Anti-Lifers: Violent to the Core

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

It's hard to refrain from taking this man [Pat Buchanan] by the throat and squeezing as hard as you can while you look into his ugly, disgusting face and watch the eyeballs burst and pop out of their sockets. Or maybe you feel like stepping on his face and squishing his demented brain until the rot oozes out of it and onto the pavement. I have no problem with imagining violence against this wacko ...

Michelangelo Signorile, editor-at-large of the sodomite magazine Outweek.[1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

All anti-choicers are violent fanatics who should sit in jail until they renounce their terroristic movement. Their hypocritical viewpoints should be silenced and barred from the media.

How can they call themselves "pro-life" when they recklessly disregard the safety of born human beings? More than a thousand clinics have been bombed since 1975, and dozens of innocent bystanders have been killed and seriously injured!

Introduction: Yet More Diversion.

When a pro-abortionist insists that pro-lifers are violent fanatics, he is obviously trying to divert attention away from the real topic of discussion.

The stereotype of the wild-eyed religious nut clutching a Bible in one hand and a Molotov cocktail in the other is useful for two reasons: (1) it is good negative propaganda, and assists pro-abort public relations by diverting attention from the deliberate mass murder that the anti-lifers condone, and (2) even more importantly, it allows them to psychologically drag pro-lifers down to their level.

This little mind game lets pro-abortionists feel good about themselves and helps them rationalize in their own minds what they really know, deep down inside, is evil. The spurious claim that all pro-lifers are violent is an example of psychological transference on a massive scale.

As far as stereotyping is concerned, pro-abortionists are cut from the same rotten bolt of cloth as the people who insist that Black men do nothing with their time but play basketball, collect welfare checks, eat fried chicken and watermelon, and father illegitimate children. Racists use this brand of 'logic' to feel superior to Blacks. Pro-abortionists use it to feel superior to pro-lifers. It is plain that both pro-abortionists and racists are people with an inferior system of ethics who are doing wrong, know that they are doing wrong, and are merely trying to justify their own actions.

Unfortunately, people tend to believe what they want to believe about others, especially if those 'others' have differing viewpoints. This is why most members of the public who might be classified as "mildly pro-choice" actually want to believe that pro-lifers are violent, because this stereotype assuages their own consciences.

Pro-abortion attempts to label pro-lifers as terrorists have succeeded in many circles, including those frequented by intellectuals and planners at the highest levels. Pro-lifers in general have been loosely classified as a nonstate supported "special interest group threat" by some counterterrorist experts, including Dr. Karl A. Seger of Corporate Consultants.

Even Jane's Defence Weekly has classified pro-life groups as "potential future terrorists."[2] Note that Jane's does not consider pro-lifers terrorists now; actual terrorism on a large scale would be required for such a classification by this authoritative journal.

A Critical Examination of the Charges.


Any examination of anti- or pro-abortion violence must first begin with an examination of the charges leveled during the debate.

Figure 19-1 shows the figures for alleged pro-life violence reported by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) for the period 1984 to 1986. Over a longer period, 1977-1987, the NAF reported 1,534 incidents of "clinic violence and terrorism," including 624 instances of picketing, 143 of 'hate mail,' and 216 rescues.[3]


[A medium text size on your computer's 'view' setting is recommended, otherwise, the table may be discombobulated.]

                                          Alleged Incidents

Type of "Violence"               1984            1985           986          Totals

Picketing                                   160              139              88            387
Nasty mail/calls                           17                32              34              83
Bomb threats                              42                75              34             151
Sit-ins                                         34                47              42            123
Death threats                              23                 22               5               50
Assault                                        7                   7                9               23
Burglary                                      2                   2                2                 6
Attempted or actual
        arson or bombing               30                 22              55            107

ANNUAL TOTALS               315              346            219            880

References: National Abortion Federation (NAF) annual reports on "clinic violence," 1985 to 1987.

There were a total of 103 arsons at abortuaries during the ten-year period 1982 to 1991. 62 of these cases have been solved, with 48 convictions. 25 cases are still being investigated, and the statute of limitations has expired on 16 of the oldest arsons.[4]

Examining the Charges.

In an article apocalyptically named "An Epidemic of Antiabortion Violence in the United States," David Grimes reports that there were 108 "attacks" against a total of 77 of the 2,908 total abortion providers in the United States over the period January 1, 1977 to December 31, 1988.[5] A little simple math shows that, using Grimes' figures, each abortion clinic is "attacked" an average of once per 323 years hardly an "epidemic" by any possible definition, despite his article's name.

Now let's take a look at the 880 incidents of 'violence' that the National Abortion Federation alleges took place during the three years 1984, 1985, and 1986.

To begin with, it is interesting to note that the pro-abortionists classify simple picketing or disapproving mail as violence. In fact, 44 percent of the events the NAF listed as 'clinic violence' are picketing!

Remember that pro-abortionists pride themselves on their 'progressive' attitude. But this statistic shows their darker side: If anyone disagrees with them, then those persons are automatically classified as violent fanatics and must be shut up. In their eyes, as shown above, FREE SPEECH = VIOLENCE.

Any activity that opposes abortophiles must be labeled as violence. For example, Tom Haranek of Endicott, New York merely sent Alex Aitken, assistant administrator of the Southern Tier Women's Services abortion mill, an Easter card asking her to "repent of your profession." She complained to the District Attorney, and Haranek was arrested and charged with a felony aggravated harassment![6]

More than 100 lawsuits have been filed against pro-life activists by pro-abortionists across the country since 1982. In every one of these actions, the plaintiffs demanded to have picketing banned from the public sidewalk in front of the clinics either because the picketing itself is alleged to be violent or because it supposedly leads to worse violence such as clinic bombings.

Pro-Abortion Lies.

Abortionists have been hysterically denouncing pro-lifers since 1500 years before Christ, but in modern times clinic bombings have allowed them to sink to new depths in their smear campaign. No barefaced lie or slander is too outrageous for these killers. For example, Warren Hern, a Colorado abortionist, has stated as fact that "The general atmosphere is one of survival. Twenty-five percent of the clinics have been bombed. This is a highly repressive, totalitarian [pro-life] movement, similar to the Brown Shirts who broke windows in Jewish shops in Germany."[7]

And, even more absurdly, abortion mill staffers have actually told the media that pro-lifers operate camps in the mountains whose purpose is to train "religious fanatics" to be bombers and killers![8]

Perhaps the pro-abortionists should adopt as their slogan "Everyone hates us because we're paranoid!" Sometimes they go to laughable extremes in their paranoid allegations that pro-lifers are "out to get them." One memorable incident that is still a source of jokes for pro-lifers occurred at a 1977 Northern Virginia political rally, where White House staffer Midge Costanza stated in her speech that she had refused to drink out of a punch bowl at the party until the punch was tested for poisons because a lobbyist from the National Right to Life Committee was one of the hundreds of people present![9]

What the BATF Says. The purpose of all of this pro-abortion propaganda, of course, is to create an impression in the public mind that pro-lifers are violent by nature, and that there is some kind of national or international conspiracy being executed for the purpose of denying women their "constitutional rights." This carefully cultivated impression has been proven to be just another pro-abortion lie by the people who investigate such matters at the Federal level.

On March 12, 1985, Stephen E. Higgins, Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) stated before the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States House of Representatives that "In summary, based on our investigations to date, these crimes appear to have been primarily the work of small groups or individuals who are acting out of a strong personal opposition to abortion. They are members of no "Army," they belong to no one faith, and most appear to have little or no connection to established pro-life organizations."

