Control of the Future Through Control of the Schools

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

The right to abortion will be guaranteed ... As far as the policytoward the family, it will be recognized for what it is:not some holy orsacred institution to be preserved for all time ... not only will thefamily be a secondary form for determining children's upbringing, but itsinfluence in promoting conservatism among its members, especially the womenand children, will be actively combatted.While the parents will stillhave significant responsibility for their children, this does not mean theyare "theirs," and there will be struggle to prevent parents from imposingold values, and conservative, non-revolutionary thinking generally on thechildren.

                                    Revolutionary Communist Party's New Programme, page 78.[1]

The Humanist Mission of Our Schools.

I think the most important factor leading us to a secular society hasbeen the educational factor.Our schools may not teach Johnny to readproperly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is 16 tends tolead toward the elimination of religious superstition.The average childnow acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam andEve and all other myths of alleged history.

                                                                                Humanist writer Paul Blanshard.[2]

Extending State Control.  

Humanists know that the future of ourcountry rests with our children.Therefore, in order to control the futureof our country, they must control the minds of our children.And theeasiest way to control our children is to control the schools.

Radical left-wing writers, including Alexander Cockburn and JamesRidgeway, incessantly rail against parental "interference" in schools,because, as they openly acknowledge, "The Left can't survive politicallywithout a public school system to spread leftist attitudes."[3]

Now that they have virtually absolute control over the schools, theHumanists would like to guarantee the success of their agenda by extendingtheir pervasive control to the home.This is why they are so fanaticallyopposed to any type of home schooling.They say that they care abouthomeschooled children and worry about how they may be falling behindacademically.

This is utter nonsense; homeschoolers have always excelled inacademics and have always far outstripped their public-school educatedpeers, primarily because they have the personal attention of their parents.

The real reason the Humanists oppose home schooling is because it isa direct challenge to their system of absolute authority and control.Theyknow that children who are homeschooled will grow up to challenge theHumanist agenda.And the Humanists, as we all know, despise dealing withopposing voices and viewpoints, because they hinder the headlong rush tothe Utopian society.

As always, the Humanists use the United States court system to advancethe various points of their agenda, because they know that the Americanpeople and their state legislatures generally have the common sense toreject their silly proposals.The Humanists have achieved contraception,abortion, homosexual equality, divorce, and even the banning of religionfrom public life and always through the courts.

As an example of this trend that is germane to homeschooling, UnitedStates Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, in the decision Wisconsin v. Yoder, stated twenty years ago that parents really may not have theright to impose their "narrow" religious views upon their children.

The implications of this 'principle,' fully embraced by the Humanists,are truly frightening.

The Glittering Bait.  

Curiously, the means by which the Humanists haveachieved absolute control over our children is by offering them absolute freedom.Children desire and need discipline, but they even morestrongly yearn for freedom.This is due to the fallen nature that allhuman beings share.They are thus strongly attracted by any philosophythat emphasizes their power to overcome man-made limits on their behavior.

This chapter describes some of the "bait" used to lure our children toabsolute freedom, including "situational ethics" and the various sexeducation curricula offered in our schools today.

However, it is very interesting indeed to first take a glimpse at theultimate goals of the Humanists.

The Ultimate Goals for Your Children.

When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," Icalmly say, "Your child belongs to us already ..."

                                                                                                        Adolf Hitler.[4]

"Kiddie Lib."  

The ultimate goal of the so-called "Children'sLiberation Movement" is to make all children, no matter how young,completely autonomous.

This means that all parental authority must be eliminated, because the"Children's Liberationists" believe that any parental control no matterhow necessary or minor in nature infringes upon the rights of the child.

The Motive.  

Why do the Humanists want to eliminate parental control?Why, so they can control the children themselves, of course.The"Kiddie Lib" activists who push such nonsense realize that, when childrenhave more freedom to make their own decisions, they are much morevulnerable to falling under the control of well-organized outside sourcessuch as the public school system and even pedophiles.

David Thorstad of the pervert organization North American Man-Boy LoveAssociation (NAMBLA) wants to have sex with underage boys.So he claimsthat he is fighting for "... the rights of children to control their ownbodies."[5]Of course, what he really means is that he is fighting for his right to control children's bodies, just as men who support abortionare fighting for their right to control women's bodies.

In other words, the "Children's Liberationists" do not really desire freedom for children they merely want to transfer control from parentsto themselves, so that they can more efficiently inculcate the childrenwith their values.

The Demands.  

Figure 12-1 outlines two sets of typical "Kiddie Lib"demands.Predictably, these demands were written by adults, with littleor no input from the children they allegedly represent.



1.THE RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION.Children should have the right todecide the matters which affect them most directly.

2.THE RIGHT TO ALTERNATIVE HOME ENVIRONMENTS.Self-determining childrenshould be able to choose from among a variety of arrangements:residencesoperated by children, child exchange programs, 24-hour child-care centers,and various kinds of schools and employment opportunities.Parents are notalways good for their children ...

3.THE RIGHT TO RESPONSIVE DESIGN.Society must accommodate itself tochildren's size and to their need for safe space.To keep them in theirplace, we now force children to cope with a world that is either not builtto fit them, or is actually designed against them.

4.THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION.A child must have the right to allinformation ordinarily available to adults including, and perhapsespecially, information that makes adults uncomfortable.

5.THE RIGHT TO EDUCATE ONESELF.Children should be free to design theirown education, choosing from among many options the kinds of learningexperiences they want, including the option not to attend any kind ofschool.Compulsory education must be abolished because the enforcedthreatening quality of education in America has taught children to hateschool, to hate the subject matter, and, tragically, to hate themselves.

6.THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM FROM PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT.Corporal punishment isused impulsively and cruelly in the home, arbitrarily in the schools, andsadistically in penal institutions.

7.THE RIGHT TO SEXUAL FREEDOM.Children should have the right to conducttheir sexual lives with no more restrictions than adults.Sexual freedomfor children must include the right to information about sex, the right tononsexist education, and the right to all sexual activities that are legalamong consenting adults.

8.THE RIGHT TO ECONOMIC POWER.Children should have the right to work,to acquire and manage money, to receive equal pay for equal work, to choosetrade apprenticeship as an alternative to school, to gain promotions toleadership positions, to own property, to develop a credit record, to enterinto binding contracts, to engage in enterprise, to obtain guaranteedsupport apart from the family, to achieve financial independence.

