Called to Communion

Are you "Called to Communion?" In this LIVE call-in show, Dr. David Anders talks clearly with non-Catholics about the faith. We ask the question "What's stopping YOU from becoming a Catholic?"
Is There A Place In Christianity For Introverts?
Is there a place in Christianity for introverts?, the laity cant consecrate the Eucharist, Pope Francis has been pretty darn clear when it comes to his response to the Dubia, and how does the Penance tie into Reconciliation?
The Season Of Advent
The season of Advent, were any books of the Bible written by a woman?, why have a penance if you have to go purgatory?, and here is what the Church thinks about the death of Christ.
The Novus Ordo Is Not Schismatic
The Novus Ordo is not schismatic, why do we need penance or Purgatory, the 3 Days of Darkness question, and the Perpetual Virginity of Mary.
Freedom To Choose God's Will
On today's Called to Communion, Dr. Anders discusses Epektasis and freedom to choose God's will, salvation, did Jesus know He was God, and attending a Holy Day of Obligation but not Catholic.
What Is The Nature Of The Bible's Authority?
(MB) What is the nature of the Bible's authority? and more questions from the mailbag.
Happy Thanksgiving!
(MB) Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. David Anders, Thom and the Called To Communion team! Dr. Anders reaches into the mailbag to answer some questions including, why are you thankful to be a Catholic and discussing the faith with your in-laws who are visiting, and what does it mean to "give someone grace"?
Dealing With Anti-Synod Hysteria
Dr. Anders discusses the anti-Synod hysteria out there, does God love us all equally?, reading about Narnia, and please explain dogma versus faith.
Who Is The Holy Spirit?
Who is the Holy Spirit?, did Mary ever sin?, can you explain what a plenary indulgence is?, and of Papal Bulls and black cats.
Pope Francis Showing Us How To Do Church Better
Pope Francis showing us how to do Church better, Catholics used to be considered anti-life, how do we understand "graven images" and accusations of idolatry?, and why do Catholics celebrate more 1 day of Christmas?
Nothing Controversial About The Novus Ordo
(MB) Dr. Anders gets a question about the Novus Ordo from a listener, the relationship between Theology and morals, can you explain the Filioque controversy?, and do dogs go to heaven?
Why Catholic And Not Anglican?
(Mailbag) Why Catholic and not Anglican?, "mad as a snake", Orans posture during the Our Father, changing the color of the smoke when electing the Pope, the donation of one's heart to God and the inward sacrifice and how can I unite myself to the sacrifice of Christ?
Why Has The Pope Placed Limits On The TLM?
Why has the Pope placed limits on the TLM?, why does the Church use language like "praying to"?, Pope Francis hasn't changed Church teaching on gay marriage, and discussing the Catholic faith with fallen-away daughters.
Why No Salvation Outside The Church?
Why is there no salvation outside the Church?, is it proper to have relics in your home?, does baptism restore us to original justice, and more.
Please Explain Purgatory & Heaven
Please explain Purgatory & Heaven
The True Religion
How do we know Christianity and Catholicism is the true religion? Is each Mass a distinct offering from God's perspective? Is presumption a sin against the Holy Spirit? and more on today's Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders.