Abortion Rights Are Not Right

Author: Lynn K. Murphy

This is a commentary written for newspaper publication. *Abortion rights are not right*

*By Lynn K. Murphy*

The recent commentary on this page entitled , by Susan Estrich, had several incredible distortions. While it is true that abortion rights are in voters' hands, the commentary digressed greatly from this topic and practically cried about the potential end of abortion "rights."

*Is abortion right?* To answer this question, let's see what abortion is. Then you decide if it is right.

A pregnancy begins. From the beginning the baby has his mother's chromosomes and his father's chromosomes and no others. Since both the mother and the father are human, the baby is human. Since the baby grows, he is alive. If he is left alone, a live human baby is born. If he is aborted, a live human baby is not born. Therefore, a live human baby died. Conclusion: Abortion kills a baby.

Yet, some people will say that the baby is a part of his mother's body and that therefore abortion is justifiable. Everyone agrees that for approximately one week after fertilization, the baby is free-floating. At that time, therefore, he cannot be a part of his mother and so he has a separate life. His next step is to attach himself to his mother with a long umbilical cord. The purpose of the umbilical cord is to pass waste products and nutrients to and from his mother. If he is now a part of his mother's body, then when he attached himself, his life ended by merging with his moth er's life. Later, when he is born, I guess pro-abortion people would say he gets his life back.

Also, when he would become part of his mother's body, she would suddenly be both male and female and so would the baby. Then when he is born, she would suddenly have one sex again, and so would he.

If a Caucasian man's sperm was united with a Black woman's egg and used to impregnate an Oriental woman, if the baby would be a part of the Oriental woman's body, the Oriental woman would suddenly have three races. So would he, and upon birth each would revert to having one. But a woman cannot have two sexes and three races.

The life merging, sex changing, and race changing are all biological impossibilities.

Conclusion: The baby is a separate life. Besides, you probably already knew this in your heart.

**Who are the terrorists?** In the commentary, , author Susan Estrich calls some pro-lifers terrorists for blocking entrances to abortion clinics. Are pro-lifers terrorists? You decide. If you were walking past a burning building, and you knew there were children inside, would you break into that building to save them? Or would you prefer that the children burn to death? Did you know that one way babies are killed in the womb is to burn them to death with chemicals? Did you know that just five weeks after ferti lization the baby has a beating heart and that eight weeks after fertilization he can feel the excruciating pain of his death? Did you know that anesthetics are never used on him?

Are pro-lifers the terrorists, or are the abortionists and pro-abortion activists terrorists? You decide.

**Abortion hurts women**

Perhaps Ms. Estrich thought abortion was okay because it is legal. But not everything that is legal is moral. Adultery is legal but not moral. Putting your parents in a convalescent home and forgetting them is legal but not moral. Abortion, since it is killing, is legal but not moral.

Perhaps she thought that non-viable babies (that is, not viable outside of the womb) should be expendable. But the unborn baby is ALWAYS viable. Just leave him right where he is and he'll be just fine. Abortion doesn't take place outside the womb, it takes place inside!

ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ³ ³ ³ The unborn baby is ALWAYS viable. ³ ³ ³ ³ Just leave him right where he is ³ ³ ³ ³ and he'll be just fine. Abortion ³ ³ ³ ³ doesn't take place outside the womb, ³ ³ ³ ³ it takes place inside! ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ

Perhaps she thought abortion is a service to women. Okay, then let's see what Planned Parenthood says about this. Note strongly, this is what Planned Parenthood says, not me. They do more abortions than anyone else in the United States and in the world. Therefore, they are the experts. In their 1990 - 1993 (Department of Education) <3-Year Plan and Long Range Program Goals>, Planned Parenthood said that NINETY-ONE PERCENT OF WOMEN HAVING ABORTIONS HAVE POST-PROCEDURAL TRAUMA!

They said that abortion hurts women!

Perhaps Ms. Estrich thought abortion was women controlling their own bodies? Is this women "controlling their own bodies," or is it Planned Par enthood controlling their bodies? Is this good for women?

**Deaths in Concord**

Ms. Estrich goes on to worry that abortion because of rape might be outlawed. But abortion for rape + incest + life of the mother + fetal handi cap comprises only two percent of all abortions. 32,000 abortions have been done in Concord since abortion was legalized. Therefore, approximately 640 were for the above four reasons and 31,360 merely for ordinary birth control.

**Pro-abortion deception**

Lastly, Ms. Estrich complains that in this land of democracy, it will be the Supreme Court that outlaws abortion, not the people or the legislators. Estrich, who happens to be a law professor, conveniently forgot to tell you two very important things about the law: 1) The Supreme Court, NOT the people or the legislatures, originally made abortion legal (by not allowing the states to forbid it). The people were VERY much against abortion. 2) A com plete reversal of the Supreme Court decision (called Roe v. Wade) will not outlaw abortion at all. It will only allow each state to outlaw it as they choose. This means the people and the legislators would do this.

Pro-abortion activists are very, very good at distorting and ignoring the facts. Now that you have heard both sides of the abortion issue, I hope you will more inclined to vote to protect both the women and the children of our community.