Seguimi Lay Group of Human-Christian Promotion

For the Fulfillment of Each Person


Here is the description of the "Seguimi" Lay Group of Human-Christian Promotion which appears in the Directory of International Associations of the Faithful, published by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Official name: "Seguimi" Lay Group of Human-Christian Promotion

Also known as: "Seguimi"

Established: 1965

History: The pre-foundation phase of "Seguimi" dates back to the 1960s, and occurred in two cities: Modena and Rome. In Modena, a large group of young people and adults felt the desire to live radical Christianity in dialogue in the manner and according to the needs of the modern age.

In Rome, after a meeting between Paola Majocchi, the present president, and Father Anastasio Gutiérrez, a Claretian father and jurist (1911-1998), the idea took shape of a new lay association, in harmony with the thinking of the Second Vatican Council. Bishop Abele Conigli of Teramo-Atri, Italy, gave "Seguimi" canonical approbation as a pious union.

Faithful to its structure and charism, "Seguimi" moves forward keeping pace with the times in the process of deepening its identity. Following 1967, it spread to other Italian dioceses and then gradually spread worldwide. On March 19, 1984, the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of "Seguimi" Lay Group of Human-Christian Promotion as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical right.

Identity: "Seguimi" is a lay association based on the following of Christ, with the intention of achieving the full human and Christian self fulfillment of the individual person by providing an adequate formation and through the search for each person's own place in the construction of the kingdom, based on the potential of each one, and in response to the needs of the world, to be able to live here and now the full happiness of being the children of God.

In the pursuit of these objectives, emphasis is given to the life of faith, with personal and community daily prayer; mature interpersonal relations in Christ, in a family climate; the Christian lay presence in every professional and social sphere; providing formation in responsible freedom; cooperation with works focusing around the human person. The formation itinerary proposed to the mem¬bers is designed to lead people to full maturity in Christ, both in their professional and in their community lives, using Holy Scrip¬ture and theology for the spiritual and apostolic life.

"Seguimi" excludes no area of service whatsoever. At the present time, it is concerned with human and Christian development, assisting the elderly and disabled, supporting families, welcoming in unmar¬ried mothers, and international cooperation.

Organization: "Seguimi" has four types of membership: committed members, who live in celibacy, organized into male and female communi¬ties, which make up the Animation Centre; affiliated members, who live a celibate life individually; aggregated members, as indi¬viduals and families; voluntary members, who share its spirit and take part in its work. Without prejudice to its lay character, "Seguimi" also admits priests, some of whom are responsible for providing doctrinal and ecclesial orientation to the association, and to provide religious instruction for the laity according to the wish of the Second Vatican Council.

Fidelity to the Gospel and the evangelical counsels is based on personal commitment, without any vows, but based solely on an informed and radical choice of Christ, which matures in the concrete reality of daily life. In a cli¬mate of self responsibility and the promotion of the individual per¬son which is characteristic of "Seguimi," authority plays a sub¬sidiary and coordinating role.

The central council encourages and appraises any personal initiatives, adopting them and unifying them in a more universal vision. The government is assisted by the Statutory Guarantees Superior Council, the Economic Affairs Council, and the Education and Culture Council.

Membership: "Seguimi" has about 800 members in 11 countries in Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

Works: In Italy, "Seguimi" has set up a sheltered home and a cultural cen¬ter for the elderly; a farm; Orizzonti Nuovi and Solidart Center (handicraft workshops, exhibitions and fairs for fundraising, organizing work and training camps on universalism); the PAD centre (remote adoption of development initiatives in three African coun¬tries); a youth center; drop-in centers; the Family and Life Center for the formation of family workers and parents, education in sex¬uality, supporting nuclear families in difficulty; a spirituality and conference center.

"Seguimi" has also given rise to the associa¬tion for international cooperation and voluntary service educa¬tion, Granito de Paz in Spain; and medical, nutritional and care center for future mothers and an agricultural development project in the Democratic Republic of Congo; a home for children in dif¬ficulties in Cameroon; a care center in the war refugee camps in Burundi.

Publications: "Si Vis," published every two months; "Seguimi News," published every four months.

Web: http://www.grupposeguimi.org


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