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Here is the description of the International Council of Catholic Men which appears in the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

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Official name: International Council of Catholic Men

Acronym: FIHC-Unum Omnes (Federation Internationale des Hommes Catholiques)

Established: 1948

History: Unum Omnes started out as the International Federation of Men's Associations of Catholic Action, established by the Italian Catholic Action Men's Union. The constituent assembly in Lourdes in France was attended by delegates from 20 countries from Europe, North America and South America.

In 1950 at the first General Assembly, at the request of Pius XII who had approved the plan to set up the federation and wished to open it up to organizations that were not members of Catholic Action, its name was changed to the "International Council of Catholic Men-Unum Omnes."

It is recognized by the Holy See as an international Catholic organization and is a member of the Conference of International Catholic Organizations.

Identity: Unum Omnes brings together national organizations of Catholic men committed to the apostolate and dissemination of the Church's teachings.

It fosters contacts between the member associations in order to encourage mutual familiarity and assistance, and to cooperate in the work of evangelization. It encourages the establishment of new Catholic men's organizations.

It also establishes and maintains relations with international organizations sharing the same objectives; it speaks out to public opinion and international organizations on the thinking of Catholic men regarding matters of general interest and concern.

Organization: The official bodies of Unum Omnes are the general assembly, which has total authority regarding the management, discipline and control of the federation; the council, as the management body comprising the president, vice president, the general secretary, the treasurer and ecclesiastical assistant; the executive committee, which is responsible for decision-taking and initiatives between general assemblies, which have to subsequently ratify them.

Membership of Unum Omnes is open to national organizations of Catholic men, recognized by the Church authorities, or national associations of men and women. Diocesan Catholic men's organizations can become associate members.

Membership: Unum Omnes comprises 36 member associations in 36 countries.

Publications: Newsletter, published three times a year

Web site: www.unum-omnes.com


Federation Internationale des Hommes Catholiques
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Tel. and Fax (39) 0669.887382

E-mail: unumomnes@libero.it

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