Pornography: Something for Every Perverted Taste

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

Man is the only blushing animal and the only one that needs to.

                                                                                                       Mark Twain.[1]

Some of the material described in
this chapter is extremely
offensive in nature.

Anti-Life Philosophy.

Just as there are many varieties of sexual expression, there are just as many ways to express them in visual formats. The large variety of erotic literature merely reflects the general public's desire to see these natural sex acts in print and film.

Anyone who objects to the variety of sexually explicit literature available in our modern world is attempting to foist their narrow and close-minded views off on the rest of us, and they are nothing more than censors who want to limit free speech and expression.

Introduction: The Dividing Line.

Society has traditionally drawn an invisible dividing line between erotic material it generally considers tasteful and relatively harmless, and that which portrays activities that average people generally considers depraved, perverted, and unworthy of protection. The former is usually referred to as "soft-core," and the latter is generally called "hard-core."

This informal categorization has always suffered profound ethical and legal problems. And it is now rapidly becoming nonviable in the face of a flood of evidence indicating that even the most harmless-appearing erotic material can be deeply damaging to individuals, and therefore to society.

The pornographers themselves are contributing to the problem by actively attempting to blur the line between "soft-core" and "hard-core" porn. By doing so, they hope to confuse the issue so hopelessly that it will never be sorted out.

The most popular 'high-class skin mags' (Playboy, Penthouse, and others) are now portraying those activities that used to fall entirely within the category of "hard-core" pornography, including jokes, allusions, stories, and photographs dealing with bondage, incest, homosexuality, and other perversions.

This is a variation of the theory of gradualism, which in this case holds that extremely offensive material must be revealed to the public in an incremental manner. If it is introduced all at once, it will be forcefully rejected.


Soft-Core Pornography.

Although our learned judges seem to be entirely incompetent in this area, a common-sense definition of so-called "soft-core" pornography would be that media which depicts individuals in various erotic poses, but not participating in any explicitly violent and/or sexual behavior.

The soft-core porn in this country probably does much more harm that the hard-core type, because it is much more accessible to the public and because it subtly trivializes such acts as child molestation and rape.

Hard-Core Pornography.

As is always the case with pornography, it is difficult to draw the line between "soft" and "hard" porn. One proposed demarcation holds that soft-core porn generally involves a single adult person depicted in various revealing, but non-violent poses. Under this definition, then, hard-core porn would therefore depict sex acts between persons of any age, including bondage, fetishes, sex with animals, and so on.

Classes of Pornography.


There are several major classifications of sexual perversion that have accumulated a significant number of devoted followers. These are listed below and described in detail in this chapter.

Both "hard-core" and "soft-core" porn depict and describe all of these activities. The only difference between them is that "soft-core" porn usually limits itself to suggestions of such perversions, while "hard-core" porn graphically depicts the actual perversions themselves.

The general classes of pornography described in this chapter are;

• bestiality (sex with animals);
• bondage and torture;
• homosexuality and transvestitism;
• incest;
• rape and other violence;
• fetishes; and
• satanism and witchcraft.

To enter the world of hard-core pornography in even a peripheral way is to enter a world of violence, insanity, powerful and omnidirectional lust, and utter lack of control.

To remain in this world for very long is to become a helpless slave to it. Pornography addictions are among the most difficult to overcome and control, and the urge to accumulate and use porn remains for a lifetime.

General Availability.

The above classes of hard-core porn were generally available in sixteen adult bookstores surveyed by the 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography. According to the Commission, this material is usually standard in all adult bookstores and outlets throughout the country.

The Commission surveyed and listed 5,420 separate titles of books, films, and magazines found in these bookstores. It should be noted that, in virtually all cases, the title of the pornography accurately reflects its contents. Approximately half of the titles examined by the Commission included obscenities, although no such titles are listed below.

A very small percentage of this pornography deals with normal intercourse between men and women. However, the vast majority of the items depicted various sexual deviations in categories as listed below.


One particularly heinous form of hard-core porn shows human beings and animals (usually dogs and horses) involved in various sex acts. Certain porn actresses specialize in such activity. Sometimes small children are forced into having sex with animals.

One popular subtheme involves authority figures (i.e., policemen and Catholic nuns) being initially 'forced' into having sex with various animals, but them growing to enjoy this activity. The theme of the degradation of authority is obvious.

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine (supposedly the most 'genteel' of the "soft-core" porn magazines), told the Los Angeles Times News Service in March of 1986 that he "... unhesitatingly approves of bestiality. What I'm saying is, what difference does it [sex with animals] make if it turns somebody on? The only thing I see in bestiality that is hurtful to people is the fact that people used to go to prison for it."[2]

This propensity for advocating sex with animals has even spilled over into popular high school sex education books and materials.

Dr. Patricia Shiller, founder of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), says that Gary F. Kelly's Learning About Sex: The Contemporary Guide for Young Adults is "A must for all young people." It includes the following statement; "A fair percentage of people probably have some sort of sexual contact with an animal during their lifetime, particularly boys who live on farms. There are no indications that such animal contacts are harmful, except for the obvious dangers of poor hygiene, injury by the animal, or guilt on the part of the human."[3]

And Planned Parenthood veteran Wardell Pomeroy's companion books Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex are so extreme that they are the most popular "example target" used by Christians when opposing permissive school sex education programs.

