Love and Dating

Author: Molly Kelly

LOVE and DATING by Molly Kelly

LOVE AND DATING are words often put together, and in that order, but doesn't DATING AND LOVE make more sense? After all, we have to know people before we can love them. When I was in grade school, I learned that God made us to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him. Notice that to know comes before to love!

Dating provides the opportunity for two people of the opposite sex to get to know each other by sharing ideas, values, dreams, hopes, and . . . if the chemistry is right . . . to fall in love. Ah, but in today's mixed-up world, the word love has been spindled, mutilated, and bent so out of context that, for some, it's unattainable because it's unexplainable! The words "making love" and "love makes the world go round" make love sound like some kind of manufactured science project! And, how about "love at first sight"? That makes love and infatuation synonyms, but they're not! Infatuation is based solely on feelings; it can be fleeting; and it makes no demands. Love is rooted in knowledge; it has a strong, forever flavor; and love demands respect.

Next, we're told that "love is soft as an easy chair," yet, at times it can be hard as a wooden bench! Why? Because love involves discipline, and discipline can cause discomfort! And another thing, if I were to buy an easy chair, I'd go to the store and plop myself down on a whole bunch of them, to find out which one felt good to me. But love, although it can feel good, can't be bought, and it never involves trying people out, or using them for one's own pleasure. Dating can be a happy and fun experience, or it can be an occasion of sin. It all comes down to respect, and respect is a major ingredient of love! A powerful scripture passage tells us that love is patient, kind, and never rude, and those are also good dating guidelines.

Here are a few other guidelines to help you make dating a happy, healthy, and holy experience in your life.

- Establish boundary lines, and make necking, petting, and prolonged kissing off limits!

- Avoid the occasions of sin by saying NO to unchaperoned parties, drugs and alcohol.

- Don't tempt, tease, or titillate your date. It's not fair, and it's not smart!

- Remember, it takes two to say YES, and only one to say NO!

- Don't give mixed messages. If you are saying NO with your voice, make sure your body and your clothes aren't saying YES!

Take God along with you on your date . . . He's there anyway! . . . and if you keep that in mind, and in the mind of your date, then the three of you can have a 100% PURE, SAFE, dating experience!

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