Jack Killorin, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agent, confirmed this view when he observed that "Overwhelmingly, the fires tend to be the work of a loner. A lot of these people convicted have never had any visible or traceable connection to anti-abortion activity ... [Investigators have uncovered] no sign of support from anti-abortion organizations for this kind of activity. Many of the bombers rejected the organization. They thought of it as weak, impotent, not serious-minded. These are the kinds of things you hear when you talk to them."[4]

Why Violence Won't Work for Pro-Lifers.

The pro-life movement has the physical means to stop the abortion Holocaust right now. If only a small percentage of true Christians and Jews say five percent, or about two hundred thousand followed the lead of the Communists and repeatedly and simultaneously bombed every abortion clinic, killed all known abortionists, and pronounced the death sentence on any legislator who voted against life or any judge who rendered a pro-abortion decision, legal abortion would stop immediately. The "system" simply could not handle such mass violence. Pro-lifers could then root out and ruthlessly exterminate the Neofeminists who would turn to the underground "Jane" illegal abortion networks and serve notice that any woman who obtained an abortion, legal or illegal, was likely to be visited by a gang of vigilantes in the middle of the night.

American preborn babies would finally be safe but for how long? How long would it be before the "system" and the Neofeminists recovered and struck back with even greater violence? What kind of America would we have then, after members of the pro-life movement had been wiped out? And how many hearts would be truly converted against abortion by this kind of shooting war?

Those pro-lifers who are thinking of 'efficiently' ending abortion with bombs or guns or gas should remember one thing: They are not just going up against bricks and escorts, they are going up against Satan himself. Violence is the Devil's way, which is why all anti-life movements use it liberally. Violence, if practiced on a wide enough scale, will prevail but it will always prevail temporarily. People instinctively rebel against its use and will eventually turn away from it. God will disavow it and defeat those who use it.

Christians, no matter what their calling, must avoid violence because of the obvious fact that it originates in Hell, not Heaven. The only way to eradicate abortion is to convert the hearts and minds of Americans one by painful one.

Only then will our babies be safe.

Pro-Abortion Hypocrisy.


Not only do pro-abortionists condemn all pro-lifers as violent fanatics, they whine about the destruction of buildings while promoting or ignoring physical attacks on pro-life activists.

The following paragraphs describe just a few of the more blatant examples of pro-abortion violence committed against pro-lifers.

The Pittsburgh Nightmare.

After a March 11, 1989 rescue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, police piled pro-lifers onto buses with tinted windows so they could beat the rescuers without being witnessed. 120 of the rescuers were refused food for 33 hours under the pretense that they might "start a riot," even though the Salvation Army offered repeatedly to feed them. Several diabetic and hypoglycemic rescuers had to be hospitalized.

While female rescuers were being 'processed,' they were kicked, beaten, and dragged around by their hair and breasts, and some male officers stripped their upper bodies and fondled their breasts in full view of cheering male prisoners. All religious items belonging to rescuers were taken, destroyed in front of them, and thrown in the trash.

Police punched women in the breasts and threatened to rape and sodomize them. Doctor's reports issued after their release state that many of the women were "obviously and violently beaten."

Gwen Elliott, a police commander and a former board member of the Women's Health Services abortion mill, and a member of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), insisted that she had been assaulted, even when confronted with solid evidence showing no such assault ever happened. Elliott alleges that her mother died of an illegal abortion, and has started a fund for poor women to get abortions.[10]

Even though many pro-life women were sexually abused and beaten, so-called "women's rights" groups like the National Organization for Women (NOW) either applauded the brutality or remained silent about it when approached by pro-lifers.

This proves once and for all that the NOW and other organizations are not really for all women, but instead only for those women who happen to agree with them on social issues.

Clinic Defense Manuals.

Some clinics and pro-abortion groups have gone far beyond applauding violence against pro-lifers and preborn babies and have issued manuals showing how to assault pro-lifers without being arrested.

Since pro-abortionists are by violent their very nature, they will tolerate absolutely no interference with their precious 'right' to kill others. Therefore, lesser violence in the form of physical and verbal abuse comes naturally to them.

Pro-abortion clinic defense manuals make very interesting reading. These manuals (usually picked up by pro-life 'plants' or obtained during lawsuit depositions) encourage escorts to physically assault rescuers and "bully" picketers off public sidewalks.

The following passage is an excerpt from the March 1989 publication entitled "Clinic Defense: A Model," by the Bay Area Coalition Against Operation Rescue (BACAOR, pronounced bay-con-heds).

Our best work is done before police arrive, or when there are not enough police there to prevent us from doing what we have to do. Get in place before cops can mess with it [our defense]; establish balance of power early, do key acts requiring physical contact with OR as much as possible before cops have enough people to intervene ... Make cops realize that they must figure into their plans the independent power of the clinic defense presence; clinic defenders can act in ways police are not fully ready to deal with.

As OR has shifted to picketing more than blockading, we've learned that we can't relax and let them "just" picket. It's critical to keep pushing, to not lend any legitimacy to their harassment of women on any level. As much as we can, we are drawing lines, saying no, you can not picket on the sidewalk in front of the clinic; this is our territory. Go across the street, go away, go wherever but as far away from the clients as is possible to assert. Even if the sidewalk is "public," we've had success at putting enough of us out, early enough, to basically bully the OR's into staying across the street.

Isolate and humiliate. It is critical to separate in some way the resident OR leader or troublemakers. We assign them a particular escort and do our best to isolate them from the others by getting them to lose their cool, look foolish, argue with us, etc. Although in general sexual jokes or extreme harassment are not useful with the OR picketers, if baiting an OR about his treatment of women, his sexuality, and how many times he masturbates will keep him from bothering clients and from being able to effectively direct the others, do it. Remember, we are under no obligation to be polite to these people ... They have already broken Miss Manners code by being at the clinic at all ... Confining our behavior toward OR to the legal realm has distinct limitations.

Notice that BACAOR refuses even to allow pro-lifers to peacefully picket their abortion mills.

This type of violent pro-abortion activity is spreading as copycat organizations spring up, including BACAOR South, SACAOR (Sacramento), and YACAOR (Youth Action Committee).

Remember that these are the same people who decry alleged pro-life "violence" and claim that they are "only trying to balance the rights of the clinics and the protestors."

BACAOR and other fringe pervert groups are not the only organizations that promote implied or actual physical violence against pro-lifers. Even self-styled "mainstream" pro-abort outfits like Planned Parenthood are getting into the act.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa instructs their escorts to sing the song "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to themselves so that they are not distressed by seeing the pictures of dead preborn babies held by pro-lifers. PP also tells its escorts to name a pro-lifer and then tell themselves that that person has failed to meet the minimum qualifications for classification as a human being. Finally, PP tells the escorts to tape the name of a pro-lifer to the bottom of their shoes and then sing to themselves "Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be squishing you."

In the throes of an apparent spasm of inconsistency, Susan Gellinger of Planned Parenthood claimed that "This is a very empowering yet non-confrontational thing to do. You know you'll be symbolically stepping on that person all day. By continuing to work from a love base, maybe there can be bridges for respect and communication."[11]

Hundreds of Attacks.

Abortionists and pro-abortion activists have violently attacked those who oppose them in literally hundreds of documented instances. They have attacked pro-lifers with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, and other abortion supporters have applauded and supported these actions.

They have raped and forcibly aborted their patients, they have botched third-trimester abortions and callously left their victims to die and then have tried to justify their actions with whining and empty excuses. Just a very few of the extremely violent and deadly attacks on pro-lifers, and other examples of actions that show their utter contempt for the women they 'care' for, are documented in the following paragraphs.

Examples of Pro-Abortion Violence.

I resent strongly the charges that I am a murderer, a killer, a devil. I resent the right [of demonstrators] to sit-in at my clinic. If they ever do that to my clinic again, it's to the death. Only one of us is coming out of there.

