Ave Maria In The Afternoon

Call in: 877-573-7825 | Biblical theologian and commentator Dr. Marcus Peter examines Church, culture, and current events through the lens of Faith, from the heart of the Church.
Meredith Hinds On Eucharistic Saints
Meredith Hinds shares some Catholic Eucharistic saints you should know and Steve Ray takes your questions on the Jewish roots of the faith.
America’s heritage with Andrea Picciotti-Bayer
We discuss America’s heritage with Andrea Picciotti-Bayer and a plan to display the Ten Commandments in Louisiana public schools with Auguste Meyrat. Then, John Bursch takes your calls and questions on gender ideology.
Bringing The Eucharistic Revival Home
Doug Keck looks at Catholic reactions to the attempted assassination of Donald Trump and Dr. Greg Popcak discusses how we can bring the Eucharistic Revival home. Also, Marcus and Pat Flynn discuss the best arguments for God – and take your calls!
The Assassination Attempt of Donald Trump
We continue our coverage of the assassination attempt of Donald Trump. Paul Kengor’s son was there, and Paul tells us what he saw. We also learn more about new VP nominee JD Vance with Peter Laffin.
Some Final Thoughts
In this final hour of Kresta in the Afternoon, we take your calls about the best books you heard about from Al and his son James shares some final thoughts.
KOC Covering Rupnik's Art
In this penultimate edition of Kresta in the Afternoon, Matthew Bunson gives us a look at the latest Church news, including the Knights of Columbus’ plan to begin covering over mosaics created by Fr Rupnik.
What does the Bible say about Reconciliation?
We discuss the Sacrament of Reconciliation with James Prothro and look at what the new GOP platform says about abortion with Peter Laffin.
Resounding Truth
Chris Bray shares how his love of music helped him discover his faith.
The Mystery of the Shroud
Marcus responds to intellectual problems posed by atheism. Russ Breault explores the mystery of the Shroud of Turin.
Archbishop Vigano Excommunicated
This morning the Vatican excommunicated Archbishop Vigano. Matthew Bunson has the details.
1619, 1776 and the United States of America
We discuss religious liberty and the American founding with Philip Munoz and Paul Kengor.
Catholic Philosophy: Rejoicing in the Truth
Richard Spinello introduces us to some of the leading thinkers in Catholic philosophy.
Navigating the Rising Tide of Political Polarization
We share the last of our discussions from Acton U, discussing our fractured society with Rachel Ferguson and Catholic integralism with Kevin Vallier.
Liberty, Catholics and the American Republic
We share more interviews from Acton University, we talk liberty, Catholics and the American Republic with James Patterson and anti-human ideologies with Jay Richards.
Prudential Judgement
What the Church teaches about how to vote.