9.THE RIGHT TO POLITICAL POWER.Children should have the vote and beincluded in the decision-making process.To become a constituency theymust have the right to vote.

10.THE RIGHT TO JUSTICE.Children must have the guarantee of a fairtrial with due process of law, an advocate to protect their rights againstthe parents as well as the system, and a uniform standard of detention.


"We must liberate ourselves from the death trip of corporate America."
1.We want the power to determine our own destiny.
2.We want the immediate end of adult chauvinism.
3.We want full civil and human rights.
4.We want the right to form our education according to our needs.
5.We want the freedom to form into communal families.
6.We want the end of male chauvinism and sexism.
7.We want the opportunity to create an authentic culture withinstitutions of
    our own making.
8.We want sexual self-determination.We believe all people must havethe 
    unhindered right to be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, ortranssexual.
9.We want the end of class antagonism among young people.
10.We want the end of racism and colonialism in the United States and the
11.We want freedom for all unjustly imprisoned people.
12.We want the right to be economically independent of adults.
13.We want the right to live in harmony with nature.
14.We want to rehumanize existence.
15.We want to develop communication and solidarity with the young people
      of the world in our common struggle for freedom and peace.

"A Child's Bill of Rights" was authored by Richard Farson andwas printed in the March 1974 issue of Ms. Magazine."Youth LiberationProgram List of Wants" is in the International Year of the Child (IYC) — endorsed book The Children's Rights Movement, pages 329 to 333, andauthored by the Youth Liberation Group of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Notice that these demands reflect the desires of various radicalspecial-interest groups; the "Kiddie Libbers" demand that children beallowed to be exploited by low wages; by pedophiles; by homosexuals; bystarvation and incompetence; and, in short, that children be free to beused by any adult or group of adults who can gain control of them.

It is obvious to every father and mother that children need theirparents to defend them against the perversions and the perverts of theworld including those who wrote the lists of demands shown in Figure 12- 1 (curiously, the "Kiddie Libbers" who wrote these demands are unmarriedand childless).These demands, if fulfilled, are nothing less than aprescription for absolute social anarchy and eventual destruction of ourchildren.

It is interesting that the United Nations supported such resolutionsduring the International Year of the Child (IYC) in 1976 through UNICEF(the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund).

The New Curriculum.

The future of any nation lies with its youth.So corrupt them; sincereligion teaches moral virtue, erode the churches and divert the young fromreligion.Make them interested only in themselves.Get them involved indrugs, alcohol, and sex.Get them addicted to privileges and rights.

                                                                      Vladimir Lenin's "Rule for Revolution" #1.

"Reading, writing and arithmetic" no longer figure prominently intoday's exotic public school curricula.Children who attend public school will be compelled to learn the following;

•that homosexuality is a perfectly acceptable alternative lifestyle;
•that abortion is a matter to be decided not by the church or by thestate,
   but solely by a woman and her physician;
•that Communism is merely another economic system that is inherently
   superior to Capitalism in many ways, and which must ultimately prevail;
•that the Christian religion has absolutely no place in education,although
   "New Age" and various African and Eastern religious practicesabound;
•that there are absolutely no concrete ethical or moral rules, and thatall
   problems must be considered on a case-by-case basis (the insidiousethical
   relativism or "situational ethics");
•that there is really no good or evil, and that the concept of "sin" is
•and that, above all else, the highest of all virtues are compassion and

And the children are exposed to the following;

•'lifeboat exercises,' where children are forced to conclude that somelife is 
   worth living, and some life is not;
•secret psychological counseling where parental authority is ruthlessly  
•totally amoral comprehensive sex education classes, where chastity iseither
   ignored or ridiculed as "outmoded and quaint," and where all mannerof 
   birth control devices will be demonstrated in lurid and lingeringdetail;
•'death education,' where children may be forced to write suicide notes,
   visit mortuaries, and lie in coffins;
•a school environment literally saturated with gangs, weapons, anddrugs; 
•an overall nihilistic atmosphere that shows the child that life isreally not 
   worth living, except for the moment.

Value-Free Nonprinciples.

We continue to clamor for those very qualities that we are renderingimpossible.We make men without chests and expect of them virtue andenterprise.We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in ourmidst.We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

                                                                              C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man.

Inventing the Beast.  

In 1968 and 1969, the first formal "value-free"curriculum was formulated by the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute inLa Jolla, California.This effort, which was funded by the R.J. ReynoldsTobacco Company, took the historic step of replacing the standard uponwhich personal decisionmaking was based.The original standard was human reason; the new standard was human feelings.

Root of the Principle.The fundamental underlying concept of this new"value-free" curriculum was moral relativism, or "situational ethics."

This philosophy asserts that the only rule that is absolute is thatthere are really no rules that are absolute not even laws againstmurder.The moral relativists argue that every rule has exceptions, andthat people must be free to judge whether or not society's rules apply tothem in various situations.

So far, so good.Virtually every rule does indeed have itsexceptions.And, of course, people must occasionally judge whether or notthese rules apply to them.

But such decisions are properly made only in the context of the mostextreme or very unusual situations.Such decisions generally occur whenone must commit one evil in order to prevent or ameliorate a greater evil.Examples would be to trespass on private property in order to save lives,to destroy property in order to save property of much greater value, oreven to kill a person in order to save a number of persons, as in a hostagesituation.

Shifting the Focus.  

But the situational ethicists have extended thisprinciple which ordinary people might encounter once in an entirelifetime to everyday living.They have also shifted the focus of thebeneficiary from society in general to the individual in particular.

In other words, if a person simply has the opinion that he can derivemore personal benefit from a possession than someone else, then nobody canreally tell him that it is wrong to steal the object in question.If aperson feels that the United States is embarking upon a mission ofcapitalist imperialism, he can feel perfectly justified in avoiding thedraft by taking off to Canada.If he believes that clearcutting a forestwill degrade the environment, he may feel that destruction of loggingequipment ("ecotage") is the answer.If a preborn child interferes with arelationship, even in the most trivial manner, it immediately becomesexpendable.

The situational ethicists usually contradict themselves by producing alaundry list of exceptions to their exceptions to the rules.In short, allrules may be broken except the rules that they say cannot be broken, suchas laws and ordinances against racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Doin' Bad and Feelin' Good.  

Therefore, it is obvious that we arebrought right back to the only possible conclusion; that "situationalethics" courses are simply another fancy tool used by Humanists to controland indoctrinate our children.

