' who attempt to deprive others of their most fundamental rights (and the most well-known recent example is the Nazis), and

(2) to attempt to compare themselves to the most pitiful and well-known victims of recent times; the Jews, who were experimented upon and slaughtered like cattle, and whose bodies were stacked like cordwood by the Nazis.

The Specific Allegations. The pro-aborts say that the Nazis banned abortion, just like the pro-lifers want to do. They say that "Hitler and his Nazis were anti-choice, too."

This is a catchy slogan, but, unfortunately (for the pro-aborts), it is entirely untrue.

To begin with, the German Nazi Party bore all of the characteristics of a left-wing organization. Consider the name of the party: Nazis, which meant Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or National Socialist German Worker's Party!

Fascism is and always has been a leftist ideology. It is almost identical to National Socialism (Nazism), whereas international Socialism is generally referred to as Marxism. Adolf Hitler himself said on October 7, 1933 that "It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation, that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole."[34] This is a brilliantly concise summary of "collectivism" (the German term), or 'Socialism' as it is now known.

Compare this philosophy to our latter-day attitudes, spoken in almost the same words by world-famous Harvard psychologist B.F. Skinner; "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are basic rights. But they are the rights of the individual and were listed at such a time when the literatures of freedom and dignity were concerned with the aggrandizement of the individual. They have only a minor bearing on the survival of a culture."[35]

The ideologies of Mussolini's Fascists dovetailed very nicely with Nazism. In both systems, power was centralized, collective labor was promoted and urged, and unionization was considered one of the highest goods. Under Hitler's regime, public expenditures ballooned, and social welfare programs proliferated. One of the primary motivating factors in the early (pre-invasion) stages of aggressive German foreign policy was the need for more and more support for these programs. In fact, Hitler is still admired today by some left-wingers for his extraordinarily lavish and expensive social programs.

The Nazis progressively exerted a greater and greater degree of control over the people, and eventually used the fledgling German film industry to launch an extensive and pervasive propaganda campaign directed at the people. The primary focus of this campaign: individual rights and autonomy, the "right to privacy" and the "freedom of choice" (Auswahlfreiheit) while, at the same time, these rights were actually being eroded to an unprecedented degree.

The History of the Nazi Abortion Program.

Once in power, the Nazis made "motherhood" into an official honor and abortion became a symbol of degeneracy.

                                            Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States.[36]

Introduction. When pro-abortionists allege that the Nazis were "anti-choice," they are mouthing a classic half-truth. Hitler and his eugenicist physicians banned abortion only for pureblooded Aryan women (who were a minority within German borders at the time).

Although the Nazis banned abortion for Aryan women, they enthusiastically peddled and promoted abortion for non-Aryans. In fact, the Nazis mandated legalized abortion in several European countries for the first time. They recognized that abortion could be an extremely effective population control tool.

This is comparable to the current United States practice of "contraceptive imperialism;" pro-abortionists push very hard for funding for the United Nations Fund for Population Assistance, which in turn helps plan and direct the Chinese forced-abortion program. We also fund the distribution in other countries of abortifacients like Depo-Provera, which were banned in this country until very recently. And many of the intra-uterine devices that killed women in the United States and were subsequently pulled off the domestic market are now being shipped overseas in great quantities.

It is also interesting to note that pro-abortion American doctors and medical schools have recently either removed the prohibition against abortion from the Hippocratic Oath or have disavowed the Oath altogether. This action, of course, is part of the necessary program of preparation for medical horrors yet unknown to the public, including mass euthanasia, experimentation upon newborns, and genetic manipulation on a mass scale.

The Nazis had to jettison the Oath as well, as described by Dr. Georg August Weltz, who was responsible for the hideous Nazi "cold experiments;" "The Hippocratic Oath ... is an honorable historical document, which, however, does not altogether fit present times. If it is to be applied today, the wording has to be exchanged very extensively, and in these reformulations a series of new oaths have been drawn up which have only a vague relationship to the ancient Hippocratic Oath ... a [theory of] medicine based on the principle of nil nocere [first, do no harm] is a very impoverished medicine, and we are unfortunately not in a position to carry on medicine on that simple principle today."[37]

In summary, pro-abortionists calling pro-lifers "Nazis" are engaging in classic transference; they are labeling their opposition with the very qualities that they detest in themselves. The mechanisms and manifestations of the transference tactic are described in Chapter 13 of Volume I.

