Miracle Hunter

'Miracle Hunter' Michael O'Neill delves into the fascinating world of miracles and takes listeners on a hunt that explores the greatest mysteries and marvels of the Catholic Church. From visions of the Virgin Mary and inexplicable medical healings through the intercession of Saints to the miracles of the Eucharist and those who bear the wounds of Christ, listeners will journey through the wonders that have inspired the fascination and faith of believers for centuries.
St Jacinta, Our Lady of Fatima & The New Vatican Doc on Marian Apparitions
Guests: Father Ed Broom, OMV, Catholic Exchange discusses St Jacinta and Our Lady of Fatima + John Thavis, author and former bureau chief of Catholic News Service discusses the new Vatican document on Marian apparitions
Our Lady of Fatima & Eucharistic Saints
Guests: David Carollo, Executive Director of the World Apostolate of Fatima, discusses the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima. + Author, Meredith Hinds, joins to talk about her new book "Eucharistic Saints: Twenty Stories of Eucharistic Devotion to Jesus"
Catholic Travel & The Canonization of Pier Giorgio Frassati
Guests: Fr Edward Looney, author, Places of Grace (a Catholic Travel Memoir) & Christine Wohar, author, Finding Frassati, (canonization of Pier Giorgio Frassati)
The Miracle Blessed Elena Guerra + Rosa Mystica Foundation
Guests: Sister Carolina of the Oblate Sisters of the Holy Spirit discussing the Miracle of Blessed Elena Guerra + JoAnne VonZwehl, President of the Rosa Mystica Foundation
St. Bernadette + The Canonization Miracle of St Faustina
Guests: Elizabeth Ficocelli, author, Lourdes: Font of Faith Hope and Charity, discusses St Bernadette +Bob and Maureen Digan explore the Canonization miracle of St Faustina
The Virgin of Revelation and Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria
Sr. Emanuela Edwards of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation about the incredible apparitions to Bruno Cornacchiola and his turnaround. + Fr. Kevin Manion, actor and promoter, discusses the cause for Fr. Aloyisius Ellacuria
The Holy Winding Sheet + The Sudariam of OViedo
Guests: Chuck Neff, executive producer of the "Holy Winding Sheet", a film about the Shroud of Turin. + Church historian Dan Cheely discusses the Sudarium of Oviedo
Medical View of Christ's Passion + The Holy Face Devotion
This week, we take a look at the Holy Face devotion with author Mary Jane Zuzulo. Plus, Dr Timothy Millea shares the medical view of Christ's Passion!
Venerable Rose Hawthorne & The Cause of Joseph Dutton
Guests: Fr. Gabriel O'Donnell, OP, vice postulator for Rose Hawthorne + Bishop of Honolulu, Larry Silva, on the Joseph Dutton cause.
St Patrick and His World + The Alleged Visionary of Trevignano
Guests: Mike Aquiina, author, "St. Patrick and His World" on St Patrick's Day weekend + Kevin Symonds, author, "Refractions of Light" discussing the statement on Gisella Cardia, alleged visionary of Trevignano.
Catholicism Everywhere & The Staircase of St Joseph
Catholicism Everywhere author Dr. Helen Hoffner has a new book that explores the various ways Catholicism has influenced and inspired our society and world. ..... John Clark talks about the miraculous staircase of St. Joseph located in New Mexico.
Venerable William Gagnon & Our Lady of Pompeii
Guests: Denis Morin discusses Venerable William Gagnon + Church Historian Dan Cheely talks about Our Lady of Pompeii
The Film "Cabrini" & Our Lady of Good Success
There is a lot of buzz about the soon-to-be released film, Cabrini. Get the details from executive producer Eustace Wolfington + James Valois', author Our Lady's Prophecies, highlights Our Lady of Good Success apparitions dating back to 1594 & the startling prophesies that came out about the 20th century!
Marian Apparitions & Venerable Nelson Baker
Guests: Catherine Odell, author "Those Who Saw Her" + Monsignor David LiPuma and David Kersten discussing Venerable Nelson Baker
Our Lady of Lourdes
Elizabeth Ficocelli, Lourdes font of Faith Hope and Charity + "Marlene Watkins, author, Everyday miracles of Lourdes - Sophia Institute