Kresta In The Afternoon

Well-known Catholic speaker and author Al Kresta speaks with people from all walks of life on various topics of the day, and about their walk with the Lord.
Work as Mission
Al looks at work as mission and Dr. Ray has tips from Jesus, the master psychologist, and Dan Weingartz discusses Catholic business.
The World’s Debt to the Catholic Church
Al discusses the World’s Debt to the Catholic Church and Steve Weidenkopf looks at times the Church has risen out of great turmoil, and Michael Pakaluk looks at Mary’s special role in the Gospel of John.
The Church in the News
Guest Host Tom Nash talks church news with Matthew Bunson and persecution in India with Edward Clancy, and Marcus Grodi discusses faith and football.
Is God Beyond Reason?
Guest Host Marcus Peter talks with Monica Miller about abortion and Catholic politicians, and Joe Pearce asks if God is “Beyond Reason,” and Luke Lancaster joins us with a look at archaeological evidence for the Scriptures and Msgr. Charles Pope looks ahead to the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.
What Happened on Epiphany?
Guest Host Jerry Usher discusses the Latin Mass with Matthew Bunson and the feast of Epiphany with Steve Ray, and Michael New on the recent New York Times investigation that found some prenatal blood tests have alarmingly high false positive results for genetic disorders.
Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus
In hour 1 Chris Rollston tells the story of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Holly Ordway looks at Tolkien’s modern influences, and in hour 2 Brant Pitre shares how we can walk the path of prayer with Jesus.
Best of Kresta Countdown 2021
It’s the final day of the Countdown! Os Guinness examines the “last call for liberty” and the roots of our political divisions, and At #1 in our 2021 Countdown, Steven Smith looks at God’s Temple presence in the Scriptures.
Best of Kresta Countdown 2021
At #4 in the countdown Al and Dr. Ray Guarendi discuss his experience with depression, and Al and Carter Snead discuss what it means to be human.
Best of Kresta Countdown 2021
Bill Donohue exposes myths about the clergy sex abuse scandal and Rachel Fulton Brown honors the legacy of Gertrude the Great, and Joby Warrick explains what ISIS is doing now and John U Bacon tells how he turned around America’s worst high school hockey team.
Best of Kresta Countdown 2021
Al discusses the downfall of Andrew Cuomo and the dangers of pride, and Louis Markos gives us a Christian view of classical myths, and Sam Gregg discusses why Corporate America loves the Left and Rocky Sickmann shares his experience being captured in the Iran Hostage Crisis.
Best of Kresta Countdown 2021
We discuss total conversion with Fr. Robert Spitzer, we talk with John Love about John of the Cross’ Dark Night of the Soul, and Scott Ellsworth tells the story of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots.
Best of Kresta Countdown 2021
We re-air some of the top interviews of the year, with Fr. Tom Colucci, 9/11 firefighter turned priest, author of The Day the World Came to Town, Jim DeFede, and author of Our Dear Bought Liberty, Michael Breidenbach.
A Virtual Tour of the Nativity
In hour 1 Benedict Rogers explains the latest on China, Steve Ray gives us a virtual tour of the Nativity, and we take a look at the markets with Chadd Garcia, and in hour 2 Jenny Hubbard shares how she found peace after losing her daughter at Sandy Hook and Doug Keck previews special programming for Christmas.
Books that Changed my Life
In hour 1 What is a book that has influenced your life? We take your calls, and in hour 2 We take more of your calls on books that have influenced your life.
Order Out of Chaos
In hour 1 The Haitian missionaries are free! Al looks at this and other examples of Order out of Chaos and then talks with Deacon Joe Hulway about the work he is doing in the Congo, and in hour 2 Al looks at the connection between faith and sports and talks New Ways Ministry and other church news with Matthew Bunson.