Couples for Christ

Promoting Marriage as a Vocation


Here is the description of Couples for Christ which appears in the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

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Official name: Couples for Christ

Acronym: CFC

Established: 1981

History: The Couples for Christ Association was established in Manila, the Philippines, by 16 married couples belonging to a Catholic Charismatic Renewal prayer group. It works for Christian couples wishing to deepen their faith by helping one another to revive their relationship with Our Lord and to allow themselves to be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Within a few years, the association was recognized by the Philippine bishops' conference, and its new approach to evangelization spread in the parishes as a program for the renewal of family life. On March 11, 2000, the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of Couples for Christ as an international association of the faithful of pontifical right.

Identity: CFC is made up of families who have taken up Christ's exhortation to be leaven and light in the world, and to spread the good news of the liberation of humanity.

Through their commitment to the Church's evangelizing work, promoting peace and justice, defending the poor and the oppressed, and promoting the unity of Christians, they cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit who gives life to a new humanity.

Membership of CFC entails acceptance of the Christian Life Program, of a program of instruction designed to impart to all the members of the association the essentials of the faith, helping them to rediscover the sense of their vocation to marriage and to renew their faithfulness to God every day, to their vows which bind them as husband and wife, and to their commitment to support one another.

CFC pursues its objectives through family pastoral programs aimed at making the family a "domestic church," and through pastoral programs attentive to the needs of the poor.

Organization: CFC is governed by the International Council, with its headquarters at Manila, under which there are the National Councils. Under the National Councils can be Regional Councils, and under these the sectors, and under these the chapters, which are the grass-roots units of CFC. Non-Catholic Christians may also become aggregate members of the association.

Membership: CFC has some 980,600 members, and is in 76 countries around the world.

Publications: In His Steps, a quarterly publication of biblical reflection; Mothers, a biweekly magazine; Ugnayan, a biweekly newsletter.

Web site: www.cfcglobal.org.ph


Couples for Christ
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