Our kids do not object to this covert manipulation, because one sub- objective of Humanistic teaching is to make them feel good aboutthemselves.And, of course, good little students who are keptpsychologically numbed and sated with sex, drugs, freedom, and everythingelse they could possibly want are not likely to rebel against theHumanistic system.Even as kids spout meaningless drivel about personalfreedom and independence, they are becoming imbedded in the Humanist systemas surely as a fly caught in a spiderweb will soon become part of thespider.

The effects of this brainwashing became evident as the result of astudy performed with 100 seventh-graders from six countries in 1989.Thesestudents took a rigorous mathematics test and were then asked how theythought they performed against seventh-graders from the five othercountries.

The Korean children performed exceptionally well on the mathematicstest, followed by the Spanish, British, Irish, and Canadian children inthat order.Students from the United States finished dead last, far behindeven the Canadians.[6]

However, when the children were asked if they considered themselves tobe good at mathematics, the Koreans came in last (23% answering yes) andthe Americans first (68% answering yes).This meant that the children fromthe United States had an inverted sense of reality regarding their ownperformance.

In other words, children from the United States are failing abysmallyin academics while they are being indoctrinated into not caring that theyare failing.All that matters is that they feel good about themselves.

The implications for our national and international policies arestaggering.

Move Over, Frankenstein!Psychology professor Dr. W.R. Coulson helpeddesign the first situational ethics curriculum, but scrapped the program asunworkable and harmful.Nevertheless, the Reynolds Company resolutelytested the new curriculum in a college, two high schools, and 57 elementaryschools operated by the Immaculate Heart order of Catholic nuns.

Laboring under this poisonous and demotivating system, the entireschool system eventually collapsed.However, the R.J. Reynolds TobaccoCompany and the Tobacco Institute carried on and sponsored such refined"value-free" programs as "Helping Youth Decide" and Quest International'saffective learning programs in all fifty states.Other similar programsinclude "Here's Looking at You," "Me-ology," "Project Charlie," "DECIDE,"and "Ombudsman," most of which are heavily funded by the tobaccoindustry.[7]

The Bottom Line.  

The Surgeon General of the United States hasstressed that the health of the tobacco industry depends on getting kids toexperiment with smoking (this is undoubtedly the motivation behind the R.J.Reynolds Company's funding of the experimental curriculum in the firstplace).Children follow affective, value-free education, and hundreds ofstudies have shown that they are more likely to experiment with cigarettes,drugs, and sex after such programs.

Children are not told that such behaviors are wrong; they are toldsimply that they have free choice and that they are "running the risks ofpersonal growth."Of course kids are going to like this kind of message,because it appeals to their adventuresome spirits!

Speaking of the effects of his "value-free" school curriculum, Dr.Coulson concluded; "So it turns out to be a deadly scheme we hatched those20 years ago."[7]

National Education Association:
Humanist Stooges.

As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism,education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results.As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the childwith extreme nationalism.The school should therefore use the meansdescribed earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism ...

                                                         UNESCO's Towards World Understanding.[8]

Humanist Army.  

The National Education Association (NEA) is theteacher's trade union, and it aggressively embraces the entire Humanistagenda.Although most NEA members are blissfully unaware of their union'sfar-left stance, the NEA is, quite literally, the Humanist cadre in theschools.

In order to accomplish their objectives, as listed in Figure 12-2, theNEA must have complete control of the public school environment.


• NEA Objective:to gain complete control over the school libraries, so thatit may reserve to itself the exclusive right to determine exactly what willbe and will not be in public school libraries.Input from parents,citizens, or taxpayers will be strictly banned (page 156);

• NEA Objective:to vigorously oppose tuition tax credits and homeschooling,because they would decrease the NEA's total control of the public schoolenvironment (page 139);

• NEA Objective:to completely ban Creationism from the schools (page 156);

• NEA Objective:to support a total freeze on nuclear weapons and supportmandatory graphic classes on the effects of nuclear war (page 165);

• NEA Objective:since it is constantly at the Federal trough, the NEAopposes a balanced-budget Constitutional amendment (page 139);

• NEA Objective:to demand that the United States get "out of Nicaragua"(page 144);

• NEA Objective:to emplace permissive sex education, school-based clinics,and mandatory AIDS education (page 150);

•  NEA Objective:to insure that abortion on demand remains the law of theland (page 138);

• NEA Objective:to support equal armed forces drafting of men and women(page 140); and

• NEA Objective:to include 'homosexual orientation' as a protected civilrights category (page 163).

                                                    National Education Association. Today's Education.

It is interesting to note that the NEA has always strongly supportedthe slaughter of preborn babies.At its July 1978 annual national meeting,the NEA adopted the following resolution; "The [National Education]Association supports the United States Supreme Court decisions thatguarantee reproductive freedom to all women.The Association urges allbranches of federal, state and local governments to give high priority tocomplying with these Supreme Court decisions and to making available allmethods of family planning to women unable to take advantage of privatefacilities."[9]

Perhaps parents should ask themselves what possible concern teachersshould have with such a topic, especially since the NEA relentlessly pushesschool-based clinics and, in fact, any philosophy that will further drivewedges between parents and their children.

NEA members who are sick and tired of their organization's illogicalpro-death attitude may wish to join the pro-life teacher's group;

Teachers Saving Children
Post Office Box 55103
Trenton, New Jersey 08638
Telephone:(609) 298-4843
(information packet available).

School Is Hell.  

In the midst of the academic and ethical sewercreated by the NEA and other Humanists, your sons and daughters will be sopoorly educated in the standard curriculum (in particular math and science)that they will scarcely be able to function in our technological society.Religion is totally banned and censored in the schools, and even itspivotal role in American culture has been stricken from all historytexts by atheistic "history committees."

The National Education Association has caused the typical Americanclassroom to become a mind-destroying holding tank populated by unmotivatedand uncaring students who, for the large part, are taught by teachers whosee them all as potential juvenile delinquents who must be kept off thestreets until they are at least 18 years old.

The attitude of the NEA, of course, profoundly influences ourchildren's future.Consider the appalling fact that an average Americanchild spends ten hours in school and ten hours in front of a television setfor every hour spent with his or her parents!All Christian parents knowthat our television programming is blatantly pro-abortion and pro- homosexual; it is saturated with sex and violence, and it ridiculestraditional values and morality and the Christian lifestyle relentlessly.

For a detailed explanation of this phenomenon and many concreteexamples, refer to Chapters 124 to 127 in Volume III, "Media Biases."

