Achieving the Lowest Common Denominator Through Transference

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In every generation there exists a group of people so filled with bigotry and self-righteousness that they will resort to any means even violence to impose their views on society. Today, such fanatics dominate a movement ironically called 'the Right-to-Life,' a movement which threatens the most basic of human rights.

                                            1978 Planned Parenthood pamphlet for "The Justice Fund."

Anti-Life Philosophy.

Anti-choice people are violent misogynists who want to impose their will on society by means of coercion. These fanatics despise their own sexuality and want to force women back into the middle ages with their Nazi mentality of Kinder, Kuche, Kirche [children, kitchen, church].

The General Principle.

Psychologists are intimately familiar with the technique of negative attribution, or "transference."

Simply stated, a person who commits immoral activities can assuage his conscience by only one of two methods: by ceasing the objectionable activities or by pulling everyone else down to his level.

The latter course of action is the easiest, of course, and is accomplished by alleging that everyone commits the same immoral activities. After all, if everyone is doing illegal or immoral things, nobody can pass judgment on anyone else!

The Roots of Hate and Envy.

Everyone Seeks God.

Everyone regardless of how depraved or immoral he appears to be seeks God. They may hotly deny it, but even the most hardened lesbian Goddess-worshipper is searching for peace and happiness, and Christians know that the only way to attain this peace is by knowing Christ.

God created us, and we long to be with Him. As St. Augustine so clearly stated, "There is a God-shaped hole in every person that aches to be filled."

The Spiritual Rubber Band.

No matter how deeply we descend into our fallen human natures, God is always gently calling us back home to Him. And the further we draw from Him, the greater the internal tension we experience. This process is similar to pulling on a thick, infinitely stretchy rubber band. The band never breaks, but the further it stretches, the greater the effort required to keep it from snapping back.

Unholy Glee.

A person who is feels this inner torment which springs from separation from God may not recognize it. However, he may betray his inner tension by envying and hating high-visibility Christians, both on the local and national levels.

So there is much unholy glee among the anti-theists and the Humanists when a major Christian figure reveals that he (or she) has sinned.

Writers for atheist and Humanist publications could speak of little else after Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart 'fell from grace.'

When a famous evangelist or other Christian publicly reveals that he has sinned, it causes much more damage than is immediately evident. Such failures allow tens of thousands of lukewarm Christians to tell themselves that they are just as good as any other Christian in God's eyes, and it allows them to kick back and stop trying to follow Jesus.

It also allows hard-core anti-lifers to feel morally equivalent to those who are trying their hardest to do God's will.

Pro-Abortion and Sodomite Transference.

Roots of the Problem.

The use of negative attribution is particularly prevalent among pro-abortionists and homosexuals for several reasons.

To begin with, the pro-abortion and sodomite deathstyles simply cannot be defined as anything other than immoral. Eighty percent of women who abort are unmarried, and therefore became pregnant through fornication. Half of the married women who kill their preborn children do so because the children are not their husband's. Therefore, fully ninety percent of women who kill their preborn children do so to cover up the sins of fornication and adultery.

Homosexuals become addicted to sex and plunge into disgusting activities that beggar the normal imagination. They become extremely violent when anyone opposes their irrational demands in any way, and will even physically attack those who question them verbally.

Going All the Way.

People involved in abortion or sodomy almost always become involved with other immoral or illegal acts. Drs. Donald Orr and Gary Ingersoll of Indiana University Medical School studied thousands of unmarried teenaged girls who fornicated and thousands who did not. They found that teenaged girls who fornicate are five times as likely to be suspended from school for a serious offense, ten times more likely to have used illegal drugs, and six times as likely to have attempted suicide. Boys who fornicate are six times as likely to abuse alcohol and five times as likely to use marijuana.[1]

Significantly, girls who fornicate experience severely diminished self-esteem, while boys who fornicate actually experience an increase in self-esteem. The implications of this comparison are obvious.

Dr. Ingersoll states that "Girls with low self-esteem may be using sex as a way to build esteem, but then it only makes them feel worse about themselves. Early experience is still regarded as more deviant for girls."[1]

Homosexuals follow the same general pattern. They are 11 times more likely to commit serial murder than those in the general public; 23 times more likely to have committed a sex-related crime; 3 times more likely to have committed adultery; 4 times more likely to have attempted suicide; and 3 times more likely to have engaged in physical violence.[2]

For more information on the various perverted practices of homosexuals, see Chapter 120 in Volume III, Homosexual Practices.

The Final Resolution.

Those people who fornicate, abort, sodomize, use illegal drugs, and commit other illegal and/or immoral acts are tortured by their guilt, which builds until it is unbearable. There are only two ways out of this agonizing situation: Repentance or rationalization, as explained in Chapter 2, "The Anti-Life Mentality."

Figure 13-1 shows some of the more common examples of pro-abortion and other anti-life transference. If a pro-lifer can become intimately familiar with this basic tactic, he will be able to identify it instantly in a debate with a pro-abortion opponent.


Neofeminists so irrationally despise men that they even eliminate male-oriented words from their language; history becomes 'herstory;' women becomes 'wimmin' or 'womyn;' mankind becomes 'personkind;'and even manhole covers become 'personhole covers!'


Therefore, all pro-lifers (even female pro-lifers!) are not really 'anti-abortion;' they are instead motivated solely by their hatred of women.