                                                                                      Abortionist Bill Baird.[12]


Pro-abortionists like to distribute little pieces of paper that show instances of alleged "anti-choice violence." In the vast majority of cases, these acts of violence are either unproven or actually carried out by the pro-abortionists themselves.

Curiously, the pro-aborts never mention the more than 2,000 documented acts of physical violence committed by pro-abortionists against pro-lifers and other individuals in the last ten years. To them, of course, any violence directed against those who do not agree with them on the abortion issue is "fully justified." The following paragraphs list just a few of the confirmed acts of violence committed by pro-abortion goons.

Figure 19-2 shows and lists just a few of the more extreme examples of pro-abortion violence committed in this country alone.



(Mass Murder, Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Arson, Bombings and Rape Only)

•1977. Abortionist Benjamin Munson was tried for manslaughter after killing Linda Padfield.

•January 1975. Abortionist Kenneth Edelin aborted a live 22-week baby boy and then left him to die. He was subsequently convicted of manslaughter. 
August 1976. A 20-year old pro-abortionist beat 85-year old Ignatius O'Connor so badly that he was hospitalized for three months.

•Abortionist Jesse Ketchum was convicted of criminally negligent homicide after killing 25-year old Margaret Louise Smith.

•April 1988. An abortionist from Cherry Hill Women's Center ran over pro-lifer George Krail twice with his car.

•June 1983. Abortionist Raymond Showery was convicted of murder for drowning a five-pound viable baby who survived one of his third-trimester abortions. 
•He also killed Mickey Apodaca during an abortion and was indicted for manslaughter.

•April 1988. Abortionist Theodore Lehrer was charged with forcibly aborting his wife against her will after raping her, handcuffing her and tying her to a table.

•April 1990. Five pro-lifers found pipe bombs in their driveways. Police stated that this was retaliation for recent pro-life activities.

•November 1989. Pro-abortion arsonists burned Pro-Life Andy Anderson's car, which had been covered with pro-life bumperstickers.

•July 1991.Abortionist Mahlon Cannon lost his medical license July 1991 for gross negligence in numerous incidents, including the death of Donna Heim. 
•March 1989. Three radical pro-abortionists were arrested after igniting an incendiary device in a church packed with pro-life activists. 
•November 1987. Pro-abortion activist Frank Mendiola was found guilty of phoning bomb threats to clinics. 
•Mendiola had also gained sympathy for the pro-abortion side with his heartrending stories about how his twin sister died on a kitchen table of a botched illegal abortion. It was later discovered that Mendiola had lied; he has no sisters at all. 
•January 1987. Abortionist Steven Pine punctured Belinda Byrd's uterus during a second-trimester abortion and then abandoned her to die of complications. 
•October 1986. Abortionist Edward Allred was charged with providing substandard care, safety and health violations, and causing the death of Mary Pena at one of his 'assembly line' clinics. 
•September 1971. Abortionist Richard M. Neal was tried for manslaughter after killing Janet Foster.

•August 1983. Abortionist strangled a 2-1/2 pound, 7-1/2 month baby who survived an abortion because he knew the 'mother' didn't want the baby and he feared a lawsuit. He was indicted for murder.

•1980-1983. Abortionist Hipolito Barreiro was charged with manslaughter after four women died at his clinic.

•October 1992. Pro-abortion Democrat Eric Capun fired five shots through the window of the home of his political opponent, pro-life Republican Robert Stark, wounding Stark's wife Judith.

•Abortionist Milos Klvana was sentenced to 53 years in prison after being found guilty of the mass murder of eight newborn babies.

•Abortionist Ronald Tauber raped a six-year old girl and spent seven years in prison. 
•He had previously killed a woman in a botched abortion in Florida. Now he is licensed to commit abortions in New York State.

•March 1989. Pro-abortionists attempted to kill a disabled pro-lifer by kicking him repeatedly in the head with heavy boots, even after they had knocked him unconscious.

•September 1989. Abortionist Joe Bill Reynolds tried for murdering his wife. 1983 to 1985. 
•Pro-abortion 'doctors' at Oklahoma Children's Memorial Hospital starved to death 33 newborn babies who were born with vary degrees of spina bifida. All would have lived if they had not been killed.

•May 1990. Abortionist Joseph Melnick was convicted of allowing a 32-week viable baby girl to die by ordering 'no care' to be given her after she survived his third-trimester abortion attempt. 
•January 1989. Abortionist Connie Tan Yen was charged with infanticide after allowing a third-trimester baby to die.

•August 1979. A pro-abortion arsonist destroyed the local Right to Life office.

•March 1975. Abortionist Robert Sherman was tried for murder after killing 16-year old Rita McDowell. 
•He also kidnapped a patient and pled guilty to 25 counts of lying under oath.


NOTE: This list includes only documented cases of pro-abortion mass murder, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, arson, bombings, and rape. The text of Chapter 19 includes a list of documented instances of pro-abortion felony assault, forced abortions, and other crimes.

These two pages would make a good flyer to distribute to counter pro-abortion lies about so-called pro-life 'violence.'

Angel of Choice. 

Josef Mengele was the physician in charge of medical experimentation at the Nazis' notorious Auschwitz concentration camp. He would stand next to the rail cars as they disgorged their pitiful loads of Untermenschen, whistling opera arias as he selected the people he would perform his ghastly experiments on.

These unfortunates would be submerged in freezing water until they died in order to test human endurance in cold climates. Women would have their breasts cut off (without expensive anesthesia) for dissection and examination. And many people with brown eyes would have blue dye injected into their corneas as Mengele attempted to "Aryanize" them.

After the war, Mengele, known as the "Angel of Death," entered Argentina in 1949 with a Red Cross passport. Since his medical experience had become largely irrelevant, he began to pursue a line of work that suited his temperament and sense of ethics.

He became an abortionist.

After he killed a young Buenos Aires woman, he was hauled before a judge, but apparently got off scot-free when an associate bribed the Court with a large sum of money.[13]

Killing Women for Choice. 

As outlined in Chapter 59 of Volume II, "Maternal Deaths Due to Abortion," so-called "safe and legal" abortions have killed more than 500 women since the United States Supreme Court committed Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Most of these deaths were due to the inherent hazards of the abortion procedure itself, multiplied by the 30 million or more that have been performed.

However, in some cases, abortionists have been so grossly or intentionally negligent that murder or manslaughter charges have been brought against them.

El Paso, Texas abortionist Raymond Showery was convicted of murder in 1976 for drowning a baby who survived one of his abortions. He served only five years of a 15-year prison term and then promptly proceeded to perform abortions again. He then killed 28-year old Mickey Apodaca during an abortion and was indicted for involuntary manslaughter. While he was awaiting trial for the first charge, he threatened the lives of virtually everyone involved in his prosecution, including the newspaper reporter who wrote the original story about his murder of the baby and the district attorney who prosecuted him.

On March 8, 1975, Washington abortionist Robert Sherman was tried for murder after killing 16-year old Rita McDowell.

Miami abortionist Hipolito Barreiro was arrested and charged with manslaughter after four women died at his clinic during the time period 1980 to 1983.

Buffalo abortionist Jesse Ketchum was convicted of criminally negligent homicide after killing 25-year old Margaret Louise Smith at his abortion mill.

Abortionist William R. Cloud, the administrator of Oklahoma's Statewide Clinic, was charged with conspiracy to commit illegal abortion in 1973, served a year in federal prison for income tax evasion in 1974, and pleaded guilty to importing marijuana from Colombia in 1976. After all of this, he was allowed to keep his medical license and he continued to commit abortions. Cloud subsequently killed Patricia King at his clinic in 1987.

No doctor in any other field would have kept his license after all of these convictions, but this sequence of events is indicative of two things; (1) the shoddy skill level that abortionists can get away with, and (2) the extremely high level of complicity between local governments and the abortion bureaucracy.[14]

Abortionist Benjamin Munson of Aberdeen, South Dakota was tried for manslaughter after killing Linda Padfield at his abortuary in 1977.