These books assert that

Premarital intercourse does have its definite values as a training ground for marriage or some other committed relationship ... to make everyday comparisons again, it's like taking a car out for a test run before you buy it ... I have known cases of farm boys who have had a loving sexual relationship with an animal and who felt good about their behavior until they got to college, where they learned for the first time that what they had done was 'abnormal.' Then they were upset...[4]

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered hundreds of films, books, and magazines dealing with the theme of bestiality. Some of these film titles are shown in Figure 133-1.

FIGURE 133-1

Bestiality"A Girl and Her Dog"
"Animal Action"
"Dog-Loving Daughter"
"Dog Sex"
"Girls and Dogs"
"Nun's Animal Fun"
"Teenage Dog Orgy"
"The Horny Dog"
"Wild About Horses"
"Women and Animals"

Bondage and Torture
"Anal Agony"
"Body Torture"
"Dorothy, Slave to Pain"
"Black Slave Girls"
"Hot Nazi Master"
"Jap Sadist's Virgin Slave"
"Make Her Yell"
"Night of Agony"
"Pregnant Bondage"
"Sally's Anal Punishment"
"Taste the Lash"
"Tied and Tortured"
"Transvestite Bondage"
"Woman's Torment"
"Women in Pain"

Satanism and Witchcraft
"All the Devil's Angels"
"Bizarre Sorceress"
"Bloodsucking Freaks"
"Blue Voodoo"
"Convent of Satan"
"Daughter of Darkness"
"Desires of the Devil"
"Domina Lady Hell"
"Sexorcist Devil"
"Sexual Witchcraft"
"Tarot Temptress"

"Anal Masturbation"
"Anal Sweat"
"Bisexual Lust"
"Boys Will Be Girls"
"Cult of Sodomy"
"Drag Queen Marine""
"High School Transvestite"
"She-Male in Bondage"
"Transsexual Temptation"

"Amputee Times"
"Busty Milkers"
"Diaper Time"
"Enema Fantasies"
"Fresh Milk & Big Tits"
"Gourmet Anal Collection"
"Lesbian Foot Lovers"
"Lust for Leather"
"Piss Service"
"Pregnant Babysitter"
"Pregnant Milk Mamas"
"Thunder Thighs"
"Toilet Orgy"

Rape and Other Violence
"Battered Bride"
"Bound, Whipped, and Raped Schoolgirls"
"Fat & Horny Mamas"
"Catfights Galore"
"Kidnapped Girls Agency"
"Raped by Arab Terrorists"
"Joys of Masturbation"
"Slave Piercing"
"Teacher's Rape Attack"
"Teen Rape Orgy"
"Schoolgirl's Rape Night"
"Sex Crimes"

Reference. Final Report of the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography. Rutledge Hill Press, 513 Third Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37210. 1986, 571 pages.

Bondage and Torture.

This very popular category appeals very strongly to homosexuals, who are often deeply involved in hard-core pornography. The primary theme portrays a helpless-appearing person being dominated and tortured by an authority figure, either legitimate or illegitimate (i.e., police officer vs. Nazi stormtrooper or Arab terrorist).

Such bondage material may simply show a person writhing against various types of restraints. However, many films often show actual torture, with whipping, branding, and medieval devices employed to inflict very obvious and authentic pain.

Many homosexuals belong to organized sado-masochism (S&M) clubs, which have newsletters, meetings, and even 'dungeons' organized for the purpose of allowing members to inflict pain on each other in privacy.

Various police departments estimate that approximately 100 persons per year (almost all adolescents) are actually put to extreme agony and eventually killed as they are being filmed. These 'works' are known as "snuff films," which are clandestinely circulated and used for sexual gratification. Although many police departments have confiscated snuff films, their prevalence is difficult to measure because they are heavily-guarded, usually passed from hand to hand, and only shown at private parties.

For example, in a rare instance of prosecution, two Alexandria, Virginia men were charged in August 1989 with plotting to purchase or kidnap a young boy for use in a videotaped "snuff film." They admitted that their objective was to torture the boy for two weeks and then kill him.[5] Fortunately, this plot was stopped in time, but one has to speculate as to how many missing children each year meet with such a horrible end.

Other innocent children are not so lucky. In April of 1985, the San Jose, California Mercury-News reported that a child molestation ring in that city had kidnapped several children, then forced them to eat pieces of rats and tortured them with knives and blowtorches before killing them. The children were also drugged and forced to engage in sex with adults and to participate in Satanic rituals.[6]

This is the type of activity that your local pornographer heartily approves of and the type of porn that the American Civil Liberties Union might vigorously defend under the guise of "free speech."

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered films, books, and magazines dealing with the themes of bondage and torture with titles including those shown in Figure 133-1.

Homosexuality and Transvestitism.

The various aspects of homosexuality are dominant and recurring themes in the majority of hard-core pornography. Transvestitism, bondage and torture, pedophilia, incest, and same-sex rape account for more than half of the major subjects of hard-core porn, and all of these activities are directly related to homosexuality.

