The Doctor Is In

"The Doctor is In" is hosted by Dr. Ray Guarendi, who brings to the program a wealth of academic credentials and personal life experience. He deals with personal problems, family issues, and professional questions. EWTN listeners love his fun approach and practical advice!
People Are Strange!
Angel called in concerned about how weird some people are acting these days. After her explanation. Dr. Ray said he's never heard of people having problems like this before.
Joel calls in to tell the doctor that he's being harassed by Satan. It is the doctor's believe that he has two problems with Satan that he should be aware of and deal with them accordingly.
Mothers - in - law
Sheila from Cincinnati that that she bought her son and his new wife many gifts for their wedding. Then she bought many gifts for her unborn granddaughter which make here daughter-in-law furious. Hear the doctor's response here.
E-Mail Monday
Dr. Ray Guarendi answers emails on family, and marriage & relationships.
Look Back Friday!
Dr.Ray revisits calls from previous shows and adds additional comments.
A Faith Increase!
Jennifer from San Antonio called to tell the doctor that her eight year old son doesn't listen to her requests. But there is a silver lining in this cloud. It's an inspiring story.
To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?
Zanah is calling from Massachusetts who has a doctor and two nurses in the family who are adamant about getting the Covid-19 vaccine. The Doctor says something else.
Living With Another Woman While Married
Linda from New Jersey tells the doctor that her son is getting a divorce but is currently living with another women. She refuses to allow him to bring the other women to her house but has second thoughts if she's doing the right thing. Hear what the doctor says about this.
"E-Mail Monday"
Dr. Ray Guarendi answers emails on family, marriage and relationships.
Look Back Friday!
Dr. Ray revisits calls from previous shows and adds additional comments.
Allison has a question that's become quite popular, it has to do with therapy dealing with pathology and therapy dealing with living better.
Adult ADHD
Anonymous in Pennsylvania would like Dr. Ray to comment on the fact that his wife was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, she is fifty-five years of age.
Raising Virtuous Children
Kara, a mother to a two year old, believes that her peers and relatives know what's best for her daughter. The doctor disagrees saying that it's her values, her morals, and her child. She needs to raise them as she see's best and not worry about anyone else's opinion.
E-Mail Monday
It’s E-Mail Monday! Instead of taking calls, Dr. Ray spends Monday’s answering listener e-mail. You can e-mail Dr. Ray yourself at (Originally aired August 16, 2021)
Blondein called from Mississippi to ask the doctor's advice regarding her granddaughter going to the library and checking out books on witchcraft.