Perhaps it is fitting that the most accurate representation of thepublic school environment has been published not by a learned committee norby a distinguished government think-tank, but by a cartoonist.

Matt Groening's cartoon book School is Hell is intended to be funny,but it describes the prevailing public school situation with frighteningaccuracy and clarity.The book is somewhat obscene, but is neverthelessrecommended to parents who are thinking about homeschooling their children.

Groening is continuing his scathing but woefully accurate depiction ofthe school environment in his wildly successful television series, "TheSimpsons."Unfortunately, he is also slandering the family in his strainedpursuit of humor.

Bart Says:"Forget the PTA, Dudes!"Some Christian parents put theirtrust in the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).They believe that thisorganization gives them influence with the school system.

This belief could not be further from the truth.The PTA has twopurposes:(1) to effectively "soak up" and absorb the force of anyparental objections to public school programs, and (2) to make parentsbelieve that they are having an impact when in reality they are not.

The PTA supports contraception in the schools (school sex clinics) andabortion on demand, and opposes any sort of school-choice program,including home schooling.In general, the PTA agrees with the entiremotley left-wing agenda embraced by the National Education Association.This means that they also oppose any parental involvement in publiceducation.

As one example, in 1989 the California PTA strenuously opposedlegislation that would have required parents to approve of the sexeducation program their children participated in.

Evidence of these attitudes may be obtained from the National PTAitself, at 700 North Rush Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611-2571.

You can order the typical booklets described below;[10]

•"PTA Guide to Extremism," which automatically labels any Christianactivist 
   groups (including pro-lifers) as "extremists;" and
•"How to Talk to Your Child About Sex," which embraces abortion and
   contraception and refers questions to Planned Parenthood, the Sex
   Educationand Information Council of the United States (SIECUS), and
   masturbationguru Sol Gordon.

The National Council for Better Education is a grassroots organizationdedicated to promoting the traditional open relationship between schoolboards and parents, and is vastly preferable to the secretive andmanipulative PTA.Its address and telephone number are listed below.

National Council for Better Education
717 Second Street NE, Suite 311
Washington, DC 20002
Telephone:(202) 547-0645.

The Critical Role of Humanist Censorship.

Always preach true democracy, but seize power as completely andruthlessly as possible.Vigorously censor viewpoints that conflict withours.

                                                                     Vladimir Lenin's "Rule for Revolution" #5.

The Ripest Field.  

As should be expected, the ripest field forNeoliberal indoctrination is our public schools.While loudly decrying'censorship by the right wing,' Neoliberals carry on a massive andpervasive program of history revisionism in the schools that consists oftwo primary tactics:Outright censorship and the subtle manipulation offacts.

Among other groups, People for the (Un)American Way (PAW) and theNational Education Association (NEA) are rigidly committed to the pervasiveHumanist double standard, and so they never mention any incident ofcensorship directed against Christian values including the most blatantcensorship of all, the total banning of the Bible from every public schoolin the country.


History has repeatedly shown us that nobody practicescensorship as thoroughly or as ruthlessly as those organizations that paintthemselves as champions of free speech.They fawningly claim that "We maynot agree with what you say, but we'd die for your right to say it."

When somebody tells you this, you can be certain that they are doingall they can to suppress your viewpoint while you aren't looking sowatch your back!

Self-appointed watchdog groups like the American Civil LibertiesUnion, the National Coalition Against Censorship, and People for theAmerican Way squawk endlessly when a conservative objects to anypornographic or anti-Christian material in the schools.However, thesesame organizations are simultaneously and hypocritically insuring thatreligion and morals are aggressively banned from the schools.The ACLU andPAW instantly file lawsuits against any perceived violation of the Humanistkingdom in the schools, no matter how trivial.

Norman Lear, head of PAW and a fallen-away Jew, denounces the"Fundamentalist Christianizing of America," while failing to realize thatthe basis for Christian-motivated societal change is rooted in Leviticusand Genesis, whose principles emanate from the Jewish Chumash.

Alleged Christian Censorship.  

Naturally, these self-proclaimed "anti- censorship" groups want to cover up their activities.So they use thepsychological principle of transference by projecting their undesirablecharacteristics onto their opponents (for more detailed information on thetransference principle, see Chapter 13).

These "anti-censorship groups" attempt to whip up a public frenzy ofindignation by giving the impression that Bible-beating fundamentalistparents are banging on the doors of the schools and trying to ban everybook that does not precisely mirror their "narrow morality."However, itis interesting to see just what kind of material has been the target ofsuch so-called "censorship."

Generally speaking, Christians object to books that are thinly-veiledattempts to inculcate students with a utilitarian "anything goes" attitudetowards living, such as;[11]

•Wardell Pomeroy's Boys and Sex, in which the author states that "Ihave known cases of farmboys who have had a loving sexual relationship witha farm animal and who felt good about their behavior;"

•The poetry book Male and Female Under 18, which includes the poem"The City To a Young Girl."This poem begins with the lines "The city isone million horny, lip-smacking men screaming for my body," anddeteriorates from there;

•Studs Terkel's Working, which describes in graphic detail the careerof a prostitute and the various perverted sex acts she performs;

Soul On Ice, whose primary thesis is that all White women areconsumed by lust for Black men;

•The Los Angeles grade-school reading series "Impressions," whichfeatures monsters biting children's heads off and Indian chiefs who urgechildren to cut their sibling's and parent's hearts out while they aresleeping; and

•Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear, a lengthy Neanderthal-era storyabout the physically impossible exploits of the 'first feminist,' who issexually initiated by repeated brutal rape.

Judith Blume, Director of the Juvenile Division of the AmericanLibrary Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom, recommends JudyBlume's books for children as young as nine years old because of "... herrealistic portrayals of young people's problems."

An example of this realism can be found in Judy Blume's book Deenie,which portrays a girl in her early teens:"As soon as I got into bed, Istarted touching myself.I have this special place, and when I rub it, Iget a very nice feeling.I don't know what it's called or if anyone elsehas it, but when I have trouble falling asleep, touching my special placehelps a lot ..."

When the mother of a ten-year old girl in Rohnert Park, Californiacomplained about this book, the principal told her that he had ordered hissecretary to examine it for references to God.

She found none, and so it was approved![12]

The Humanist Reaction.  