These are not the only instances of abortionists simply leaving women to die in their clinics as they walk away from their responsibilities. Remember that these are the same men who say that they abort babies because they care so deeply about women.

The Clinic "Bomber." 

The dramatic Mendiola case finally confirmed two facts that pro-lifers have known for many years: That pro-abortionists threaten violence against their own clinics in order to discredit pro-lifers, and that many of the so-called "Silent No More" stories about women who have had illegal abortions are outright lies.

According to the December 10, 1987 issue of the Los Angeles Times, veteran pro-abortion activist and sodomite Frank Mendiola called in numerous bomb threats to clinics, abortionists, and even his own home so that "... you people, the media, will come down with a harder line on those people who are harassing the clinics."[15]

Mendiola was given a one-year suspended sentence because, as the judge put it, he had "good intentions."[15] Imagine any judge suspending sentence on any pro-lifer threatening to bomb an abortion mill for "good intentions!"

Pro-aborts packed the courtroom in Mendiola's support. Many members of the "Committee for Reproductive Rights" appeared at his trial, and Sherna Gluck of the CRR said that "Clearly, the whole thing is very sad. I just feel very badly for him. He is a very fine person, and I guess the worst one can say is he is just confused. I'm sure it was [done] with the very best of intentions."[15]

Mendiola had been very much in demand at pro-abortion rallies, where he would read his letter written to President Reagan about how his sister "Rose Elizabeth" died from a botched illegal abortion. Mendiola sobbed about how "She bled to death on a kitchen table. Yes, Mr. President, on a kitchen table." This story was proven to be a complete lie when investigators discovered that Mendiola had no sisters!

Mendiola's "Silent No More" sob story was a big hit, and was even used in national fundraising letters by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), until it was revealed to be a lie. Even when he was confronted with his lies, he changed his story to say that it actually had happened to a friend's sister, and that "I was her voice." Naturally, he refused to identify the person in question.

This incident helps illustrate the incredible arrogance of pro-abortionists who will continue to lie like rugs even when they are caught, and shows how out of touch with reality they really are.

Mendiola's bogus story helps to call into question all of the other pro-abortion propaganda stories of women who died of illegal abortions before the procedure was legalized. It is estimated that at least 95 percent of these "Silent No More" stories are complete fabrications, as proven in Chapter 59 of Volume II, "Maternal Deaths Due to Abortion."

"Stop the Church!" 

In December of 1989, sodomites and pro-abortionists stormed New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral in opposition to the Catholic Church's allegedly "genocidal" policies on abortion and AIDS.

Two groups, billing themselves as the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) and the Women's Health Action Mobilization (WHAM) broke into the Cathedral, assaulted parishioners, chained themselves to the altar, screamed at Cardinal John O'Connor, and threw consecrated communion Hosts on the ground and stamped on Them. Outside, protestors screamed slogans like "A college education for every ejaculation!," "Cardinal O'Connor is a Nazi in a dress," and "Cardinal O'Connor is a public health menace!"

The attackers promised more violence, saying in a prepared statement that "If you are wondering if we have any boundaries we will not cross, no, there are no boundaries we will not cross. No apologies!"

This behavior was so extreme that even outgoing New York Mayor Ed Koch and mayor-elect David Dinkins (whose radical pro-abortion stand helped him win the election) condemned the attack.[16]

St. Patrick's Cathedral is not the only Catholic Church to be attacked by sodomites and pro-abortionists. Any Bishop or priest who speaks out against abortion forcefully enough is perceived to be a threat by the Neoliberals and must be shut up.

On Sunday, July 9, 1990, the Catholic church in Torrance, California, and the building housing the Los Angeles Archdiocese were sprayed with obscene graffiti. The vandals left a wooden cross festooned with used condoms and a mattress stuffed with animal intestines outside the church. Police speculated that the animal entrails were the products of Satanic rituals.

The next day, an anonymous woman called the church, and proclaimed herself to be a member of "Artists Against Religious Oppression." She warned the Catholic Church to "stay out of politics" and to "stop its oppression of women, gays, and lesbians."[17]

Rewards for Infanticide. 

In 1975, Boston abortionist Kenneth Edelin bungled a late-term abortion and delivered a 22-week old baby boy alive. Then, according to witnesses, he smothered the little baby in the mother's womb before delivering him. He was charged and convicted of manslaughter, but the conviction was overturned by a higher court on a technicality.

What was his reward for this infanticide? He was certainly not censured by any pro-abortion group; he was heavily supported by them during his trial. Edelin was promoted to the position of Chairman of the Board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and has narrated several Planned Parenthood videos aimed at teenagers. He also became chairman of the National Abortion Rights Action League Medical Advisory Committee shortly after he had killed the baby.[18]

This is very revealing. After a much-publicized infanticide and manslaughter trial in which he was convicted, Edelin was suddenly much in demand by the major national pro-abortion groups. He was showered with honors and support and given prestigious committees to chair. In other words, Edelin appears to be the ideal human model for Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

Unwanted Abortion. 

In February 1984, Jacqueline Sexton brought suit against two doctors at the University of Iowa Hospital for trying to rush her into an abortion that she did not want.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Susan Epley performed a very cursory examination on Sexton and told her that her unborn baby was dead. Another doctor, Jane Engeldinger, told Sexton that she herself would die in days if an immediate abortion was not performed. Epley began to prepare for the abortion, even though Sexton told her that she was pro-life and did not believe in abortion. Epley refused Sexton's request for an ultrasound to check the baby's condition, and after Sexton left the hospital, continued to refuse her requests for an ultrasound.

Finally, another doctor from the hospital scheduled an ultrasound, which showed Sexton's baby to be alive and perfectly healthy.[19]

This lawsuit demonstrates just how desperately eager some doctors are to abort women, even against their wills.

There wasn't much 'informed consent' or 'free choice' in this case, was there?

Assembly-Line Slaughterhouse. 

The perfect example of exactly how concerned abortionists are about women's health was provided by the Inglewood Women's Hospital in California, which was closed down in February of 1988 by health authorities after dozens of major health code violations caused by a mad rush to make money, including;

• Use of operating tables "soiled by the fresh blood of previous patients,"
• Abortionists signing discharge orders for patients they hadn't examined,
• Failure to monitor patients' vital signs,
• Falsification of and failure to complete medical records,
• Administering a fixed amount of anesthesia to patients of all weights,
• Rushing patients through recovery, and
• Killing at least five women since 1973 by botching their abortions.

Superior Court Judge Miriam Vogel stated that "These are obviously life-threatening infractions, not technical violations. Obviously, people's lives are at risk."[20] State Deputy Attorney General Donna Buntaine agreed, saying that the "hospital" had made "empty promises" in the past to correct violations: "They correct the violations on paper, but when we walk out the door they go back to their [dangerous] practices."[20]

Predictably, the abortionists, who couldn't resist the incredible amount of money made from 12,000 abortions a year, immediately found a way around the law, reopening just three days later as the "West Coast Women's Medical Group."

Also predictably, the most outspoken critic of the investigation of the health care violations at this abortuary, California State Senator Diane Watson, received two very large campaign contributions from the facility.[20]

Neofeminist Attacks. 

Many pro-life activists have seen spitting, hissing, biting Neofeminists in action at the abortion mills. These violent pro-aborts are the same people who shriek 'assault!' to the police if a pro-lifer dares to defend himself or even brushes up against them unintentionally.

