John Paul I - Timeline of His Life


17 October. Born at "Forno di Canale (Belluno), (actually at Canale d'Argordo), son of Giovanni Luciani and Bortola Tancon; was baptized the same day at home, by the midwife, as he was in danger of death.

19 October. Baptism was formalized in the Church by the curate, Don Achille Ronzon.


October. Began elementary school.


26 September.  Was confirmed by Bishop Giosuè Cattarossi.


October. Entered the minor seminary in Feltre.


October. Entered the Gregorian Seminary at Belluno.


Ordained as sub-deacon.


2 February. Ordained as deacon.

7 July.  Ordained to the priesthood at St. Peter's Church of Belluno.

9 July. Named curate of the parish at Canale d'Agordo.

18 December. Transferred as curate of Agordo and named instructor of religion at the Technical Institute for Miners in Agordo.


July. Named vice-rector of the Gregorian Seminary in Belluno (1937-1947).

October. Began his service as instructor.


27 February. Graduated from the Gregorian University in Rome with a doctorate in Sacred Theology, his thesis being, "The origin of the human soul according to Antonio Rosmini".

November, Nominated chancellor of the diocese of Belluno by Bishop Girolamo Bortignon.

16 December. Nominated Monsignor.

Nominated Secretary of the Diocescan Synod.


2 February. Nominated Pro Vicar-General of the diocese of Belluno.

Nominated Director of the Catechetics Office of the Diocese.


December. Published Catechetica in briciole.


March. Published his doctoral thesis.


6 February. Nominated Vicar-General of the Diocese of Belluno.


30 June. Nominated Canon of the Cathedral.


15 December. Named Bishop of Vittorio Veneto by Pope John XXIII.

27 December. Consecrated Bishop by John XXIII at St. Peter's Basilica together with the newly consecrated bishops, Gioacchino Muccin and Girolamo Bortignon.


11 January. Took possession of the diocese of Vittorio Veneto

17 June. Began his pastoral visit.


8 October - 8 December Was present for the opening of the Vatican Council II in Rome; returning to his diocese only for a few days.


28 September - 4 December. Returns to Rome for the 2nd Session of the Vatican Council II; returning to his diocese only for a few days.


13 September - 21 November. Returns to Rome for the 3rd Session of the Vatican Council II.


13 September - 9 December. Returns to Rome for the 4th Session of the Vatican Council II.


16 August - 2 September. Traveled to Burundi on mission for the diocese of Vittorio Veneto.


15 December. Named Patriarch of Venice by Pope Paul VI .


1 February. Received honorary citizenship of Vittorio Veneto.             

8 February. Officially entered the City of Venice as Patriarch.

25 October, Began his pastoral visit.


12-14 June. Made a pastoral visit to Switzerland, returning by way of Savoy.

28 September - 5 November. Participated in the II Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome regarding "The Ministerial Priesthood and Justice in the World", returning to his diocese              from 23 to 31 of October.


12-17 June. Was elected Vice President of the Italian Bishops Conference, holding this position until 2 June 1975.

16 September. Received Pope Paul VI in visit to Venice.


5 March. Created Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.


27 September - 26 October. Participated in the III Ordinary General Assembly in Rome of the Synod of Bishops regarding "Evangelization in the Modern World".


18 May. Traveled on Pastoral Visit to Germany.

 6-21 November. Completed a Pastoral Visit to Brasil where he was given the honorary degree of "honoris causa" from the state university of "S. Maria a Rio Grande do Sul".


January. Published: Illustrissimi.

10-13 September. As an official representative of the Italian Episcopal Conference, participated in the commemorative celebration at Spalato, Yugoslavia.


30 September - 29 October. Participated in the IV Ordinary General Assembly in Rome of the synod of Bishops regarding "Catechetics in Our Time".


6 August. Death of Pope Paul VI.

10 August. Left for Rome.

26 August. During the second day of the conclave, elected Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, choosing the name John Paul I.

27 August. Gave his first radio message “urbi er orbi”.

3 September.  Ceremony that initiates his pastoral service.

Died.  28 September 1978.