Pro-abortionists have constructed a marvelously efficient system of extermination camps (abortion mills) and referral agencies specifically for the purpose of killing of human life that they deem inconvenient or not worthy of living.


Therefore, eliminating abortion is a Nazi program. All pro-lifers are Nazis in their thinking and in their actions.

Anti-life people have baldly admitted that their desire is to eliminate the Black race and are now actually succeeding; Black women abort more than 60 percent of their babies, compared to less than 25 percent for White women.


Therefore, pro-life people are racist, because they are trying to eliminate abortion. This will hurt 'women of color' the most. Eliminating abortion is a racist program.

Anti-lifers defend pornography, sex with children and animals, homosexuality, and abortion, even for sex selection and in the third trimester. They also wholeheartedly support the Chinese forced abortion program.


Therefore, pro-lifers are "extremists" and are "out of touch with the mainstream."

Anti-lifers are the most hateful and judgmental people on earth. They relentlessly ridicule and mock Christ and Christianity in the arts and in their writings. Anyone who is religious or who dares to oppose them in any way is stridently condemned as a "nut," "fanatic," "drooling android," "robot," and so on. They also ruthlessly censor opposing viewpoints.


Therefore, pro-lifers and those who believe in God are "judgmental" and "intolerant."

Sodomite mobs physically attack conservative churches, they beat each other senseless in dungeons constructed specifically for sado-masochists, employ death threats as a standard tactic, and engage in repulsive activities that would disgust a self-respecting dog.


Therefore, normal people who oppose "gay rights" are "violent" and "repressive" and "represent the forces of darkness."

 Anti-life people use contraception, sterilization, and abortion to forcibly subdue what they call the "curse of fertility."


Therefore, pro-lifers "hate their own sexuality" and are obviously members of an "oppressive, extreme anti-sexual movement."

 Anti-lifers claim to support 'choice,' but also defend forced abortions in China; they fight for 'women's rights,' yet also defend sex-selection abortions directed almost exclusively against unborn females; support the slaughter of millions of innocent preborns, but vehemently oppose the execution of mass murderers.


Therefore, pro-lifers are 'inconsistent.'

 Anti-life forces are sworn to destroy organized religion; have promised to take over the court system and the schools in order to advance their agenda; and bleat constantly about controlling their bodies, destinies, and reproductive systems, even if such control costs others their very lives.


Therefore, pro-lifers have a "thing" about control.

Pro-abortionists and homosexuals have physically attacked pro-lifers on hundreds of occasions; have burned down churches and pro-life offices; scream and shout and curse pro-life picketers and sidewalk counselors; abandon women to die of botched abortions; and publicly advocate massive violence against those who oppose them.


Therefore, pro-lifers are "violent fanatics."

Pro-abortionists fight laws requiring women to be given factual information on their preborn children, battle any media representation or advertisement featuring the preborn, have utterly no knowledge about fetal development, and are completely in the dark about the adverse health effects of abortion and most other aspects of the procedure.


Therefore, pro-lifers represent the "forces of ignorance."

Pro-lifers should keep one general rule in mind: If a pro-abortionist or sodomite shouts names at a pro-lifer, he is identifying precisely what it is that he hates most in himself. This weakness can be exploited, not only in a debate, but also when saving souls.

Watch for Direct Transference!

Homosexuals in particular engage in a very direct form of transference when addressing their enemies. Many sodomites will claim that those who oppose "gay rights" are themselves latent homosexuals. And many of the more radical sodomite groups will even attempt to "out" their opposition by publicly claiming that they are perverts as well. The Oregon chapter of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) slandered U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield in this manner after he cast several votes they considered to be "anti-gay."

This is an absurd argument and can be debunked by using the principle of parallelism. Under the sodomite logic, homicide detectives are latent murderers. Those people who counsel abused children are dormant child molesters. And those women who work in rape crisis centers secretly crave the experience of being raped.

Summary and Conclusions.

Anti-lifers either consciously or unconsciously despise what they have become. However, many of them cannot seem to turn off the road upon which they have embarked because they are literally addicted to their immoral behaviors.

Therefore, in order to salve their tortured consciences, they must pull everyone else (especially those who clearly identify them and rip away their shroud of secrecy) down to their level.

The easiest way to do this is to allege that they are just like everyone else, and that everyone else, if they do not actually engage in immoral activities, secretly longs to do so.

It is important to aggressively debunk this kind of illogic by clearly identifying the immoral activities in question, tying them inextricably to the anti-lifers, and then showing that the anti-lifers are insulting the public in general by alleging that everyone is just like them.

This is a supremely arrogant and ignorant attitude, and should be clearly exposed as such.

References: Anti-Life Transference.

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Further Reading: Anti-Life Transference.

Florynce Kennedy and Diane Schulder. Abortion Rap
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971. 238 pages. In 1970, a band of Neofeminists pressed a Federal suit challenging New York State's abortion laws. The suit was never decided, because it was declared moot when the New York legislature overturned the laws in April of 1970. But the testimony obtained had so much propaganda value that excerpts compiled by two of the attorneys for the plaintiffs were published in this book. The result is a veritable text on anti-life strategy, tactics, and thinking. You will find excellent examples of aggressive compromise (incrementalism), use of the victim status, transference, and the begging of every possible question, along with accompanying abundant propaganda, outrageous levels of anti-Catholic bigotry, and quaintly archaic Newspeak.

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