Canonical Recourse to Ecclesiastical Authority

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Canonical Recourse to Ecclesiastical Authority


The Saint Joseph Foundation is an association of the Christian faithful established under canon 215 of the Code of Canon Law, and a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the United States. The Foundation has been ruled tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation’s primary purpose is to assist faithful Catholics in using the means established by the Church (the system of canon law) to obtain remedies for violations of their rights within the Church. By faithful Catholics, we mean those that embrace and conscientiously follow the teachings and laws of the Catholic Church.


"The Saint Joseph Foundation began in 1982 as a small group of lay Catholics in San Antonio under the name of Fidelity Forum of Texas. Informing the faithful and assisting them to protect their rights under canon law soon became our primary purpose and Fidelity Forum became the Saint Joseph Foundation on November 1, 1984. Its first office was the founders' laundry room."

"Over thirty years later, the Saint Joseph Foundation continues to grow and now operates out of a large farmhouse in eastern Ohio with a full-time staff dedicated to the Church and the protection of her people."

Mission and Work: To Defend Catholic Truth and Uphold Catholic Rights

" We strive to assist the faithful in a courteous, professional manner in their relationship to the Church. We accept a variety of cases, including liturgical abuse, marriage, sacrament denial, education, Catholic non-profits, and associations. As a non-profit, we provide all services free of charge, operating on donations."

If you have a concern or question, or would like to donate, please fill out the linked contact form.

Contact Info.

The St. Joseph Foundation
85882 Water Works Rd.
Hopedale, OH  43976
TEL: (740) 937-2054
FAX: (866) 257-6883

The Foundation's newsletter "Cristifidelis" is available for free by registering on the website:

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