Although an outline of attacks on pro-lifers would fill several fat volumes, an understandably anonymous writer in Jill Posener's book Louder Than Words (whose purpose is to glorify Neofeminist vandalism) gives us some insight into the fevered Neofeminist mind; "About a year ago, I began to wonder what could be done about the Pregnancy Problem Action Centre, a Right to Life front, which tells young women terrifying lies about abortion. I decided that bombing them would just make them feel more righteous and martyred, give them more ammunition in their 'holy war.' Without their financial power and access to the media, graffiti [sic] seemed like an appropriate way to shriek defiance at them. One graffiti I did was on a church wall. I put 'Isn't your God a Misogynist?' It helped break one of my own taboos, while expressing my anger at religion. It felt good."

Rape and Forced Abortion. 

On April 27, 1988, Fort Lauderdale abortionist Theodore Lehrer of the All Women's Clinic was charged with sexual battery after he imprisoned and forcibly aborted his wife. According to the abortionist's wife, he handcuffed her, dragged her into the bedroom, tied her to a table and gagged her. Then he raped her and forcibly aborted her against her will.[21]

It is significant that this abortionist and his wife had signed a prenuptial contract which stated that, in the event of divorce, the wife would get only $5,000 if she bore him no children, but would be granted alimony, property, and child support if she had children.

Deadly Attack With a Baseball Bat. 

Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian went wild when several pro-lifers sang Christmas carols outside his home on a public sidewalk, on December 5, 1988. Slepian, who kills children at three local abortuaries, grabbed a baseball bat and severely injured Ronald Breymeier, 48, by beating him on the head, back, and arms, before smashing out all the windows on Breymeier's van.

Slepian surrendered to Town of Amherst police at his home a short time afterwards, and was charged with felony assault and criminal mischief.

Local pro-abortionists vocally supported this incredibly violent attack, perhaps because Slepian sniveled that the pro-lifers were anti-Semitic. Clinic owner Marilynn Buckham told the Buffalo News; "I think it's [picketing] religious persecution. These 'good Christians' don't respect anyone else's religion."[22]

At Slepian's trial, Amherst Town Justice Sherwood Bestry said to him "The Court feels you have suffered a great deal on account of this." Following this "trial," the Amherst Town Board immediately banned the picketing of homes by pro-lifers. Violators of this ordinance face a $500 fine and six months in jail.[22]

Bondage, Drugs, and Sexual Abuse. 

Another Buffalo abortionist, Tati Okereke, was arrested after a Christmas Eve party in the Buffalo Hyatt Regency and charged with second-degree assault, first degree sexual abuse, first degree unlawful imprisonment, possession of illegal drugs and hypodermics, resisting arrest, and obstruction of governmental administration.

His former girlfriend was found handcuffed to a bed, with drugs and needles scattered on the floor nearby. Police had to forcibly subdue Okereke when he was arrested. In 1982, he was charged with two counts of sexual abuse, but was acquitted by a State Supreme Court jury.[23]

Attempted Vehicular Homicide. 

Wichita abortionist George "Killer" Tiller, the most notorious third-trimester baby killer in the country, arrived at work on Saturday, January 7, 1989, only to find 67 pro-life rescuers blocking the entrances to his clinic. Enraged, he ran over and seriously injured a pro-lifer with his car, and then rammed a policeman on a motorcycle. Incredibly, the police allowed Tiller to enter the clinic, where he killed ten babies before police finally responded to the demands of outraged rescuers and arrested him. Twenty women were turned away that day by the rescuers.

Tiller was eventually charged with felony assault. The attitude of the police towards him was typically cavalier; while Tiller had attempted to kill a pro-lifer and a cop, he would have gone scot-free had the other activists not demanded his arrest. Meanwhile, all 67 of those attempting to save lives by trespassing (a misdemeanor at most) were arrested.

"Run Them Down!" 

In another series of attacks on pro-lifers, this time in Youngstown, Ohio in 1990, a man calling himself "Lucifer" aimed a handgun at a 17-year old girl who was videotaping a rescue. Another man maced and clubbed passive pro-lifers as he laughed wildly. In October, a large 4-wheel drive truck with a client and her boyfriend approached a clinic. At the urging of clinic escorts chanting "Run them down!," the truck literally drove over four rescuers, including Joan Andrews.[24]

Once again, the only people arrested were the rescuers.

Sweets From the Sweet. 

On July 22, 1990, abortionist Stephen Kaali, the owner of New York's Women's Medical Pavilion, arrived at his Greenwich, Connecticut home only to find a pro-life picket in progress. Police had just left the picket, and Kaali pulled up alongside picketer Carol Centonze in a pickup truck and dumped a bucket of urine and feces on her head, saying "This is all for you, honey." He was arrested for "breach of peace."[25]

Abortion Without Knowledge or Consent. 

Abortionist Pravin D. Thakkar of Indianapolis had his medical license suspended in February 1989 because he was a "clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety" after he impregnated Carmen Hertzinger and Kathy Collins and then aborted them without their knowledge. He told them that he was merely performing pelvic examinations. He also aborted Carmen Singer without her consent. Singer was just four weeks from full term when Thakkar butchered her baby, and she testified that she could hear it crying as it was killed. Thakkar disposed of the viable baby, refusing to tell her what he had done with it, and threatened her life if she dared tell anyone of the incident.[26]

It is interesting that the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., is also the abortion capital of the country and the murder capital as well. In 1988, 555 murders were committed, giving DC the highest homicide rate in the United States higher than Detroit, higher than New York, higher even than Miami.

You Ain't Gonna Believe This One ... 

Killing babies inevitably deadens the conscience, and leads to all types of bizarre and perverted behavior. Jackson, Mississippi abortionist Milan D. Chepko, who works at the amusingly-named New Woman Medical Center, is a good example of this axiom.

Chepko was arrested and charged in Federal court with forcing minors to engage in "kiddie porn" movies, producing the movies, conspiracy with others to produce the movies, and shipping them across state lines. The movies involved children of four years of age in many cases being sodomized by adults, having sex with adult men and women, and also depicted oral sex between men and very young boys.[27]

According to an affidavit filed in Federal court, Chepko's van contained letters showing that he and his correspondents "are members or supporters of the National and International Diaper Pail Foundation, in which the members are infantilists who enjoy wearing diapers, defecating in the diapers, and smearing the defecation on the body. They are also interested in the defecation of small children."[27]

Hypocrisy on the Left.

One of the primary characteristics identifying any left-leaning philosophy is the belief that social change cannot be accomplished without violence.

This is true of every so-called 'progressive' movement in America, each of which has employed violence not only against structures and objects, but against human beings. Their members then have the gall to accuse pro-lifers and other conservative activists of being violent, as if violence is something alien to them!

The real reason that pro-abortionists denounce clinic bombers is not that the bombers are violent the real reason is that the bombers have the gall to act on their beliefs and take effective (if illegal and dangerous) action against abortion clinics!

This point is easily proven by the actions of the pro-abortionists themselves. Pro-abortionists use the same incandescent rhetoric against picketers and crisis pregnancy center workers that they do against clinic bombers. Additionally, the pro-aborts never denounce violence against persons and property committed by other Neoliberal causes, individuals, or groups, as described in the following paragraphs.

Violence By Animal Rights Activists.

Nail Bombs and Attempted Murder. 

As with almost every social movement, the vast majority of adherents to the animal-rights philosophy do not engage in direct violence. However, the more overt expressions of the radical fringe of the animal-rights movement have sometimes taken murderous directions.

For example, animal rights activist Fran Trutt was charged with attempted murder, possession of explosives, and bomb manufacturing after trying to kill businessman Leon Hirsch with a remote-controlled nail-loaded bomb in 1988. Hirsch's company manufactures laboratory equipment that is sometimes used in animal experimentation.[28]

In a separate incident, a bomb being transported by two Earth First! members exploded prematurely in California, and the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner immediately painted it as an FBI attempt on their lives.

