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Most of the big national chains don't stock adult titles any more too many hassles.

Mara Epstein, vice-president of porn producers Arrow Films and Video, Inc.[1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

Nobody has the right to attempt to limit the production or distribution of sexually explicit materials. Such material is protected freedom of expression, and anyone who tries to interfere with it is an intolerant, narrow-minded censor.


Pornography presents a pervasive and intimidating problem on all levels. Its constant presence and the influence and power of its makers and distributors may cause people who are otherwise action-oriented to shy away from doing battle with the porn kings.

However, committed individuals have worked wonders on both the local and national scales, and, when a number of people with a common mission band together and act, the results can be spectacular!

Mass Action.

The country's leading mass-action-against-porn expert is the American Family Association (formerly the National Federation for Decency). Led by the Rev. Donald Wildmon, a few thousand determined individuals have brought pressure to bear on "soft-core" porn peddlers and have had a huge impact on the smut industry.

In June of 1986, after a sustained AFA boycott and letter-writing campaign, the Southland Corporation yanked Playboy, Penthouse, and Forum Magazines from its 4,500 company-owned stores, and strongly recommended that its 3,600 locally-owned franchises follow suit. Revco Drug Stores, with 2,000 outlets, and Rite Aid Corporation, with 1,400 stores, quickly followed suit. More than 10,000 other stores gradually phased out their displays of porn during the same time period.

This meant that about 20,000 stores had pulled soft-core porn in a two-year period, costing the "mainstream" pornographers about $120 million per year!

In another case, members of Concerned Women of America (CWA) were offended by the blatant attack on morality by the new glossy Planned Parenthood-style magazine Sassy. After they had voiced their objections, nine major sponsors, including Revlon, Noxell, and Reebok, pulled their ads. The magazine has since cleaned up its act.

Individual Action.

Some people become so outraged at the injustice of pornography that they strike out on their own. If an individual has the courage and knowhow, he can have an impact far out of proportion to the effort he expends.

For example, a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan housewife, Terry Rakolta, was so upset by the content of the television show "Married ... With Children," that she wrote letters of protest to the presidents of the firms that had advertised on the show, explaining her objections.[2] As a direct result of these letters, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, and several other companies pulled their advertisements from the show, sending a clear message to sponsors and producers alike.

Be Prepared for Abuse!

Imagine what it must be like to be a person who has amassed millions of dollars from exploiting and degrading other people. Imagine the state of mind of someone who wallows in money gained by making it possible for others to wallow in their filth. Such a person couldn't care less that his publications and movies have destroyed lives and have led perverts to rape and maim victims.

It is obvious that the porn kings, who have made their millions on the suffering of others, will not hesitate to attempt to squelch any opposition.

Larry Flynt, publisher of the pornographic Hustler Magazine, follows the classic Neoliberal line. He is very 'big' on free speech rights, unless these rights belong to someone criticizing him. He showed what he thought of Peggy Ault-Haralson's free-speech rights when she lobbied for zoning restrictions on pornographic bookstores in Clackamas County, Oregon. In his magazine, read by millions all over the country, he called her a "deluded busybody" and a "fanatic crackpot," and portrayed her face on the rear end of an animal.

Across the country, Florida anti-porn activist David Caton convinced 1,400 stores in his state to drop pornographic magazines. He used strictly legal means to accomplish his goals.

Playboy Magazine staff members recognized that they could not let Caton get away with this, and filed a lawsuit against him. A local disc jockey broadcast his home telephone number and urged his listeners to harass Caton at home. Thugs destroyed his car and cut his phone line, and shots were fired at his house.[3]

The kind of violence and slander experienced by Ault-Haralson and Caton is to be expected, considering its source. This is what the porn kings think of our free speech rights nothing! Let anyone try to oppose them in any manner, and they squeal like the exploiting pigs they are.

Resources for Fighting Pornography.

Every community has a pornography problem. And everyone should be concerned, because what you can't see can definitely hurt everybody especially your children!

If you and others are concerned enough to act, it is always better to consult with experienced porn fighters in order to get the benefit of their experience and their resources. The groups listed below will be happy to assist you in whatever way they can.

American Family Association (AFA) 
(formerly the National Federation for Decency)
Post Office Drawer 2440
Tupelo, Mississippi 38803
Telephone: 1-800-DECENCY

The AFA, the largest porn-busting organization in the country with over 400,000 members, directed by Rev. Don Wildmon, has given the porn pushers fits for years. Its superb magazine, the AFA Journal, issued eight times per year, gives details on all of the action going on in the field of pornography, and reviews the major television networks and motion pictures for anti-Christian and other bias. In all offending cases, addresses and phone numbers of sponsors are given, and appropriate courses of action are suggested.

