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EWTN Prolife Weekly's Prudence Robertson
EWTN Prolife Weekly has a new host. This week on Register Radio we welcome Prudence Robertson, a former spokesperson for Susan B. Anthony List. Then we have an editors corner on those who we lost in 2021.
Review of 2021's Prolife and International Highlights
As we look at 2021 in the rearview mirror one image continues to stand out: the powerful perseverance of the prolife movement. With the Mississippi 15 week abortion ban before the Supreme Court and the Texas heartbeat law facing opposition from the federal government, we saw what the pro-life movement is made of. And the story isn’t over – 2022 will continue to see the shift in the abortion policy landscape. Lauretta Brown joins us with a perspective on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Then we have an editors corner reflecting on international and other national highlights of 2021 as we continue our year in review coverage.
2021 Year in Review for Vatican and Legal
Happy New Year. At the start 2022, take a moment to review the last year as we say good bye to 2021. The Register’s Rome correspondent Edward Pentin joins us for a year in review of the Vatican and EWTN News’ legal analyst Andrea Picciotti-Bayer gives us the highlight on the Religious Freedom front.
Having the Best Christmas - Past Present and Future
Are you set to have the Best Christmas Ever? Even better do you hope to give a gift that helps someone else have the Best Christmas Ever? Register staff writer Peter Jesserer Smith brings us a heartwarming story of how one parish in Minnesota generously helped a family and a community do just that. And we also look to Charles Dicken’s the Christmas Carol to learn the importance of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Register Columnist John Grondelski guides us through this lesson.
Mental Health in Holidays- Discrimination on Religious Schools
Advent is more than half past and the frenzy of the holiday season is in high gear. How do we stay focused on the reason for Christmas? Msgr. Charles Pope brings us St. Paul’s 5 part plan for mental health. Then we turn back to the Supreme Court where oral argument was heard this week on the question: Can local governments discriminate based on religion in school choice programs? EWTN News’ legal analyst Andrea Picciotti Bayer has the story.
Resetting Abortion Laws - Children's Books for Christmas
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Dec. 1 for Dobbs vs. Jackson which could decide reset U.S. national abortion laws. Many pro-lifers were hopeful after the hearing. Law professor Teresa Collette weighs in. Then we turn to this season in which we prepare for Christmas and true reason for our Joy… There are small ways to keep our families focused on Jesus during the Holidays. Author Anthony DeStafano has been giving us helpful resources by way of beautiful children's’ books for many years. He gives us highlight today.
Interview with Helen Alvare
Interview with Helen Alvare on the Supreme Court Challenge to ‘Roe v. Wade
Dismantling Religious Liberty & Bishops Fall Assembly
In an EXCLUSIVE STORY the Register reported this week that the Health and Human Services Department is planning new rules to mandate health care providers to comply with abortion and gender-transition agendas, dismantling religious liberty exemptions. Register staff writer Peter Smith has the scoop. And what are the take-aways from the US bishops fall assembly? Register National correspondent Lauretta Brown reports from Baltimore.
Catholic Education & The Four Last Things
Education emerged as a key factor in Virginia’s Gubernatorial election, where concerned parents pushed back against curriculum content and school policies on COVID-19. Some say these parents are part of a broader movement for change in the educational landscape. Are we witnessing a reawakening among parents to their rights and responsibilities for the education of their children? This issue we’ll find out. Patrick Reilly, founder and president of the Cardinal Newman society is no stranger to the role parents should play in education or in keeping school curricula on target. He joins us today on Register Radio. Then in this month of November we pray for the dead and we also reflect on where we are headed when our souls depart. Will we become saints or lost souls? The Church invites us to make Heaven, Hell, Death, Judgment a part of our November reflections. We talk to Register columnist John Grondelski about the Four Last Things.
Real Life Catholic Chris Stefanick
An interview with "Real Life Catholic" Chris Stefanick.
All Saints and All Souls
This week’s Register Radio shines a light on All Saints Day when Catholic News Agency’s Hannah Brockhaus tells the story of some of the Church’s newest saints and blesseds. Then we turn to All Souls and remembering the dead – even those we didn’t know when we highlight the San Francisco archdiocese’s Requiem Mass for the Homeless with composer Frank LaRocca of the Benedict XVI Institute.
Baptism without a Godfather - Internet Scams
Imagine baptism without a godfather. Well that’s the reality in one Sicilian archdiocese that has banned the appointment of godfathers for the next three years. Register contributor Patti Armstrong gives us reasons godparents exist and explains how the Marlon Brando model of the Godfather gets it very wrong. Then Register staff writer Peter J. Smith shares about the trouble some parishes are having with internet scams and what can be done to avoid them.
Classical education & Chesterton schools
Classical #education has gained interest in recent years even amid the coronavirus pandemic. #Chesterton schools is one network of classical education academies that has served Catholic high school students in numerous cities throughout the country. What the appeal of this classical model of education in general and Chesterton schools in particular? Register contributor Paul Saenz has the story. Then Matthew Bunson and Jeanette De Melo have an editors’ corner covering the New York City @Napa Institute gathering, the miracle for the beatification for John Paul I, and the opening of the #Synod on Synodality.
Women’s Health Protection Act & Vatican News
The Biden Administration promised a “whole government” response to the pro-life Texas heartbeat law and last week we saw Congress act on that when House Democrats passed the Women’s Health Protection Act. How are pro-life advocates responding to this federal push for so-called abortion rights? Catherine Hadro, host and managing editor of EWTN’s Pro-life Weekly, weighs in. Then Register’s Rome correspondent Edward Pentin reports on the latest Vatican news including the trial related to Cardinal Angelo Beccu.
Father Emil Kapaun and Guardian Angels
Father Emil Kapaun, the Korean War military chaplain, prisoner of war, and Medal of Honor recipient has finally returned home to Kansas, where his remains were laid to rest Sept. 29. Today Register staff writer Joseph Pronechen shares the story of Fr. Kapaun’s heroism, his journey home, and the impact of his life on so many across the nation. Happy Feast of the Guardian Angels. On this special day we’ll learn more about the mission of angels with Msgr. Charles Pope.