Called to Communion

Call in: 833-288-EWTN (3986) | Are you "Called to Communion?" In this LIVE call-in show, Dr. David Anders talks clearly with non-Catholics about the faith. We ask the question "What's stopping YOU from becoming a Catholic?"
Deciding What Is True?
How do I explain prayer to the dead?, what does the Catholic do to decide what is true, Orthodox Church start date, and why are my commandments different from yours?
Catholic Tradition And The Bible
On today's show, Dr. Anders discusses Catholic Tradition and the Bible, the purpose of monastic life and who was Mary wife of Clopas? Plus, more questions and callers.
Marriage Questions And More
Dr. Anders answers questions about marriage, validity and more.
If You Play Chess With A Catholic Philosopher
If you play chess with a Catholic philosopher, you just might become Catholic after.
Can Saints Hear All Prayers Simultaneously?
Can Saints Hear All Prayers Simultaneously? and how are they efficacious?
Are Tradition And The Magisterium Reliable?
Your e-mails are answered on a special mailbag episode of Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders. Dr. Anders answers a question about Tradition and the Magisterium.
Why Does Jesus Still Have Wounds?
(MB) Why does Jesus still have wounds after His resurrection?, is it possible for God to command us to do evil?, and during the Transfiguration, how did the disciples know who Jesus was talking to?
Do We Need To Meet In A Church Building?
Do we need to meet in a Church building, what is the difference between mortal and venial sin, and is abortion ok for babies with Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18?
Zen, Virtues & Trinity Coeternal
Today Dr. Anders shares his insights into Zen, Souls in purgatory after Christ return, theological & cardinal virtues as well as answering a little girls question where did God come from?
Purgatory & Penance
Today Dr. Ander answers your questions about the Catholic faith including: Was John the 1st martyr?, what did Jesus do on Holy Saturday?, how do we minimize our time in purgatory?, and what's the best Catholic Bible and the origins of penance?
Jesus's Ascension Into Heaven
A question about Jesus's ascension into heaven.
Don't Need Religion To Love Others
How do you respond when someone says they don't need religion to love others.
Questions About Mary.
Questions About Mary.
Why Have Holy Days Of Obligation?
Why do we have holy days of obligation?, would there have been a resurrection of the body without the Fall, and if I become Catholic, how far back do I have to go to confess my sins?
Understanding Faith, Facts, And Feelings
As a new Catholic I'm having a real problem in my understanding of faith, facts and feelings, and is Easter a pagan holiday?