Trashing Research Labs. 

Animal-rights radicals also frequently engage in "lab trashing," which is the total destruction of a laboratory that they deem is inflicting cruelty upon animals.

On October 26, 1986, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), which was subsequently classified as a domestic terrorist organization by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice, broke into research buildings at the University of Oregon at Eugene and destroyed microscopes, an electrocardiogram machine, an incubator, a sterilizer, and an X-ray machine, and stole 150 research animals. More than a dozen projects were trashed, including neuroscientist Barbara Gordon-Lickey's research into visual defects in newborns.

In 1988, animal-rights activists destroyed the epilepsy and Alzheimer's research laboratory at the University of California at Los Angeles. The leader of the group responsible for the vandalism received a sentence of 45 days in jail, with most of the time off for good behavior. None of the other 'raiders' were punished or even charged with a crime.

On April 3, 1989, the ALF broke into four buildings at Tucson's University of Arizona, smashed medical equipment, spray-painted graffiti like "Nazi" and "Scum," and stole or released 1,231 animals. The raiders then torched two of the research buildings, causing $200,000 in damage. One of the 15 projects halted involved research on creating an effective disinfectant for Cryptosporidium-contaminated water that would save thousands of lives in developing countries.

The ALF 'commandos' also unwittingly released 30 mice infected with the Cryptosporidium virus, an incurable strain of diarrhea that is invariably fatal to AIDS patients and malnourished children.[29]

On July 4, 1989, members of the Animal Liberation Front broke into a Texas Tech University laboratory and destroyed more than $70,000 worth of medical equipment. They stole five cats being used by Dr. John Orem in researching Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which kills more than 5,000 babies every year. The destruction wrought by the ALF halted Orem's progress entirely. Nobody will ever know how many newborn babies died as an indirect result of ALF's attack.

The ALF is particularly active in Great Britain, where its attacks occur on a weekly basis. For example, during the Christmas 1988 season, it firebombed and destroyed five department stores and fur sellers. Bombs were defused at two other sites, narrowly averting situations that could very well have resulted in massive loss of human life. The ALF and the Animal Rights Militia have also taken credit for acts of arson that destroyed a San Jose meat company.[30]

Curiously, groups like Animal Rights Activists for Choice (ARAC) shrilly condemn abortion clinic bombings while applauding "lab trashers."

For further information on the activities of radical animal rights groups, see Chapter 91 of Volume III.

Violence By Radical Environmental Groups.

Several major radical environmental organizations endorse and employ 'ecotage' to disable and destroy land-clearing and logging equipment. Such vandalism has caused tens of millions of dollars worth of damage.

One of the favorite tricks of the 'ecoteurs' involves 'spiking' trees by hammering railroad spikes randomly into trees 'threatened' with cutting. When a logger hits one of these spikes with his chain saw, the saw will 'kick back' and frequently endanger his life. If the tree is felled and transported to a lumber mill without incident, the large, high-speed bandsaw blades used to cut the logs will explode into shrapnel if they encounter a spike. This tactic has severely injured several mill workers, including one whose carotid artery was severed (for further information on the violent activities of radical environmentalists, see Chapter 91 of Volume III).

Strangely enough, most radical animal rights activists and environmentalists are pro-abortion, and thus place animals and trees on a higher level than human preborn babies.

Violence By Anti-Apartheid Activists.

Torturing Hundreds to Death. 

Members of the [South] African National Congress (ANC) have killed hundreds of people, most of whom were innocent bystanders. Nelson and Winnie Mandela have endorsed this violence, and have applauded the use of 'necklaces' to keep people in line.

This hideous practice consists of hacking a victim's arms off, and then placing a car tire around his neck, dousing him with gasoline, and setting him on fire. Between March 1 and June 5 of 1986, a period of only 14 weeks, the ANC and its friends necklaced and burned to death 172 Blacks.[31]

Winnie Mandela boasted in 1986 that "Together, hand in hand, with our boxes of matches and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country."[32] She also alleged that Moscow was the "torchbearer for all our hopes."[33] Pro-abortionists, including the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers, have officially proclaimed their support of Winnie Mandela.[31]

The Communism Connection. 

During his 1962 trial for terrorism, Nelson Mandela stated that "We Communist Party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern history ... The Communist movement still faces powerful enemies which must be completely crushed and wiped out from the face of the earth before a Communist world can be realized ... The people of South Africa, led by the SACP [South African Communist Party], will destroy capitalism and build in its place socialism."[34]

After he left prison in 1989, Mandela said that "We are heartened that the alliance between ourselves and the [Communist] Party remains as strong as it has always been."[35] He also praised megaterrorist Yassir Arafat, saying that "We are in the same trench, struggling against the same enemy: The twin Tel Aviv and Pretoria regimes, apartheid, racism, colonialism and neocolonialism." Additionally, during his visit to Angola, Mandela applauded Fidel Castro, saying that "There's one thing where Cuba stands out head and shoulders above the rest that is in its love for human rights and liberty," and referred to archterrorist Muamar Gadhafi as a "comrade in arms."[36]

As a reward for his fawning praise of Communism, Mandela received Russia's Lenin Peace Prize shortly before his visit to the United States.

The American Press Botches it Again. 

To those familiar with Mandela's long record of violence, the spectacle of the American press slobbering over the convicted terrorist during his stay in the United States was deeply sickening but came as no surprise. Tom Brokaw of NBC called him "a kind of philosopher-king;" to Carole Simpson of ABC, he was "an almost God-like father figure;" and Garry Smith of CBS referred to "the Second Coming" when Mandela hit the beaches. Time Magazine featured him on its cover under the banner "AN AMERICAN HERO."

Meanwhile, a Markinor poll of South Africans both Black and White showed that five in six were opposed to the sanctions that Mandela was demanding, because of the extreme economic impacts that they would have on ordinary South African people.

At the climax of his visit, Mandela shared his New York City celebrity's podium with the three Puerto Rican nationalists who burst into the House of Representatives in 1954 and sprayed the chambers with bullets. Mandela had also invited the gunman who tried to assassinate President Harry S Truman in 1950, but the would-be assassin couldn't make it to the event.[37]

Even anti-apartheid clergymen preach extreme violence. Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has said; "I am a Socialist. I hate Capitalism ... One young man with a stone in his hand can achieve far more than I can with a dozen sermons ... the only way to overthrow the government is with force ... Imagine what would happen if only 30 percent of domestic servants would poison their employer's food ... Is it not surprising that Black resistance has not yet blown up a school bus with White children? They are the softest targets!"[38]

What About Pro-Life 'Terrorism?' 

These, then, are the "peace-loving" anti-apartheid "heroes" that the American press fawns over.

Imagine what the media would do if Randy Terry, Joe Scheidler, or any other pro-life leader advocated chopping the arms off abortionists and then burning them to death!

Anthony Lewis of the New York Times has given some indication of the depth of the Neoliberal double standard regarding violence. Lewis blasted Jerry Falwell a number of times for mixing religion and politics and for "violating the curtain of separation between church and state," but he had no trouble praising Archbishop Desmond Tutu for doing exactly the same thing.

This was the same Anthony Lewis who excused the 1975 forced march of three million people out of Pnomh Penh because, as he said, it was being done to build "... a vision of a new [Communist] society."[39] He branded United States objections to the atrocity, which killed hundreds of thousands of people, as "cultural arrogance." In 1987, Lewis also acknowledged that the Chinese population control program includes forced abortion and sterilization, but stated that "The propriety of the methods used to discourage children is a fair question. But outsiders should not make ringing statements about it without understanding the reality of the problem China faces."[39]

Violence By the Unions.