Because of such objections, the badly-misnamedPeople for the American Way (PAW) maintains a running list of "censorshipefforts" in the United States.This list is published annually with theself-serving title Attacks on the Freedom to Learn.[3]This list, ofcourse, only includes conservative attempts at censorship, which supposedlyviolate the principle of 'pluralism.'

Apparently, this list did not gain wide enough circulation, so the NEAand the American Library Association, supported by People for the AmericanWay, recently sponsored a traveling exhibit entitled "Censorship andLibraries," which organized presentations all over the country for twoyears.Needless to say, this exhibit emphasized and decried the"heavyhanded tactics" of "right-wing, Bible-thumping religious fanatics"who "want to cram their values down your throat!"

This absurd, values-free project was funded by your tax dollarsthrough a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

In other words, we conservatives are paying for the privilege of beingslandered and censored.

Ain't America great?

Humanist Censorship.  

People for the American Way and the NationalEducation Association are rigidly committed to the pervasive Humanistdouble standard, and so they never mention any incident of censorshipdirected against Christian values including the most blatant censorshipof all, the total banning of the Bible from every public school in thecountry.

If a conservative parent is conscious of the situation in the publicschools, he or she will be frantic about the value-free pabulum beingdished out under the guise of "education."Our children are beingsubjected to a propaganda campaign that would break the strongest adult.But an effective propaganda or indoctrination campaign always has twocomponents; the presentation of one view, and the suppression of opposingviews.

As they make grand speeches about freedom of expression, Humanistsconsistently censor any viewpoint that they do not subscribe to, and suchexamples are too numerous even to count.This censorship becomes bolderand bolder as each successive Humanist social goal (i.e., abortion and "gayrights") is achieved.Any opposition is immediately painted by theformidable media machine as a "terrifying and unacceptable breach of thewall of separation between church and state."

A very few of the most blatant examples of Humanist censorship aredescribed below.

Religionists Need Not Apply.  

The best-known example of Humanistcensorship, of course, is the total banning of the Bible from publicschools.Not only is the Bible banned because of its religious nature, butit cannot even be examined in its historical or literary context!

New York University psychologist Paul Vitz performed a comprehensivestudy of the left-wing bias in textbooks for the National Institute ofEducation, and concluded that "Religion, traditional family values, andconservative political and economic positions have been reliably excludedfrom children's textbooks."[13]

The Buffalo, New York McKinley High School would not permit a Biblestudy after hours in an empty classroom, but eagerly accommodated aDungeons and Dragons group that focused on the occult.In fact, the schooldistrict filed a lawsuit against three students merely for seeking permission to study the Bible in the schools![14]

After the United States Supreme Court ruled in June 1990 that publicschools must admit Bible study clubs, Edd Doerr of the comically-misnamed"Americans for Religious Liberty" (he also happens to be on the board ofthe American Humanist Association) sniveled that "We can expect schoolBible clubs to bring in adult missionaries to proselytize students as youngas 11 or 12 without parental consent; divisiveness as students self-selectinto sectarian clubs on school premises; disappearance of traditionalextracurricular activities; disruption of schools by such groups as the KuKlux Klan, neo-Nazis, and anti-women's right clubs."[15]

The Slant is Leftish.  

The Humanists relentlessly exclude from theschools those books that unfavorably comment on the Humanist/Neofeministway of life.Such works include George Gilder's Sexual Suicide (1985)and Men and Marriage (1986) and Nicholas Davidson's The Failure of Feminism (Prometheus, 1988).

"Inclusive language" is a powerful weapon being used by Neoliberals toinsure that the accomplishments of women and minorities aredisproportionately represented in history textbooks.For example,California law mandates that school texts not simply exclude "adverseportrayals" of any group, but must include "equal portrayal" of women,minorities, and the handicapped.The law states that "Texts on history orcurrent events, or achievements in art, science, or any other field, thecontributions of women and men should be represented in approximately equalnumbers."[6]

This ridiculous ruling hobbles and distorts the teaching of historybeyond recognition in many instances.For example, any teacher whodescribes the Bill of Rights is blatantly violating "inclusive language"laws, because women, minorities, and the handicapped did not participate inthe formulation of the first ten Amendments to the United StatesConstitution.

A Matter of Degree.  

If the teachers have anti-Christian attitudes, itis inevitable that they will pass them on to their students.How has thisbenefitted our children?What benefits have two decades of humanisticeducation bestowed upon our children?

It is interesting to compare the environment in public schools todaywith that of 25 years ago by listing those problems considered most seriousby public school teachers then and now, as shown below.


1940                                                  1990

Truancy                                              Teenage pregnancy
Tardiness                                             Drug addiction
Clandestine smoking                            Alcoholism
Dress code violations                          Concealed weapons
Talking in class                                   Assault on teachers
Chewing gum                                     Teenage suicide
Making noise                                      Rape
Running in halls                                    Robbery
Getting out of turn                               Arson
Littering                                            Vandalism
                                                          Venereal diseases

References:Suzanne M. Rini."Disorder and Early Sorrow:Sex Educationas Moral Seduction." Fidelity Magazine, April 1989, page 38.Also seeDavid Brooks."Forget the Fire Just Keep Teaching!" National Review,December 13, 1985, pages 24 to 29.

Religion:Terra Incognita in Today's Textbooks.

Researchers funded by the National Institute of Education examinedsixty standard social studies textbooks used by the majority of children ingrades one through twelve in public schools.

The conclusion of the study was dramatic:it found that religion,traditional family values, and conservative positions on virtually everyissue have been completely censored from the curriculum of all publicschool students.[13]

•not a single word of the more than 1.5 million total words in thesixty volumes referred to any religious activity in contemporary Americanlife.
•the words "marriage," "wedding," "husband," and "wife" did not appear once in any of the sixty textbooks.No text even suggested that being awife, mother, or homemaker was a worthy occupation in any way.No storygave any significance to children or babies.However, there were plenty ofexamples of aggressively Humanist/Neofeminist stories that derided andbelittled traditionally male-oriented roles.
•of the 23 "role models" held up as examples to modern youths by thesixty texts, only one was a conservative.The only role models who werenot Democrats were women.Not a single contemporary role model was a whitemale.There was not a word about the experiences and influence on societyof a prominent preacher or clergyman, including Billy Graham, TerenceCardinal Cooke, and Norman Vincent Peale.

Sex Education:Bait for Destruction.

A feminist is an evolutionary anachronism, a Darwinian blind alley.In biological terms, there is nothing that identifies a maladaptive patternso quickly as a below-replacement level of reproduction; an immediateconsequence of feminism is what appears to be an irreversible decline inthe birth-rate.Nations pursue feminist policies at their peril.

