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1989 80% oppose abortion as a form of birth control - Los Angles Times, March 19

65% support legislation which, in a pregnancy of 20 weeks or more, doctors must test to ensure that the fetus is not developed enough to live outside the womb before a woman could have an abortion - CBS News/New York Times, September 17-20

54% support legislation stipulating that no abortions be done "in public facilities except to save a woman's life." - Newsweek, July 17

57% said abortion should not be allowed "if the woman is unmarried and does not want to marry the father" - Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 8

85% believe abortion should be illegal "if the woman cannot afford to care for the baby." - Washington Post, October 7

92% believe abortion should be illegal "if the family decides they don't want another child." - Washington Post, October 7

54% agree that "the solution to abortion is adoption." - Los Angles Times, March 19

69% said "in general the lives of unborn babies should be protected." - Wirthlin, October

60%- 98% (depending on the reason) oppose 98% of all abortions in America - Boston Globe, March 31; NY Times January 22; Los Angles Times, March 19; Newsweek, April 24

1991 64% say "abortion should be illegal in all circumstances" or "legal only under certain circumstances" - Austin American Statesman, October 8

86% mostly favor legislation "requiring women to receive information about fetal development and alternatives to abortion before going ahead to the procedure." - Gallop, done in 1991, reported on January 16, 1992

73% favor a 24-hour waiting period - same as above

70% support parental consent - same as above

73% support spousal notification - same as above

1992 73% favor requiring that minors obtain the consent of one parent before having an abortion - Time Mirror, May 8

81% support requiring women to wait 24 hours and to give their "informed consent" before having their abortion - Time Mirror, May 8

61% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 voice pro-life views - Wirthlin, January 22

63% oppose federal funding of research using tissue from aborted fetuses - Wirthlin, January 22

69% favor requiring a woman to notify her husband before she has an abortion - Times Mirror, May 8

63% favor "a law requiring a pregnant woman to notify her husband if she decides to have an abortion." - Gallop, January 18

- Abortion should be either legal under certain circumstances or illegal at all times - Newsweek, July 23

-> males w/ college degrees 54% -> females w/ college degrees 51% -> males w/o college degrees 75% -> females w/o college degrees 70%

- Exit polls by Wirthlin and VRS (Voters Research Survey) showed that for those who considered abortion to be one of the top two issues, Bush received a 2.5-6% lead. - Wirthlin and VRS, November


55% said abortion should either be prohibited in all circumstances, legal only to save the life of the mother, or legal in the cases or rape and incest and to save the life of the mother - Wirthlin, January 18-22

66% said abortion should not be covered in any health care plan (66% men said no, 65% women said no) - CBS/New York Times, June

52% said any national health care plan should not include abortion - NBC Poll, September

62% said abortion should not be included in health care and the mother wanting abortion should pay for it herself - Harris Poll, September

64% said abortion should be illegal in all circumstances or legal only under certain circumstances - Gallop, January 16


- Of those who said that abortion affected the way they voted in the 1994 elections, twice as many people said they voted for pro-life candidates than pro-abortion. - Wirthlin, November 9

- If choosing between a Republican candidate who opposed abortion or a Democrat candidate for favored abortion, people support the pro-life candidate 45%-37%. - Wirthlin, November 9,

68% said they were strongly or somewhat concerned that a health care plan might promote abortions (47% strongly concerned) - Washington Post, February

33% of people are actively pro-life, 19% are inactively pro-life, 14% are personally opposed to abortion but wouldn't say no to others having one; total "pro-life" - 66% - From "Before the Shooting Begins: Searching for Democracy in America's Culture War," by James Davidson Hunter, 1994.

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