Union organizers routinely employ coercion, assault, and murder to enforce their will. During Teamster strikes and other actions such as those carried out against Pittston and Hormel, pro-union snipers routinely kill and wound opponents and innocent bystanders. When truckers strike, union members often stand on overpasses and shoot at any truck they suspect is driven by a 'scab.' A person bold enough to disagree with the unions and exercise his 'free choice' to cross picket lines in many cases risks his life for the privilege of working for a living.

Columnist Jack Anderson also tied mobsters and unions to abortion clinics when he stated that "A Federal grand jury testified that some mobsters have used fraud, extortion, arson, assault, and other strong-arm tactics against [abortion] Medicaid practitioners in order to collect kickbacks and for protection against competition."[40] Anderson said that some abortion mills had been paying several thousand dollars per month under threats of mob reprisal.

Violence By the Sodomites.


Sodomites have successfully convinced the Federal government and most state and county legislatures and courts that they comprise an authentic class of "victims." Therefore, they assert that they are deserving of the same full range of civil rights protections enjoyed by genuine minorities in this country.

With certification as a "victim class" comes a virtual carte blanche to commit any act with impunity. Since sodomites possess little self-control, they have become so bold that they frequently resort to extreme organized violence. Even the secular press candidly reports on their acts and vows of violence, but this reporting has little effect. The average person couldn't care less about homosexual violence until it happens to him and, even then, he may be afraid to react for fear of being labeled a "homophobe."

Homosexuals have promised 'blood terrorism' (donating AIDS-tainted blood), have sworn to bomb their opponents and raise terrorist squads to kill innocent people, and routinely attack churches and their members, all the time screaming that they are the 'victims.' The quotes in Figure 19-3 are just a few of the hundreds of examples of leading sodomites raving about revenge, blood and terror.


At least in my ungoverned imagination I can fuck somebody without a rubber or I can, in the privacy of my own skull, douse [Senator] Helms with a bucket of gasoline and set his putrid ass on fire or throw [Congressman] William Dannemeyer off the Empire State Building ... [Cardinal John O'Connor] is the world's most active liar about condoms and safer-sex ... This fat cannibal from that house of walking swastikas up on Fifth Avenue should lose his church tax-exempt status and pay retroactive taxes from the last couple centuries. Shut down our clinics and will shut down your church.

AIDS-infected sodomite David Wojnarowicz, in an art catalog funded by tax dollars provided by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Quoted in Congressman Dana Rorahbacher. "Congress Continues Funding Pornographic, Anti-Christian 'Art' With Tax Dollars." American Family Association Journal, January 1990, page 20.

It's hard to refrain from taking this man [Pat Buchanan] by the throat and squeezing as hard as you can while you look into his ugly, disgusting face and watch the eyeballs burst and pop out of their sockets. Or maybe you feel like stepping on his face and squishing his demented brain until the rot oozes out of it and onto the pavement. I have no problem with imagining violence against this wacko ...

Michelangelo Signorile, editor-at-large of the sodomite magazine Outweek, quoted in National Review, June 24, 1991.

... I think the time for violence has now arrived. I don't personally think I'm the guy with the guts to do it, but I'd like to see an AIDS terrorist army, like the Irgun which led to the state of Israel [the Irgun was a Zionist army originating in the mid-1930s, which slaughtered and maimed hundreds of women and children].

Sodomite playwright Larry Kramer, founder of ACT-UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), quoted in the Wall Street Journal, May 8, 1990.

I think we should blow up Gracie Mansion [the New York governor's residence] ... One of my favorite notions is that we make fake blood and throw bottles of it in public places, and shout, "This is AIDS blood!" Let them think that it is. We have to scare people. We have to make their lives uncomfortable. I think we should be tying up whole cities. We should cripple this country. We should throw bombs. We should set fires. We should stop traffic. We should surround the White House.

Larry Kramer, The Advocate, August 18, 1987, quoted in Kirk Kidwell. "Homosexuals Flex Muscle in Washington." American Family Association Journal, January 1988, pages 6 to 8.

We should have shut down the subway and burned down city hall. I think rioting is a valid tactic and should be tried ... If someone took out [killed] Jesse Helms or William Dannemeyer of California, I would be the first to stand up and applaud.

ACT-UP member Michael Petrelis, quoted in Michael Willrich. "Uncivil Disobedience." Mother Jones, December 1990, page 16.

We're not here to make friends, we're here to raise the issues. We are an activist organization, and activism is fueled by anger, so people should not be surprised when that anger erupts in ways that not everyone approves of ... We have protests, which include taking over the opening plenary session of the AIDS conference in Montreal, blocking the Golden Gate Bridge, and protesting endlessly here in New York. We have telephone zaps where we tie up switchboards. We purchased millions of dollars of tickets when Northwest Airlines refused to carry AIDS people as passengers, tickets that weren't paid for, of course. Because we are gay people and have wonderful taste and can put on wonderful shows, our demonstrations are usually very theatrical ...

Larry Kramer, Time Magazine, February 5, 1989.

I shall torture you during the daytime, and will keep you from a peaceful sleep at night.

From Larry Kramer's open letter to New York Mayor Ed Koch, quoted in John Leo's "When Activism Becomes Gangsterism." U.S. News and World Report, February 5, 1990, page 18.

If [AIDS] research money is not forthcoming at a certain level by a certain date, all gay males should give blood. Whatever action is required to get national attention is valid. If that includes blood terrorism, so be it.

Homosexual activist Robert Schwab, quoted in Kirk Kidwell. "Homosexuals Flex Muscle in Washington." American Family Association Journal, January 1988, pages 6 to 8.

Let's make the Christmas season miserable; block traffic, stink-bomb department stores, disable automated teller machines and book up flights to bring attention to AIDS. A lot of people are dying and there's a lot of inattention from the government. No major change occurs in society except through trauma and through catalysts.

Spokesman for GRINCH (Gay Retaliation for Inexcusable Negligence and Criminal Homophobia), quoted in the Columbus Dispatch, October 16, 1989.

If we think, for instance, that HIV testing programs are wrong, and health officials are compiling data on people that they have no right to, I'm saying that a possibility might be to destroy files. Do I want to give anybody ideas? Sure!

Homosexual activist Andy Humm, New York City, The Advocate, September 29, 1987, quoted in Kirk Kidwell. "Homosexuals Flex Muscle in Washington." American Family Association Journal, January 1988, pages 6 to 8.

During the 1992 battle over Oregon's Ballot Measure 9 (which would have declared homosexuality "abnormal" and "perverse"), homosexuals stapled a number of violent posters to telephone poles all over Portland. These included the following;

(We're not asking you. We're telling you).
(picture of a Christian fish symbol underneath the slogan).


See Chapter 118 in Volume III for more specific information on the violent tactics used by sodomite activists.

Not Just Idle Threats ... 

With protected status comes the 'special right' to commit violence that normal people could never get away with.

For example, when Governor Pete Wilson of California vetoed the 1991 "gay rights" legislation sent to his desk, hundreds of screaming sodomites rioted and overpowered police. They stole police barriers and used them to smash the heavy plate glass in several office buildings, and then used the broken glass like Frisbees, pitching them at the knees of police. At least one policeman had his kneecaps shattered by this vicious tactic. The sods also set fire to one building and caused more than a million dollars in damages. There were no arrests, because police had been instructed to be 'tolerant.'[41]

The 'Victim Status' and 'Hate Crimes.' 

One of the most insidious tactics used by homosexuals to advance their agenda is assumption of the victim status. The most effective way they do this is by alleging that they are an oppressed minority. To this end, the homosexuals push constantly for government-sponsored 'Hate Crimes' legislation and tabulation, and then claim that hate crimes are rising at an incredible rate. This dishonest tactic buttresses their demands for special protection.