                                                                                                  Katarina Runske.[16]

A Formidable Weapon.  

There is one sensitive area in which the entireconsiderable might of the public school system is most directly arrayed to attack and destroy Christian values in children.

This area is sex education.

Most Christian objections are raised in response to various permissivesex education materials that are used by our school systems.The Humanistsknow that the easiest way to win the loyalty of children is to danglebefore them the fruit of absolute freedom, and nowhere is the adolescentdrive for freedom more powerful than in sexual matters.Even more thansmoking, drinking, using drugs or driving a car, having sex is the mostvivid and treasured "proof" that an adolescent has grown up.

The Contrasts.  

While Christianity emphasizes chastity before marriageand faithfulness to spouse afterward, public schools laugh at God and tellour kids that contraception, abortion, fornication, adultery, and even sexwith animals is value-free and therefore involves fundamental human rightsthat cannot be tampered with or interfered with especially by parents.Where Christianity teaches the necessary skill of self-control, theHumanists dangle the tempting vision of complete freedom in front of ourchildren.

The following paragraphs describe the contents of some of the mostcommon sex education books and curricula used by public schools today.Please recognize that all of them emphasize the "rights" to birthcontrol, abortion, free sex, adultery, and even sex with animals; in otherwords, they are all irretrievably objectionable throughout.The quotesgiven below are typical of their entire contents.

Guide For Young Adults.  

Dr. Patricia Shiller, founder of the AmericanAssociation of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), saysthat Gary F. Kelly's Learning About Sex: The Contemporary Guide for Young Adults is "... a must for all young people."It includes the followingstatements; "Sado-masochism may be very acceptable and safe for sexualpartners who know each other's needs and have established agreements forwhat they want from each other ... Some people are now saying thatpartnerships married or unmarried should not be exclusive.Theybelieve that while a primary relationship is maintained with one person,the freedom for both partners to love and share sex with others should alsobe present."[17]

Changing Bodies.

Changing Bodies, Changing Lives: A Book for Teens on Sex and Relationships is probably the most popular sex educationtextbook in the country today and has been in use in thousands of highschools since it was published more than a decade ago.Among many otheratrocities, the author asserts that "Bisexuality is an openness to loving,sexual relationships with both sexes ... our true nature ... Gay men, too,have many ways of making love.One may caress the other's . . ."[18]

Boys and Girls and Sex.  

Planned Parenthood veteran Wardell Pomeroy'scompanion books Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex are so extreme that theyare the most popular "example target" used by Christians when opposingpermissive school sex education programs.These texts say that "Premaritalintercourse does have its definite values as a training ground for marriageor some other committed relationship ... to make everyday comparisonsagain, it's like taking a car out for a test run before you buy it ... Ihave known cases of farm boys who have had a loving sexual relationshipwith an animal and who felt good about their behavior until they got tocollege, where they learned for the first time that what they had done was'abnormal.'Then they were upset."[19]

Enhancing Skills.  

The extremely popular (and misleadingly-named) sexeducation program entitled Enhancing Skills to Prevent Pregnancy demonstrates how teachers can break down their student's inhibitions byusing the formidable weapon of peer pressure; "Some teachers are able tocombine humor with demonstration by bringing cucumbers or zucchini to classand showing how to apply and remove condoms.Open the packages and unrollcondoms for students to inspect.Pass them around.If you are usingcucumbers, have one student hold the cucumber while the other student putsthe condom on the cucumber.Expect students to laugh at first and beembarrassed!This is healthy ... "[20]

One Washington state parent testified about the coercive nature ofmany sex education programs.The objective of such programs is to use peerpressure to forcibly destroy the natural modesty that young people possess;"There is one teacher in Bellevue who has all the boys say 'vagina;' hecalls them individually, and they all have to say it out loud in class.The boys say 'vagina' and the girls say 'penis.'One girl told me that shewas so embarrassed that she could hardly bring out the word 'penis' becauseall these boys were sitting in the class.It just embarrassed her so.Sohe made her get up in front of the class and very loudly say it tentimes."[21]


It is in the best interests of the individual schools andschool systems to keep the contents of their sex education curriculastrictly confidential.Some teachers are instructed to tell their studentsto lie to their parents about the contents of such courses of instruction.Others take the position that only "enlightened" parents (i.e., knownHumanists) can see the details of the programs.

Just because your children do not show any obvious and sudden changesdoesn't mean that they have not been exposed to this poison.The onlycertain way to make absolutely certain that your children are receivingproper moral instruction is to teach them at home.

For more information on the destructive influence of comprehensive sexeducation in the schools, see Chapter 139 of Volume III.

The Evidence by Humanists Against Humanism.

Have the humanists and atheists really taken over our schools?Oris this the paranoid raving of a motley crew of far-right fundamentalistfanatics?

Well, instead of listening to rumors or opinions from your pastor orChristian magazines and friends, why don't we simply allow the humanists tospeak for themselves?

Some of their "choicest" quotes are shown in Figure 12-3.


And how does a god die?Quite simply, because all his religionistshave been converted to another religion, and there is no one left to makechildren believe they need him ... We need only insure that our schoolsteach only secular knowledge ... If we could achieve this, god would indeedbe shortly due for a funeral service.

                                                            G. Richard Bozarth."On Keeping God Alive."
                                                            The American Atheist,November 1977.Page 7.

I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be wagedand won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceivetheir role as the proselytizers of a new faith:a religion of humanitythat recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity inevery human being ... The classroom must and will become an arena ofconflict between the old and the new the rotting corpse of Christianity,together with all its adjacent evil and misery, and the new faith ofhumanism, resplendent in its promise of a world in which the never-realizedChristian ideal of "love thy neighbor" will finally be achieved.

                                                           John J. Dunphy."A Religion for a New Age." The
                                                          Humanist,January/February 1983.Page 26.

A large majority of the educators of American colleges anduniversities are predominantly humanists, and a majority of the teacherswho go out from their studies in colleges to responsibilities in primaryand secondary schools are basically humanist, no matter that many maintaina nominal attachment to church or synagogue for good personal, social, orpractical reasons.

                                                            Morris Storer, Humanist Ethics, 1980.Quoted 
                                                            in Dr. D.L. Cuddy."Are Public Schools Opening 
                                                            the Door to Humanism?"National Federation of  
                                                            Decency Journal, October 1986, page 21.