The following paragraphs trace the history of the German abortion program.

The Planning Begins. 

Nazi physicians, ethicists, and planners had been greatly influenced by the thinking of American eugenicists, as described previously in this chapter. The Hegelian (utilitarian) "ethic" held by the eugenicists deemed that there was such a thing as human life not worth living. Once this initial assumption had been made, of course, the definition of "unworthy" inevitably expanded to suit the needs of those in power at the time.

This type of thinking dovetailed nicely with Hitler's developing philosophy. In his 1924 book Main Kampf, he wrote that the government had seven chief responsibilities. One of these was "... to maintain the practice of modern birth control. No diseased or weak person should be allowed to have children."[31]

As early as the Summer of 1932, the leaders of the Nazi Party met in Munich to discuss population policy as it would be applied to non-Aryan peoples. Demographic and agricultural experts warned that the "tremendous biological fertility" of the Eastern European regions must be dealt with by the implementation of a rigidly-enforced depopulation policy (whose elements remarkably resemble the current coercive Chinese population program described in Chapter 50).

Hitler, who personally attended at this conference, warned that "What we have discussed here must remain confidential."[38]

In 1933, the compulsory sterilization law for the mentally handicapped and crippled when into effect. On October 8, 1935, the Erbgesundheitgesetz "hereditary health laws" were promulgated. One of these laws legalized abortion for "just the hard cases" rape, incest, and if either parent had a hereditary disease that might lead to deformation of the fetus.[39]

Hitler's Personal Views On Abortion. 

Over and over again, pro-abortionists tell us that Adolf Hitler enacted restrictive laws for "the protection of motherhood." This is absolutely true but only for Aryan motherhood. Once again, the pro-abortion liars are only telling a small portion of the story.

Adolf Hitler, were he living today, would make a superb pro-abortion propagandist. His views exactly paralleled those of the modern-day abortionists, who have tried to hard to exterminate the Black race ever since Margaret Sanger's early birth control programs.

Hitler believed that rights only belong to those strong enough to defend them just as American pro-abortionists do. He insisted in Mein Kampf that the weak or small had "no inalienable right to life" (Lebensrecht) just as American pro-abortionists do.[31] Those physicians who dared resist Hitler's program of abortion on demand for women of unfit race were labeled "reactionary" and "enemies of women" (misogynists) while those who supported the program were called "sensible" and "friends of women" the identical words used by American pro-abortionists today.[40]

Poland's Martyrdom. 

The German Blitzkrieg ("lightning war") swept into Eastern European countries in 1939. The Nazi eugenicists and population planners were not far behind the tanks.

After the 1939 invasion of Poland, the "Reich Commission for Strengthening of Germandom" (RKFDV), an SS (Schutzstaffel) organization, issued the following policy statement on November 25; "All measures which have the tendency to limit the births are to be tolerated or to be supported. Abortion in the remaining area of Poland must be declared free from punishment. The means for abortion and contraceptive means may be offered publicly without police restriction. Homosexuality is always to be declared legal. The institutions and persons involved professionally in abortion practices are not to be interfered with by police."[41]

Until this time, abortion had been illegal in Poland. The Nazis introduced "safe and legal abortion" for the first time for the specific purpose of limiting the future Polish population. It is absolutely fascinating to note that the key slogan of this program was "Freedom of Choice!" (Auswahlfreiheit).

The German Ministry of the Interior reviewed and approved of this program in May 27, 1941, and, on October 19 of the same year, the Polish population program was put into action. Hitler's July 23 decree, described below, extended the identical policy of "contraceptives and abortion on demand" to the other parts of Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.[42]

Eastern European Offensive. In mid-1942, "Operation Blue," the German offensive in Eastern Europe, was succeeding brilliantly.

In mid-July of this year, Karl Brandt, Hitler's personal physician, and Martin Bormann, Hitler's personal secretary, conducted a tour of the Soviet Ukraine for the purpose of reviewing population demographics. Bormann subsequently stated to Hitler that "In view of the large families of the native population, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible."[43]

Reichsfuhrer Adolf Hitler strongly agreed with this assessment, actually incorporating Bormann's language;

The Slavs are to work for us. Insofar as we don't need them they may die. Therefore compulsory vaccination and education are superfluous. The fertility of the Slavs is undesirable. They may use contraceptives or practice abortion the more the better.