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered films, books, and magazines dealing with the themes of homosexuality and transvestitism with titles including those shown in Figure 133-1.


A large percentage of hard-core porn depicts incest among family members. Most popular is the theme of a father molesting a daughter, who is sometimes just a toddler. As with other classifications of hard-core porn, many other themes overlap, such as bondage, rape, and forced prostitution of small children. This type of porn also helps to degrade the family, and legitimizes loathing of the viewer's parents.

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered films, books, and magazines dealing with the theme of incest with titles including those shown in Figure 133-1.

Rape and Other Violence.

Some people actually believe that the various forms of print and film media do not affect human behavior. Anyone with any degree of life experience and/or common sense knows better.

Although it accounts for only about five percent of all hard-core porn, rape and sex crimes are popular themes for many persons who may be mentally unbalanced.

This is the only subclass of hard-core porn that has some of the Neofeminists upset, because it depicts actual violence being inflicted upon women. The other categories of porn listed in this chapter do not particularly concern them.

Chapter 134, "The Effects of Pornography," explains how even soft-core pornography is a factor in many rapes and murders.

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered films, books, and magazines dealing with the themes of rape and other sexual violence with titles including those shown in Figure 133-1.


Some of the most bizarre fetishes imaginable regularly appear in hard-core materials, and are almost always mixed with various other perverted sexual acts. Popular fixations include leather items; dead persons or animals (necrophilia); pregnant and lactating women; amputees, dwarfs, and those persons with other obvious physical malformations; certain specific areas of the body, usually the anus and feet; and grossly or morbidly obese women.

Other fetishes involve activity in bathrooms and involve urinating on persons, eating excrement, and actual fixations with various plumbing fixtures (usually the toilet). This subcategory of hard-core porn is very popular indeed with homosexuals.

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered films, books, and magazines dealing with the theme of fetishism with titles including those shown in Figure 133-1.

Satanism and Witchcraft.

This type of hard-core porn often displays extremely heavy (and occasionally fatal) bondage and torture at the hands of the ultimate authority figures for hard-core sickos: Satan and his servants. Other common themes are vampirism, where the actor actually drinks the blood of the torture victim, and various aspects of heavy witchcraft and voodoo, all emphasizing various perverted sex practices.

The Attorney General's Commission on Pornography discovered films, books, and magazines dealing with the themes of satanism and witchcraft with titles including those shown in Figure 133-1.


Opening the Door.

In January 1983, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed High Society, an X-rated magazine, to open the first pornographic phone line that could be dialed from anywhere in the country.

The magazine immediately began to clear a profit of an incredible $14,000 a day, of which more than 70 percent went to the phone company, which was understandably reluctant to shut the lines down when complaints began to flood in. The costs to High Society were negligible, consisting primarily of hiring a few people with sexy voices to record lewd messages.

There are now dozens of these dial-a-porn 'services' in the United States.

About one-third of the annual $450 million in Dial-It revenue is reaped by porn lines, and two companies control most of the 'dial-a-porn' business: Carlin Communications and Megaquest, described by The Wall Street Journal as the "McDonald's of Dial-a-Porn."

The Effects of Dial-A-Porn.

Several Phoenix, parents filed suit against Pacific Bell and dial-a-porn operators in October 1987 after a 12-year old boy listened to a dial-a-porn message and then sexually assaulted a 4-year old girl.

Dr. Victor Kline, psychology professor at the University of Utah who specializes in the impact of pornography on young children, stated in sworn testimony during the sexual assault case that "This exposure to dial-a-porn directly and causally contributed to this sexual assault. Absent the intervention in this 12-year-old's life of this premature exposure to these 'adult sexual materials,' this event would not have occurred."

In May of 1988, the Maryland state legislature voted to restrict the use of dial-a-porn to private subscribers, who would receIve a secret access code. Predictably, the American Civil Liberties Union opposed this measure.

Homosexuals and Dial-A-Porn.

It should not be surprising that homosexuals, whose very lives are pornographic, support all porn enthusiastically. National Gay Rights Advocates filed a friend of the court brief in the Supreme Court in the case Sable Communications v. FCC which challenged the 1988 Congressional legislation banning "dial-a-porn" over interstate phone lines.

A revealing editorial in the homosexual newspaper The Lavender Network stated that "A sharply curtailed telephone sex industry could harm gay newspapers and magazines, about half of which derive substantial revenue from the industry."[7]

A member of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation commented that "... phone sex is, in fact, an important safe sex outlet for many people."[8]

Benjamin Schatz, executive director of the National Gay Rights Advocates AIDS Civil Rights Project, stressed in an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court in the above case that "'Dial-a-porn' can save lives by providing an alternative to unsafe sex. Whether people like it or not, it has important social value, and is entitled to Constitutional protection."[9]

This attitude ignores the causal relationship between porn and violence. Instead of being an alternative to unsafe sex, 'dial-a-porn' undoubtedly causes a greater incidence of unsafe sex and violence, as shown above.

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Further Reading: Types of Pornography.

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