"The crazies [Catholics and fundamentalists] don't do all that muchreading.If they did, they'd find out that they have already beendefeated."

                                                           Sheila Schwartz, The Humanist
                                                           January-February 1976.Also quoted inDr. D.L. 
                                                           Cuddy."Are Public Schools Opening the Door to 
                                                           Humanism?"National Federation for Decency  
                                                           Journal, October 1986, page 21

"The school as a social center means the active and organizedpromotion of this socialism of the intangible things of art, science, andother modes of social intercourse."

                                                          John Dewey, the "Father of progressive American 
                                                          education," quoted inJon Barton and John W. 
                                                          Whitehead, Schools on Fire.Wheaton, Illinois:
                                                          Tyndale House, 1980, page 65.

The right to abortion will be guaranteed ... As far as the policytoward the family, it will be recognized for what it is:not some holy orsacred institution to be preserved for all time ... not only will thefamily be a secondary form for determining children's upbringing, but itsinfluence in promoting conservatism among its members, especially the womenand children, will be actively combatted.While the parents will stillhave significant responsibility for their children, this does not mean theyare "theirs," and there will be struggle to prevent parents from imposingold values, and conservative, non-revolutionary thinking generally on thechildren.

                                                           Revolutionary Communist Party's New 
                                                           Programme."The Proletariat,Upon Seizing 
                                                           Power, Will Immediately Take Up the 
                                                           Transformation ofSociety," page 78

I think the most important factor leading us to a secular society hasbeen the educational factor.Our schools may not teach Johnny to readproperly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is 16 tends tolead toward the elimination of religious superstition.The average childnow acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam andEve and all other myths of alleged history.

                                                           Humanist writer Paul Blanshard. The Humanist,
                                                           March-April 1976.Also quoted in Dr. D.L.
                                                           Cuddy."Are Public Schools Opening the Door to
                                                           Humanism?"National Federation for Decency 
                                                           Journal, October 1986, page21.

Lifeboat Exercises.


One of the more frightening and effective tools thehumanists use to denigrate and destroy your children's Christian values isthe notorious "lifeboat exercise," or some variant thereof.The expressedpurpose of these exercises is to break down the Christian idea that someacts are intrinsically immoral and can never be tolerated.In other words,these "lifeboat exercises" are your child's introduction to moralrelativism:That any act is acceptable if it can be justified by theperson doing it even murder!

The following "lifeboat exercises" (Situations A through C) areextracted from a Population Dynamics course presented at Shippensberg StateCollege, Pennsylvania, at the Conference on Human Ecology in June of 1971.This course was given to local teachers so that they could pass it on tothe children in their classes.

The participants were strictly instructed not to let parents see the teaching materials.This is typical of the usual skulking and sneakytactics used by the popcon fanatics.They know that parents woulddisapprove, and so hide their tactics and agenda.This is yet anotherexample of how Big Brother knows what's best for your kids.

There can only be two reasons for such exercises; (1) to actuallydesensitize the participants to death, and (2) to propagandize theparticipants into accepting anti-life goals.

Situation A.  

The most common type of "lifeboat exercise" forceschildren to select a specified number of persons for death.Situation A,shown in Figure 12-4, is one example of this type of exercise.

Situation A is formulated by the same people who stress that everyonemust be nonjudgmental.Yet the exercises force each child to play God andcondemn 18 people to death!By the way, in the intensive discussionsfollowing the exercise, these persons are usually considered 'fit to live:'Doctor, mechanic, conservationist, builder, scientist, and always, ofcourse, abortionists and the Planned Parenthood representative.The lastselection for 'life' is not at all surprising in light of the fact thatthese exercises are frequently conducted by Planned Parenthoodrepresentatives, and it is socially ever so awkward, my deah, to condemnthe moderator to death.



A new country is being formed because the problem ofoverpopulation has completely destroyed your former country.There is notenough food. water, and other essentials for people to share.Keep in mindthat the people you select should be those who might be able to avoid theproblems that occurred in the old country.The remaining 18 will die ofstarvation.Give reasons for your selections.

9.Retired old person
10.Sanitation worker
21.Street cleaner
24.Unmarried pregnant woman
25.Married pregnant woman
26.Planned Parenthood counselor


The United States Congress has passed a law saying or statingthat married couples may have only two children.Have students react byasking the following questions:

(1)What would be the reason a law like this would be passed?
(2)What is your personal reaction to this?Could it be enforced?
(3)Would this law solve any problems?


Give the following attitude survey to the class onoverpopulation.The students are to fill in their true feelings about thestatements in this survey.Results are to be discussed, debated, placed onthe chalkboard, or graphed.

1.There are too many people in my.
2.There are morepeople in the world that there should be.
3.People should take steps tothe number of people in the world.
4.When I am in a crowded elevator I feel.
5.I wish I hadmore people in my family than I have.
6.I wish I hadless people in my family than I have.
7.I plan to havechildren if I get married.
8.Families who have many children are.
9.Overpopulation is.


Your husband or wife is a very attractive person.Your bestfriend is very attracted to him or her.How would you want them to behave?

a.Maintain a clandestine relationship so you wouldn't know about it.
b.Be honest and accept the reality of the relationship.
c.Proceed with a divorce.


Situations A, B, and C are extracted from a PopulationDynamics course presented to Pennsylvania State teachers at ShippensbergState College, Pennsylvania, at the Conference on Human Ecology in June of1971.Situation D is described in Gary L. Bauer."Parents Must ProtectChildren From Pornography."National Federation for Decency Journal,January 1986, pagess 4 and 5.

Notice that 'lives devoid of value' generally include priests,pregnant women, retired persons, and those with menial jobs and you willexperience a shadow of the chill of someone who has witnessed the Naziextermination programs first-hand.Significantly, the persons most oftenselected for death are those who are considered to be useless in the bravenew society that the children are building.

Situation B.  

Situation B, shown in Figure 12-4, makes the baldassumption that overpopulation is imminent, and that some form of legalcoercion must be taken at some point in the future for the good of thecountry.

It is quite obvious that Situation B is designed to start childrenthinking about the merits of an enforced "one-child" policy which may beimplemented in the United States as it has in the People's Republic ofChina.Planned Parenthood officials have recommended such a program forthe United States.This program would include forced abortions, mandatorybirth control, and compulsive sterilization of all couples with twochildren.

For more information on this heinous program, see Chapter 50 in VolumeII, "Forced Abortions."For information on the eugenics mentality thatleads to such atrocities, see Chapter 105 in Volume III.

