Called to Communion

Call in: 833-288-EWTN (3986) | Are you "Called to Communion?" In this LIVE call-in show, Dr. David Anders talks clearly with non-Catholics about the faith. We ask the question "What's stopping YOU from becoming a Catholic?"
Dr. Anders's Search For Truth
In today's fascinating mailbag edition Dr. Anders gives us more about his personal intellectual journey, the quest of higher criticism for historical Jesus, how to answer your kids' difficult questions and more.
Does Catholics Promote The Bible?
In today's show Dr. Anders explains how the reading of Holy Scriptures occupy a privileged place in the Catholic Church, reasons to become Catholic, problems with premarital cohabitation and more.
Confession and Chronic Social Anxiety
In today's show Dr. Anders talks about Marian devotions, Chronic Social Anxiety, the biblical understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven and more.
What Is Considered Tradition?
In today's episode Dr. Anders answers questions like: What is considered Tradition? Can God be present in Hell? Is a natural marriage invalid? and more.
Was The Holy Grail Found?
In today's show Dr. Anders touches on subjects like: The search for the Holy Grail, the history of Protestant theology and more.
Am I Praying Correctly?
In today's show Dr. Anders talks about: Young apologists discouraged by the current state of things, crisis of faith, Baptist claims of antiquity, Marian apparitions and more.
Growing in Holiness and Being Yourself
In today's episode Dr. Anders goes deep into questions about: Personality, celibacy, transgenderism, homosexuality and Marian devotion.
How Should I Read C.S. Lewis?
In today's show D. Anders touches on hot button issues like: Vaccines, religious activism, extraterrestrial life and gives us a tour into C. S. Lewis's bibliography.
My Church Approves Homosexual Lifestyle
Is today's show Dr. Anders tackles questions about: Marxism, homosexuality, the inspiration of Scriptures and more.
How to Overcome Resistance to The Virgin Mary and The Saints
Today Dr. Anders approaches questions like: Did Constantine organized the Church? How can a new convert overcome the resistance to the Holy Virgin Mary and the Saints? Are relics legit? and much more!
Happy 4th of July Mailbag!
In today's show Dr. Anders sheds light on subjects as: The purpose of marriage past the childbearing age, How did Calvin and Luther interpreted the Real Presence, the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and more in this 4th of July mailbag edition!
Is Dr. Anders too harsh on Protestants?
In today's show Dr. Anders responds to the observation that he can sometimes be harsh to Protestants, questions about the interpretation of Genesis, the catholic take on having a hysterectomy and more.
The Rapture of the Church
Today Dr. Anders touches on several super interesting subjects as: Marriage in the Afterlife, The Protestant belief in the Rapture and the story of the King James Bible.
Why Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?
In today's show Dr. Anders responds to questions about: The need for baptism, What do Protestants mean by "Led by the Spirit"?, the vocation of singles in the Church and more.
Does Reverence Leads to Belief in the Eucharist?
In Today's show Dr. Anders talks about: Reverence leading to faith in the Eucharist or vise versa, heresy, the need for saints, the story of Fr. Coyle from Birmingham Alabama and more.