In view of the large families of the native population, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. Active trade in contraceptives ought to be actually encouraged in the Eastern territories, as we could not possibly have the slightest interest in increasing the non-Germanic population.[44]

On July 22, Brandt and Bormann proposed a restrictive population policy to Hitler, and on the very next day, the Fuhrer approved it. The resulting eight-paragraph secret order was, as one historian stated, "... perhaps the most extreme policy statement ever issued from the Fuhrer-Hauptquartier."[45]

The population control policy included a paragraph that paraphrased Hitler's wording; "When girls and women in the Occupied Territories of the East have abortions, we can only be in favor of it; in any case we should not oppose it. The Fuhrer believes that we should authorize the development of a thriving trade in contraceptives. We are not interested in seeing the non-German population multiply."[46]

The Whole Package. 

A short April 27, 1942 statement by Berlin population and demographics expert Professor Heinrich Wetzel (reproduced below in its entirety) summarized the entire Nazi population control program regardless of location. Notice carefully the striking similarities this program has to the one that has been implemented in the United States by pro-abortion groups.

Every propaganda means, especially the press, radio and movies, as well as pamphlets, booklets, and lectures, must be used to instill in the Russian population the idea that it is harmful to have several children. We must emphasize the expenses that children cause, the good things that people could have had with the money spent on them. We could also hint at the dangerous effect of childbearing on a woman's health.

Paralleling such propaganda, a large-scale campaign would be launched in favor of contraceptive devices. A contraceptive industry must be established. Neither the circulation and sale of contraceptives nor abortions must be prosecuted.

It will even be necessary to open special institutions for abortion, and to train midwives and nurses for this purpose. The population will practice abortion all the more willingly if these institutions are competently operated. The doctors must be able to help out, in case there is any question of this being a breach of their professional ethics. Voluntary sterilization must also be recommended by propaganda.[47]

By this time, the Nazis recognized that personal and professional consciences were often deeply troubled by the practice of widespread and easily-available abortion. Heinrich Himmler soothed these troubled consciences by issuing a decree in March of 1943 that is remarkable similar to those promulgated by our own American Medical Association; "The Russian physicians or the Russian Medical Association, which must not be informed of this order, are to be told in individual cases that the pregnancy is being interrupted for reasons of social distress."[48]

The Aftermath of Murder. 

After the war, the Nuremberg Trials brought most of the Nazi war criminals involved in Germany's population control programs to justice. Between October of 1947 and March of 1948, the United States Military Tribunal prosecuted the leadership of the RKFDV in its 'Case 8.' One of the charges was that "Protection of the law was denied to the unborn children of the Russian and Polish women in Nazi Germany. Abortions were encouraged and even forced on these women."[49]

One of the RKFDV documents entered into evidence by the U.S. prosecution stated that "It is known that racially inferior offspring of Eastern workers and Poles is to be avoided if at all possible. Although pregnancy interruptions ought to be carried out on a voluntary basis only, pressure is to be applied in each of these cases."[50]

The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted and convicted ten Nazi leaders for "encouraging and compelling abortions," an act which the Tribunal characterized as "a crime against humanity." [50]

As with their other crimes against humanity, the Nazis protested that "we were just following orders." Lieutenant General Richard Hildebrandt, the SS (Schutzstaffel) Chief of the RKFVD's Race and Settlement Office in Berlin, stated that "Up to now nobody had the idea to see in this interruption of pregnancy a crime against humanity."[50]

He was given a 25-year sentence.

Other officers of the RKFVD were meted sentences ranging from ten years for Fritz Schwalm, a "Racial Examination Officer," to life imprisonment for Ulrich Griefelt, the organization's Chief Executive Officer.[50]

Other evidence submitted into evidence included a July 13, 1943 German military report referring to "an intensification of countermeasures" against Ukrainians, including the "forcible abortion of pregnant women."[51] Other women within the borders of Germany itself were forcibly aborted as punishment for attempting to avoid forced labor in German factories.[52]

When our "Nuremberg Trials" are held for United States abortionists and euthanasiasts, exactly the same excuses will be given by those who have committed latter-day crimes against preborn humanity.

The Genocide Treaty. 

With the atrocities of Nazism still fresh in the minds of the world, international lawyers soon drafted the "Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide," which defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical (ethnic), racial, or religious group."

Article II further defines genocide as "imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group."[53]

References: Abortion/Holocaust Analogy.

              Any excuse will serve a tyrant.

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Further Reading: The Abortion/Holocaust Analogy.

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