Situation C.  

Situation C, shown in Figure 12-4, compels the child to"clarify" his values.However, this "values clarification" is never donein a vacuum.There is always a teacher (with the proper Humanistcredentials, of course) hovering nearby to "guide" the student into making"responsible social decisions" that support the Humanist population controlagenda.

Now, whatever happened to the Humanist's vaunted 'right to privacy?'Apparently it doesn't apply when Humanist teachers are working to moldyoung minds into the 'proper' shape.

Imagine the kind of racist and eugenicist statements that childrenmight produce in response to Situation C!Question 2 could be answeredwith the words "Black" or "Jewish."Question 8 could be answered with thewords "selfish" or "crazy," thereby engendering contempt for those coupleswho happen to love children and decide to have seven or eight of them.

And, of course, these answers would not be condemned because, in theseexercises, there are no wrong answers! Is this not the heart and soul ofsituation ethics?

Situation D.  

It goes without saying that every "lifeboat exercise" or"values clarification drill" is totally devoid of Christian values.Infact, they are not only devoid of Christian values, they actively attackthem!For example, a typical "values clarification" exercise is shown inFigure 12-4 as Situation D.

Notice that there is no option (d):Avoid the possibility of adulteryin the first place!This choice is omitted because it reflects theChristian values of self-discipline, honesty, fidelity, regard for others,and respect for the institution of marriage.

This identical lack of Christian values is reflected in secular sexeducation curricula; your spouse and your best friend are going to beadulterous anyway, so you might as well accommodate them and make life aspleasant as possible for everyone involved by playing the cuckold quietly.

By the way, although there is really no firm "correct answer," thesuggested course of action is (b), above.After all, we must always befrank and honest, my deahs.

Other Examples.  

Many other imaginative forms of role playing are usedto accomplish various Humanist objectives.

One woman from Tucson, Arizona testified in the March 1984 Departmentof Education hearings that an outside teacher visited her child's classroomand taught that it was "normal" for the children to hate their parents.Atthe beginning of her class, she surveyed the children and found that threeof the thirty attendees hated their parents.At the end of thepresentation, 27 said that they hated their parents![22]

In Detroit, parents testified that their children had been told toclose their eyes and fantasize about designing and then using an idealmethod of birth control.[22]

A Missouri mother testified that, in a required English class, herdaughter was ordered to play the part of a prostitute and proposition a boyin the class who played the part of a married man.[22]

The Christian Version of Values Clarification.  

Values clarificationexercises as such are not intrinsically evil, if they are performed underthe watchful eye of a caring Christian parent.In fact, Christian valuesclarification exercises can be as beneficial to a child as the secularversions are harmful.

As someone once said, "Make lemonade out of lemons."For example, thepopular board game "Scruples" is centered around the idea that no act isintrinsically right or wrong.The objective is to select game cards thatdescribe situations requiring ethical judgment, such as; "You and your mateexpect loyalty and honesty from one another.One night, out of town, youhave a fling.Do you tell?"Each player's goal is not to find an ethicalsolution, but to guess how others would react.

Still, about 150 of the cards depict non-sexual situations that arevaluable for playing "What If?" games with children.A pro-lifer couldfind the game at a garage sale and then discard the game board, rules, andcards depicting sexual situations.The remaining cards are very useful forconducting Christian values clarification exercises.

Death Education.

The Humanists used comprehensive sex education to inculcate ourchildren with a pro-abortion attitude.But times change, and the Humaniststrategists have moved beyond abortion to euthanasia.So now it is time topropagandize our kids with material on the alleged "Right to Die."

In order to prepare children to accept the killing of born humanbeings that society considers useless, more and more schools are mandating compulsory "death education."

One mother from Orlando, Florida said that "In one program in ourcounty, little first graders made their own coffins out of shoe boxes."[22]

One of the textbooks used in a 'death education' class is Russell andPurdy's Coping With Death and Dying, published by Scott, Foresman.Itrelies on the absurd thesis that "Committing suicide may represent a lastattempt to make an independent, personal decision."[23]

In another "death education" curriculum, students are required towrite an essay on "What I Would Do On My Last Day."Yet another requiresstudents to visit mortuaries and touch human corpses, and even makes themlie in coffins.

And another requires the teacher to give a series of talks andinteractive presentations, including;[23]

•"Reincarnation Can We Come Back From the Dead?"
•"End of the World Coming Soon or Not?"
•"Infanticide Right or Wrong?"
•"Active Euthanasia for Deformed Infants Right or Wrong?"
•"Death Do the Hopelessly Ill Have the Right to Die?"

References:Humanism in the Schools.

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Anchor Press/ Doubleday, Garden City, NewYork.1977, 387 pages.The two authors of this book are apparentlyproud of their association with virtually every unsavory, anti-family andanti-life organization that exists, and it shows in their work.They notonly denigrate families, but the public school system as well, and lead upto listing the eleven elements of their proposed "Bill of Rights forChildren," the last of which is "The right to do, in general, what anyadult may legally do."This book is probably the best summary of thephilosophy of the "kiddie lib" movement that currently exists.

Stephen M. Krason and Robert J. D'Agostino. Parental Rights: The Contemporary Assault on Traditional Liberties.  
Christendom College Press,Front Royal, Virginia 22630.1988:208 pages.This book coversthe legal and moral dimensions of parental rights from the philosophical,legal, and psychological points of view.Subjects covered in thiscollection of focused articles include parental rights in all aspects ofpublic and home schooling, including sex education and the life issues.

Onalee McGraw, Ph.D."Secular Humanism and the Schools:The Issue WhoseTime Has Come."  
November 1977 supplement to the Newsletter of theCatholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 1100 West Wells Street,Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233.

National Monitor of Education.  
This periodical is published monthlyexcept July and August.Subscription is from BettyArras, Post Office Box 402, Alamo, California 94507, telephone:(415) 945-6745.It covers in detail one or two of the latest "trends" in publicschooling, i.e., the homosexual agenda or school-based clinics, and alsoincludes a legislative and litigative update and generally includes areview of a book or other publication that would be of interest to activistparents.

Paul Vitz, Ph.D. Censorship: Evidence of Bias in Our Children's Textbooks.  
Servant Books, Post Office Box 8617, Ann Arbor, Michigan48107. Reviewed by Chilton Williamson, Jr., on page 64 of theJanuary 30, 1987 National Review.

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