The National Hate Crimes Statistics Act established a toll-free telephone number at the Justice Department for the purpose of reporting crimes motivated by prejudice against sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, or religion. The number is 1-800-347-HATE.

Homosexual magazines have urged their readers to flood the lines with reports of 'hate crimes,' most of which are certainly bogus. Religious people should also call this line if they are victimized by homosexuals and should give all of the pertinent details. This will help expose the scam of inflated claims of hate crimes directed towards homosexuals and the accompanying statistical chicanery.

One organization that collects and analyzes incidents of so-called "hate crimes" is;

The Hoaxer Project
Editorial Research Service
Post Office Box 2047
Olathe, Kansas 66061
Telephone: (913) 829-0609

Chapter 9, "The Victim Status," analyzes hate crime statistics and describes a number of bogus hate crimes perpetrated by sodomites and others in order to generate sympathy.

Violence By Civil Rights Activists.

A former civil rights 'hero,' the Mayor of Washington, DC, Marion Barry, has called abortion clinic bombings "terrorist acts."

This is crassly hypocritical in light of the fact that Barry, in the mid-1960s, headed the Washington Chapter of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), whose national chairman was Stokeley Carmichael. Carmichael said that "[Martin Luther] King's death made it a lot easier for a lot of Negroes they know it's time to get guns now."[42]

After King was shot, 595 arson fires were set in urban areas, and Carmichael said "That was light stuff compared with what is about to happen."[42] Barry never denounced Carmichael or this violence, of course, because it was his issue, and for him, it's different.

Just ask him.

Violence By 'Peace' Activists.

Even self-proclaimed 'peace' activists have splashed human blood on files and have used coercion and sledgehammers to get their points across.

'Peace' protestors burned and bombed scores of buildings in the late 1960s and early 1970s. During the early stages of the United Nations-Iraq war in January of 1991, tens of thousands of 'peace' marchers assaulted their opponents, vandalized cars and other property, halted traffic, and screamed obscenities at the tops of their lungs while more buildings burned.

Violence By the Communists.

Communist Genocide. 

American Communists denounce as the worst kind of terrorist people who bomb a deserted abortion clinic, and even call them "agents of genocide."

However, the Commies conveniently ignore the glaring fact that the greatest genocides in history have all been committed by Communists, who have, by conservative estimate, killed over 150 million individuals in undeclared wars on their own people Mao (50 million), Pol Pot (12 million), Lenin (6 million), Stalin (25 million), and uncounted others.

The American Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) applauds this genocide or excuses it with such limp euphemisms as "unfortunate excesses of the People's Armies" and "necessary readjustments of the social order."

Communist Forced Abortions. 

American Communists love to chant "No forced birth control, no forced sterilization of poor women!" Yet they fully support the population control program in Communist China, which includes widespread forced contraception, forced sterilization, and forced abortion.

In fact, the only countries in the world that force women to have abortions and force them to be sterilized are Communist. The only countries in the world that have unleashed the dreaded "Uterus Police" are Communist. And, of course, the only countries in the world that can force women to have babies for the good of the almighty State have had Communist governments (witness the situation in Romania before the dictator Caucesescu was overthrown in 1989).

For detailed information on the forced abortion program in the People's Republic of China, see Chapter 50 of Volume II.

Destroy the System! 

Communists also readily acknowledge that there is no way (in their eyes) to pull off a peaceful revolution. They insist that the only way to reform the system is to destroy it, preferably with lots of their opponent's blood being shed.

Following are some quotes by leading Communists who advocate extreme violence.

The more representatives of the reactionary bourgeoisie and the reactionary clergy that we manage to shoot the better. Now is the time to teach the public such a lesson that for many decades they will not dare even to think of any sort of resistance.

Vladimir I. Lenin's August 22, 1922 letter to the Politburo. Quoted in Keeston News Service, National Catholic Register, July 1, 1990, page 8.

Soviet Russia is growing in strength each day. When the time is ripe, we will strike, comrade. In one day we will wipe out all the American war bases from Spain to Alaska. And on the very same day, the one hundred most important Americans will die. Some of them will be poisoned, some crushed under falling rocks, some in 'unavoidable' automobile accidents. The sooner these American exploiters, these bloodsuckers of the poor are liquidated, the better.

Russian General Sascha Korotkov, as quoted by B. Moris in his book, My Ten Years as a Counterspy.

We Communist Party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern history ... the enemy must be wiped out from the face of the earth before a Communist world can be realized.

Nelson Mandela, during his 1962 trial for terrorism. Quoted in The Wanderer, July 1, 1990, page 6.

The whole system we live under is completely worthless, and no basic change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown.

Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Quoted in the Revolutionary Communist Party Worker, July 10, 1989, page 2.

Central and South American Slaughter. 

It is an interesting exercise to examine the reactions of Neoliberals to the violence occurring in Central and South America.

Ben Linder, a Portland, Oregon engineer, was allegedly murdered by U.S.-backed Contras in Nicaragua in 1987 while working on a hydroelectric project for a poor village. The resulting uproar among the Leftists was deafening and stretched from coast to coast. Each year, Linder's birthday and 'execution day' are commemorated by dozens of groups, and each year, a 'Ben Linder Brigade' (more like a squad, actually) returns to Nicaragua to continue his work. Linder's parents now work full-time raising money for this cause and generally criticize loudly everything the United States government does.

Now let's examine the reaction of the same people to the atrocities committed by Peru's Maoist Sendero Luminoso, or "Shining Path" guerrillas.

In order to intimidate the populace, Shining Path death squads have slaughtered thousands of the same innocent villagers they claim to be 'protecting.' Their victims include more than two hundred grassroots leaders who were trying to help the poor develop an infrastructure just as Ben Linder was.

Sendero believes that the Khmer Rouge were on the right track as they slaughtered millions of Cambodians in their drive to "create a more perfect society." They rail against public elections, labeling them "parliamentary cretinism," and consider themselves to be the only fit rulers of the nation.[43]

One of the Sendero's most recent victims was Maria Elena Moyano Delgado (known as Madre Coraje, or "Mother Courage"), who had worked among the poor for years in Villa el Salvador, one of the shantytowns surrounding Lima.

She was conducting a children's fundraiser on February 15, 1992, when a Shining Path death squad broke into the building. In front of a hundred screaming children, they shot her in the back, and then destroyed her body via their usual method; by stuffing dynamite sticks into the mouth, anus, and vagina, and then blowing up the corpse, scattering blood and body organs all over the children.[44]

Not a word of protest against this horror was uttered by any Leftist publication in the United States. The only reporting on Delgado's death was done in America's conservative and religious press.

Some Shining Path terrorists were imprisoned in a maximum-security facility, where they rioted. Troops and guards put down the violent uprising, killing many of the terrorists in the process. American Communist organizations, who have ardently supported the Maoists all along, immediately condemned this attack. In fact, they commemorate an earlier murderous uprising of the Maoists as the "Day of Heroism."[45]

Presumably the Communists also believe that it is "heroism" to slaughter helpless children and unresisting women and priests.

After the leader of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman, was captured, American Communists went ballistic. They created an "international committee" to free the mass murderer, and open letters were splashed on full-page ads on the major American Communist propaganda newspapers.

One example was the full-page demand on the back page of the January 31, 1993 Revolutionary Worker ("Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA"). The obligatory slogan-filled tirade was signed by more than a hundred radicals, including former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark; the "Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru," from (where else?) Berkeley; Jan Kirsch, board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility; Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer William Kunstler, and, inevitably, everyone's favorite baldheaded female trash artist, Sinead O'Connor.

This is entirely typical. The Shining Path can slaughter thousands of innocent unarmed people, and there is silence on behalf of the victims; but when one American (who was armed with an automatic weapon, by the way) is killed in a firefight, all Hell immediately breaks loose.

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