Kresta In The Afternoon

Call in: 877-573-7825 | Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Israel’s Tabernacle
Gary Anderson explains the importance of the Tabernacle to our faith today and Daniel Markham takes us on a trip to celebrate Mass in all 50 states.
Around the Table: A Firsthand Account of the Eucharist
Peggy Stanton joins us for our weekly look at the Gospel and Scott Hurd gives us a vision of Jesus’ life through the eyes of the Apostles.
The Faith of the Next Generation
Guest Host Pete Burak and Brendan Hodge look at the latest numbers about the loss of religion in our youth, and Tom Nash joins us to discuss the Biblical basis for the Church.
Six Catholic Scientists you Might Not Know
Guest Host Pat Oedy-Murray and Michael New look at the latest pro-life news. Also, Joseph Pearce introduces us to forgotten Catholic scientists and Auguste Meyrat looks at what is missing in Elon Musk’s life.
What does ‘Dignitas Infinita’ say about Human Dignity?
Guest Host Matthew Bunson and Fr. Thomas Petri take a deep dive into the Vatican’s new DDF document and what it says about human dignity.
Feast of the Annunciation
Al celebrates the feast of the Annunciation and David Zahl discusses how secular substitutes for religion leave us unsatisfied.
Divine Mercy or Divine Justice?
Guest Host Marcus Peter and Wes Smith discuss new developments in assisted suicide laws, and Michael Dauphinais examines what Aquinas has to say about Divine Mercy and Divine Justice.
Pope Francis and the 2005 Conclave
Pope Francis said he was “used” in the 2005 conclave in an effort to block the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, though he supported the candidacy of the man who soon became Pope Benedict XVI. Matthew Bunson has more.
What is a “Rainbow Synodal” Church?
Why is a leading Cardinal calling for a “Rainbow Synodal Church?” We talk with Peter Herbeck.
The Everlasting Man: Understanding Chesterton’s Timeless Masterpiece
Fr. Michael Duffy delivered the homily on Holy Saturday for Police Officer Jonathan Diller, who was killed in the line of duty. He joins us. Also, Dale Ahlquist takes us on a journey through Chesterton’s Everlasting Man.
What Form did Christ’s Resurrected Body Take?
What are some heterodox positions that are challenging the historic teaching on the nature of Christ’s Resurrection body? We explore it with Dr. Jim Ware.
A “Rainbow” Synod?
Why did a prominent Cardinal say he imagines the Church as a rainbow? We talk with Matthew Bunson, and Lucas Webber explains why he predicted an ISIS attack on Russia nearly a year ago.
Distinctly Catholic
Sean Forrest updates us on the chaos in Haiti and Ken Craycraft discusses how to be ‘distinctly Catholic’ in a polarized political world.
A Daily Defense: Holy Week Edition
Sandra Miesel gives us a look at the history of crucifixion art and Jimmy Akin helps us respond to Holy Week doubters.
Kresta in the Afternoon - Friday
Jesse Romero shares how encounters with the Occult as a cop in LA helped him find his way back to the Church + Al discusses the meaning of holiness in marriage and Kyle Greenwood helps us interpret Genesis