'Real Love' Will Help Spread Truth About Human Sexuality

Author: Mary Beth Bonacci

'Real Love' Will Help Spread Truth About Human Sexuality

by Mary Beth Bonacci

Over the past year or so, I have mentioned periodically that when I'm not writing columns or traveling, I've been working on launching a new organization, Real Love, Inc. It struck me that perhaps it's time to stop mentioning and actually tell you all what I'm up to.

I have had a vision for this organization for the past 11 years, ever since I first started speaking about chastity. It has always struck me, as I do research and look for resources, how few good materials on chastity are available. In 1986, when I began, most of the chastity books and brochures I saw had been written in the 1940s (or at least looked that way). There were also a few more "recent" materials, generally written in the '60s, which featured photos of long-haired men in leisure suits playing the guitar in daisy fields. I knew the situation had to change.

As I continued in my work, I began to read the works of John Paul II on the Theology of the Body. I was blown away. His understanding of the gift of human sexuality is so beautiful, so positive, so scriptural and just so I kept thinking, If Catholics of the last few generations had been exposed to this, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today. I knew that if I were to do nothing with my life but make the Theology of the Body accessible and understandable to the average. Catholic, I would be doing something extremely worthwhile.

Real Love, Inc. is dedicated to doing just that. Our goal is to spread the good news about human sexuality, based on John Paul II's theology of the body, to the average person. Not the average theologian, or the average teenager. Everyone. We plan to develop materials just for teenagers. We plan to develop materials just for parents and teachers and priests and youth ministers who want to help teenagers. We plan to develop materials for single adults who want to learn about chastity on their own level, without having to use words like "radical" and "dude". This message is for everyone, and we want to bring it to everyone.

We've got several projects currently on tap. We are developing a brochure series- without long-haired guys or daisy fields. We'll be marketing beautiful, well-designed tracts and booklets on subjects related to chastity and sexuality. I'm hoping to see these pamphlets in crisis pregnancy center reading racks, in schools, in churches, and at every talk on chastity ever given anywhere.

We're also in the process of developing a seven-part curriculum on chastity for youth ministry programs. We piloted to the program last fall, and hope to have it in print and available sometime within the next year.

I'm hoping to hold an annual training conference for parents and educators. The conference, called The Institute for Real Love, will probably debut in the summer of 1998.

I want Real Love, Inc. to be a clearinghouse for the best in chastity books and materials. We are, of course, carrying my books and videos. I'm also hoping to develop a catalog carrying other materials that I recommend-the ones I use myself.

Other projects in the works include a newsletter, a Web page, speaker training, regional workshops and support groups.

And, of course, we are in the final stages of applying for our 501(c)3 non profit status, so that all donations will be tax deductible.

I am, for obvious reasons, very excited about this project. I can't believe I could possibly maintain enthusiasm for an undertaking like this for this long unless it was from God. I truly believe he wants this organization to exist and to thrive, just as I believe that spiritual powers of a less benevolent nature want Real Love, Inc. to thrive. I believe that these projects could make a difference in many lives, and an even bigger difference for many, many souls.

Why do I tell you all of this? Several reasons. First, if you're interested in the work in any way, please let us know. We're doing all of this to help you. We want you to know what we're up to so that we can help!

Second, (and most important), to ask for your prayers. Please keep the intentions of Real Love, Inc. in your daily prayers. Believe me, we need all of the Divine help we can get.

With His help, and yours, I think Real Love, Inc. can make a big difference.

For more information on Real Love, Inc. write to 1520 W. Warner Rd., No. 106-138, Gilbert, AZ 85233 or call 602-812-1194.

This article appeared in the March 6, 1997 issue of "The Arlington Catholic Herald."

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