Child and Family Protection Institute
The Free Congress Foundation
721 Second Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20002

Citizens for Decency Through Law (CDL)
2331 West Royal Palm, Suite 105
Phoenix, Arizona 85021
Telephone: (602) 995-2600

Contact America
717 Second Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20002
Telephone: (202) 546-3444

Contact America is a syndicated radio broadcast concerned with American family life.

Mastermedia International
2102 Palm Avenue
Highland, California
Telephone: (714) 864-5250.

Mastermedia is a ministry of evangelization to film and television leaders. The group also provides information to the Christian community about media-related issues.

Morality in Media
475 Riverside Drive
New York, New York 10115
Telephone: (212) 870-3222

Morality in Media is a watchdog organization that seeks to impede or halt the distribution of pornography through education and the vigorous enforcement of existing laws. The group also provides legal information to prosecutors and other interested attorneys. Additionally, Morality in Media publishes a 15-page booklet entitled "Cliches" that debunks the 33 most popular arguments advanced by pro-pornography activists. The booklet can be ordered from the address listed above.

Movie Morality Ministries
1309 Seminole Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080

This group publishes a monthly movie guide entitled Preview, which rates current movies on their treatment of obscene language, violence, sexual intercourse, nudity, drug and alcohol abuse, and homosexuality. Primarily for parents who want to know how these topics are presented in current films.

National Coalition Against Pornography
800 Compton Road, #9248
Cincinnati, Ohio 45321-3822
Telephone: (513) 521-6227

The National Coalition Against Pornography is an alliance of religious and private organizations that fight hard-core pornography with education and legal action. The group also offers a wide range of educational materials.

National Coalition on Television Violence
Post Office Box 2157
Champaign, Illinois 61820

Parent's Music Resource Center
1500 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 330
Arlington, Virginia 22209
Telephone: (703) 527-9466

The Parent's Music Resource Center educates the public about violent, pornographic, and pro-drug messages in popular music.

References: Anti-Porn Activism.

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Further Reading: Anti-Porn Activism.

American Family Association. "Anti-Christian Bias in America." 
Excerpts from the proceedings of the American Family Association's March 1990 Conference on Anti-Christian Bias in America. Printed in the May 1990 issue of the Journal and available as a 24-page reprint from the American Family Association, Post Office Drawer 2440, Tupelo, Mississippi 38803. Papers include Congressman William E. Dannemeyer, "Christianity Under Attack By 'New Bigotry';" Larry L. Crain of the Rutherford Institute, "Anti-Christian Bias in the Law;" Columnist Cal Thomas, "News Media Biased Against Christians;" Editor Joseph Farah, "Anti-Christian Bigotry in Hollywood;" Paul C. Vitz, "Religion and Traditional Values in Public School Textbooks;" and H. Wayne House, Th.D, J.D., "Anti-Christian Bias in Higher Education: Problems and Solutions."

American Family Association. Talk Back
Softcover. Order from the American Family Association, Post Office Drawer 2440, Tupelo, Mississippi 38803. This book shows how to get your opinion across to television advertisers and producers who seem to be totally indifferent to the Christian point of view. A strategy for fighting pornography and violence on television for both individuals and organizations, written by the AFA, which has many years of experience in this field.

Leo A. Brodeur. Hell's War Against Our Children
Order from Keep the Faith, 810 Belmont Avenue, Post Office Box 8261, North Haledon, New Jersey 07508, telephone: (201) 423-5395. The author describes the various weapons that Satan uses to target our children, causing them to lose faith, patriotism, respect for their parents, and even their desire to live. Special emphasis is given to Satanic and violent rock music.

Journal of the American Family Association. 
Formerly the Journal of the National Federation for Decency, this excellent monthly primarily addresses pornography in the media and the arts and the many instances of media pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and anti-Christian bias. To subscribe, write to the American Family Association, Post Office Drawer 2440, Tupelo, Mississippi 38803. Telephone: (601) 844-5036.

Morality in Media publishes a 15-page booklet entitled "Cliches" that debunks the 33 most popular arguments advanced by pro-pornography activists. The booklet can be ordered from Morality in Media, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 10115.

Donald E. Wildmon. The Case Against Pornography and The Home Invaders
Victor Books, Order from the American Family Association, Post Office Drawer 2440, Tupelo, Mississippi 38803, or from Victor Books, Post Office Box 1825, Wheaton, Illinois 60189. Mr. Wildmon, a former pastor and currently Executive Director of the AFA, is the world's most experienced pornography fighter. These books outline his strategies for fighting pornography in general and the violence that permeates television programming. He also shows how you, as a concerned Christian and parent, can fight it too. Mr. Wildmon explains exactly how damaging porn and violence can be when it is allowed to spread unchecked. These are not off-the-wall books; they are heavily documented with convincing evidence.

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