Marriage Encounter

Began in Spain


Here is the description of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter which appears in the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

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Official name: Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Acronym: WWME

Established: 1965

History: Worldwide Marriage Encounter was established in Spain by the Jesuit Father Manuel Calvo whose work with young people made him realize how important it is for the growth and upbringing of children for parents to live in harmony.

He designed an instrument that would facilitate and deepen dialogue between the husband and wife to strengthen the "I will" that they bear in their hearts.

After a few years, it reached the United States from where it spread rapidly to countries in other continents, thanks to the work of Father Chuck Gallagher, another Jesuit, together with a number of married couples who enriched the movement by beginning to organize "marriage encounter weekends" for couples and priests.

Identity: The movement exists to help married couples live their relationship responsibly, through authentic dialogue, reference to a support community and attendance at weekend marriage encounters organized for couples who wish to learn to know one another more deeply and to galvanize their married life and their relationship with Our Lord.

The meetings are animated by the testimony of three married couples and a priest dealing with various aspects of daily living.

This experience is also provided for priests and religious who wish to authentically live their own vocation, and to couples of non-believers.

The movement fosters the integration of married couples and families into the parishes, encourages them to cooperate with the parish priests in catechetical work for engaged and married couples, and motivates them to place themselves at the service of the Church by devoting themselves to the sick, the elderly living alone, and the poor.

Organization: WWME is governed at every level (local, diocesan, regional, national) by ecclesial teams made up of one priest and a married couple.

At the worldwide level, the movement is coordinated by the International Coordination Team, assisted by seven ecclesial teams which represent the existing secretariats for Africa, Asia, the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America and Oceania.

Membership: WWME is present in 82 countries around the world.

Publications: Monthly, bimonthly or quarterly publications at the national level

Web site: www.wwme.org

Headquarters: Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Agave, 60
Colonia Jardines de Coyoacán
Mexico, D.F. — Mexico

Telephone and Fax (52) 55-5677-5671

E-mail: delamora@dsi.com.mx

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