Conversations with Consequences

"Conversations with Consequences" is the voice of The Catholic Association, offering a weekly hour of thoughtful dialogue—with the leading thinkers of our time— on the most consequential issues of our day.
Mary Ann Glendon
Former ambassador to the Holy See, Mary Ann Glendon joins to discuss her new book: "In the Courts of Three Popes."
Monica Lopez Barahona
Marking 30 years since the passing of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, we speak with Monica Lopez Barahona of the Lejeune Foundation in Spain.
Maureen Ferguson
Maureen Ferguson joins to discuss the real dangers of big tech and what parents should do to safeguard their teens.
Tim Carney
Tim Carney joins to discuss his new book, Family Unfriendly, and why modern parenting is so misguided
Father Jeffrey Kirby
Father Jeffrey Kirby talks the mental sufferings of Christ ahead of Holy Week.
David Baird
As we head into Oscars weekend, we talk with David Baird all about the Vatican's Film List and his book: Popcorn with the Pope!
Fran Meier/Brad Wilcox
Catholic author Fran Meier joins to discuss his new book, True Confessions & Brad Wilcox tells us why everyone should Get Married.
Paul Shrimpton
Paul Shrimpton joins to discuss the White Rose resistance and what we can learn from Hans and Sophie Scholl.
Haley Stewart
Word on Fire's Haley Stewart joins to discuss the importance of good children's literature.
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
As we mark Black History Month, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers offers his Catholic take on racism, what's wrong with critical race theory, and why a relationship with Jesus is what matters most.
Alejandro Monteverde
Catholic movie director Alejandro Monteverde joins discussing his new film Cabrini in theaters March 8.
Father Jeffrey Kirby/Kathryn Lopez
Father Jeffrey Kirby discusses ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ from a pastor's view and Kathryn Lopez talks about the March For Life and where we go from here.
Brian Clowes
Brian Clowes of Human Life International talks about the 51st March for Life.
Sisters of Life/Katy Faust
The Sisters of Life have news about LifeFest coming this summer and Katy Faust discusses the Pope's recent words on surrogacy.
Eva Muntean
Eva Muntean joins to discuss the 20th anniversary of the West Coast Walk for Life with headliner Lila Rose of Live Action.