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GRN's Len Oswald - Fr. Landry On HOPE
Interview with Len Oswald who is retiring from EWTN radio largest affiliate Guadalupe Radio Network after 27 years. Then Register columnist Father Roger Landry talks about HOPE and how it helps those who are sinking into suicide and depression.
Missouri Nun's Body Seems Intact 4 Years After Burial
Hundreds of pilgrims have flocked to a Missouri monastery this week to see the remains of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, a Benedictine sister who died 4 years ago and whose recently exhumed body shows very little signs of decay. EWTN News’ Kelsey Wicks, went to Gower, Missouri last weekend to cover this remarkable story.
Dealing with Infertility
The month of May with its celebration of mothers, can leave some women feeling desolate. Today we talk to women who have experienced the pain of infertility and who have leaned into their suffering through God’s help to yield beautiful witnesses to adoption and spiritual motherhood. We talk to two women who are writers and advocates Leigh Snead and Mary Bruno.
Mothers Day Special
We celebrate Mothers Day this Sunday with warm appreciation for all the women who are mothers – physically or spiritually bearing, nurturing and loving children. On Register Radio, Register managing editor of Alyssa Murphy talks to Lisa Wheeler about entering motherhood through fostering and adoption children. And them we talk about the special role of women in bringing children to Christ with feature writer Lindsey Weishar.
Pope in Hungary Review and the German Tax on Catholicism
One of the top stories at the last month was about a web platform that seeks to combat porn addictions that took its inspiration from an unlikely source: Blessed Carlo Acutis. Register writer Solene Tadie wrote that story. She joins us now from Rome just days after she followed Pope Francis’s travels to Hungary last weekend. Solene gives us highlights about the unique ways of evangelizing in our culture and the impact of the Holy Father on young and old alike in Hungary. Then we turn to happenings in the Church in another European country. Jonathan Liedl has more on the German situation – and we examine the question: how does the German tax influence German Catholicism?
SCOTUS Cases & Prolife Colleges
Heightened attention is on the Supreme Court again these days over issues of abortion and religious liberty. Today Register columnist Andrea Picciotti-Bayer provides insights into the Supreme Court’s latest cases, including the ruling on the abortion pill and the oral arguments the justices heard related to a former postal worker, who refused to work on Sunday. Then we turn to hearing about a Catholic university that’s stepping up its commitment to life and dignity by offering young, single moms childcare, housing and a compassionate community. Register’s national correspondent Lauretta Brown has the story.
Mother Angelica 100th Birthday
Happy Birthday to Mother Angelica! On April 20, Mother Mary Angelica, the nun who created the world’s largest Catholic media networked, would have turned 100 years old. EWTN Global Catholic Television Network’s founder, who died in 2016, has had a profound impact on Catholics in the United States and around the world. Today on Register Radio, Father Joseph Mary shares stories of Mother Angelica’s great trust and how that continues to impact EWTN’s work. Then the Register’s Digital Managing Editor Alyssa Murphy brings us stories from listeners and readers who have been touched by Mother.
Divine Mercy Sunday 2023
This weekend the Universal Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday. Pope John Paul dedicated the Second Sunday of Easter to “The Feast of Mercy” in 2000 at the Canonization of the Polish religious sister Saint Faustina Kowalska and since then devotion has grown tremendously. Today on Register Radio, Register writers Matt McDonald and Lauretta Brown talk about the growth of Divine Mercy devotion as well as some ways to partake in this feast day’s greatest offerings.
Pope's Recent Health and a German Synod Update
Prayers for Pope Francis were called for this week when the Holy Father spent a few days in the hospital before one of the busiest times of the liturgical year. On Register Radio today Matthew Bunson and I discuss the Pope’s health and Holy Week. Then we turn our attention to Germany, where a bishop’s resignation and other events seem aimed to deter the heterodox path of the German Synodal Way. Jonathan Liedl, the Register’s senior editor who recently returned from Germany, offers his analysis.
Lent, Fasting, and the Rise of the Occult
How tough a Catholic are you? How would you have done with the Catholic Church’s practice of fasting if you lived 100 years ago? Today we discuss Lent and Fasting – now and then with Register staff writer Matthew McDonald. Then we turn to the troubling trend of interest in the Occult and discuss ways of “putting the devil on the run” with Register contributor Mary Frances Myler.
The Tenth Anniversary of Pope Francis' Pontificate
On today’s show Register columnist Father Raymond J. De Souza examines the highlights and lowlights of Pope Francis’ pontificate and then, along with Register Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl, we look at one of Francis’ biggest challenges the German Synodal Way.
Father Dave Pivanka
Interview with Father Dave Pivanka.
Life of Bishop David O’Connelll - 1 Year of the Ukraine War
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is mourning the loss of Bishop David O’Connell, who was shot and killed two weeks ago. He has been remembered as shepherd who knew the smell of his sheep and who tirelessly served the community. Senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond who has covered the story joins us on Register Radio. Then Matthew Bunson and Jeannette DeMelo have an editors corner that highlights news of the first anniversary of Ukraine- Russia war, the Vatican’s latest communication on the Traditional Latin Mass, a feature on 6 American Black Catholics Are on the Road to Sainthood and more.
Dr. Scott Hahn and Amy Smith on Lent 2023
Lent 2023 is here and Catholics across the globe turn to prayer, fasting and works of charity in order to more fully unite themselves to Christ. The National Catholic Register provides resources to aid this spiritual journey. Today Doctor Scott Hahn joins us to discuss his new free Bible study, "Holy Is His Name"? Then the Register’s associate editor Amy Smith gives us highlights of other Lenten materials.
Nicaragua: Faith During Persecution
Eight Nicaraguan Priests who were expelled from their country by the Ortega regime celebrated Mass for first time in six months last weekend at a small chapel in Washington DC. The Register’s senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond who has covered this story of faith in the face of persecution joins us on Register Radio along with Register columnist Andrea Picciotti Bayer, who covers religious liberty issue world-wide. #EWTN #Catholic #Radio #Religious #Freedom