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Updates on Pope Francis’ Health, Cardinal Burke’s Vatican Residence and German Synodal Way
Poor health has kept Pope Francis from a trip to Dubai this weekend where he was to participate in the United Nations COP28 climate conference. Nevertheless, the pope has still kept a rather busy schedule. This week we talk about the pope’s health and other news from the Vatican such as the potential that Cardinal Raymond Burke will be stripped of his Vatican apartment and stipend. Register’s Jonathan Leidl joins us from Rome.
Christ the King and Sacred Music Meets AI
While Christians have celebrated the Christ as King from the very beginning of the Catholic Church, the Feast of Christ the King of the Universe was put on the liturgical calendar less than 100 years ago. What’s the origin this powerful solemnity? We find out with EWTN News’ Dr. Matthew Bunson. Then we look at another effort to sanctity the world … this time through sacred monastic music, yet there’s a twist … Artificial Intelligence is involved. Register’s Solene Tadie brings us a story of how an organization is using AI to help spread sacred monastic music.
2023 Fall USCCB assembly Review/ UK Removes Life Support on Newborn
The U.S. Bishops met this week in Baltimore for the Fall USCCB assembly where the elections 2024, pro-life leadership, Eucharistic Revival, synod on synodality, and saints were on the agenda. The Register’s editor in chief Shannon Mullen was on the ground in Baltimore. He joins us now with highlights. Then we turn to the sad news of baby Indi Gregory who died in Great Britain this week after her life support was removed against her parents wishes. Register’s UK correspondent KV Turley gives us insights into how the Great Britain has come to this point where parents have no power to decide their children’s medical care.
Pro-life Political Setbacks/ A Look At Christians in the Middle East
The Pro-life movement experienced a few setbacks this week in three states’ elections, including in Ohio where voters decisively approved a ballot referendum that expands abortion access and adds a new right to abortion to the state constitution. We talk to EWTN’s Prudence Robertson about Nov. 7 election results, the latest GOP debate and the formidable challenges the pro-life movement faces ahead. Then we turn to a very different kind of crisis – the one faced by Christians in the Middle East. We talk to Lebanese journalist Elias Turk from EWTN News’ Arabic language news agency ACI Mena about the impact of the Israel-Hamas war on the Christian community in the region.
Synod on Synodality 2023- What to make of Summary Report?
The month-long meeting of Catholics at the Vatican known as the #Synod on Synodality ended last weekend with the issuing of the synod’s synthesis report – the report marking the close of this assembly didn’t actually draw many conclusions. So what was the result of this gathering, what’s next and why should it matter for Catholics in the pews? To provide some answers to these questions and perspective from the ground in Rome we are joined by the Register’s Senior Editor Jonathan Leidl.
Down Syndrome Awareness Month/ Edward Sri on Prayer
October is respect life month for parishes and diocese around the United States. It’s also Down Syndrome Awareness Month, which goes hand in hand with the Church’s call to respect the dignity of every life especially those who are most vulnerable. Today on Register Radio, the Register’s Washington correspondent Lauretta Brown shares a personal story with us about how one child with down syndrome captured her heart and motivates some of her reporting. And then, we turn to prayer, with a well-known author and theologian Edward Sri. We discuss his latest book. When You Pray: A Clear Path to a Deeper Relationship with God
From the Ground in War-Torn Israel / Blessed Carlo Acutis, Pray For Us
After the Islamist terrorist group Hamas’ attack Israel killing more than 1,000 people and taking more than 100 Israeli hostages, Israel is at war. The US government has condemned Hamas’ attack. Pope Francis and other Catholic leaders throughout the world have condemned terrorism and violence and are calling for prayer and fasting for peace. Long-time Register contributor, Michele Chabin joins us on Register Radio with perspectives from the ground in Israel. Then we turn to the Eucharist our source of hope and an Italian teenager who was completely devoted to making our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament known to a world in need. We talk with Register contributor Sabrina Ferrisi about Blessed Carlo Acutis.
Laudato Si & a Synod on Synodality Update
Eight years after Pope Francis published his encyclical, Laudato Si, warning about the threats of climate change, the Holy Father has issued a new document on the environment, now warning that time is running out for the planet. This week on Register Radio, we talk to Register contributor Fr. Raymond De Souza about Francis’ vision for ecology. And then, this week The Holy Father officially opened the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, better known as the Synod on Synodality in the Vatican, and the participants went right to work. Catholics are asking: What will the next weeks bring? We are joined by Register Senior Editor Jonathan Liedl with the latest.
Joe Pearce Talks Hobbit Day and JRR Tolkien's Life
In the month of September, we mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, JRR Tolkien and we celebrated this week both Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week. This week on Register Radio we talk to author and Tolkien expert Joseph Pearce about the legacy of the devoutly Catholic scholar and his masterwork The Lord of the Rings.
Tight Information Flow for the Synod on Synodality
We are now only a few weeks away from the start of the Synod on Synodality in Rome, and Synod officials have announced that the media will have limited access to the Synod’s sessions. This raises the question: Is a Tightly-Controlled Information Flow the Best Way to Go? This week on Register Radio we talk with Russell Shaw one of the great veterans of the Catholic Press about the Synod, secrecy, and the state of Catholic media.
Pope Makes History in Mongolia/ Artificial Intelligence and Catholic Colleges
The Pope of the Peripheries makes history in Mongolia. Catholic News Agency’s Courtney Mares traveled in the papal press corps during first ever papal visit to the north central Asian country. She joins us now with her traveler’s diary notes. Then we look at AI on College Campuses. How are Catholic colleges and universities handling this new moment of artificial intelligence. There’s no one size fits all answer. Register writer Matthew McDonald gives us perspectives from the field.
Dorothy Day, Mongolia and A Message to Journalists on Synod on Synodality/ Parents Push Back Politized School Curricula
Students are back in school or soon will be. And parents of public school students are, in some places, on high alert to safeguard their children from politicized agendas – especially in regards to gender identity in their school curriculum, Senior editor Joan Desmond has been following the latest developments in parental rights in California and across the country, she joins today. But first we turn to news from the Vatican. Roman holidays – that is the traditional August escape from hot and humid Rome – is over and Pope Francis has picked up a busy schedule with a 4 day trip to Mongolia, continued preparations for the synod, the signaling of support for the cause of Dorothy Day and confirmation that sequel to Laudato Si is in the works.
Editors Corner on Abortion Pill ,Maui Fires & Religious Liberty
The Maui fire devastation and a spared Catholic Church, a court ruling reinstating limits on abortion pills, Ohio pro-lifer’s gearing for an aggressive abortion ballot measure in November and Churches destroyed by a mob in Pakistan are some of the stories that Matthew Bunson and Jeanette De Melo talk the latest news in an Editors’ corner. Then EWTN New legal analyst Andrea Picciottt Bayer gives an update on a few religious liberty cases making their way through state courts.
World Youth Day Pilgrims Takeaways/ Barbie Makes You Think
World Youth Day surpassed expectations last week with 1.5 million pilgrims joining Pope Francis for a vigil and then the closing mass Aug 6 in Lisbon. Blogger and WYD pilgrim Kevin McCartney & Father Sean Conroy join us now to talk about their experience. Then we turn to another summer blockbuster – Barbie, which made history as the first film solely directed by a woman to surpass 1 billion in global box office sales. Register writer Meghan Schultz gives her take on the film.
World Youth Day/White House Abortion Policy
Editors Corner with Jeanette DeMelo and Matthew Bunson discussing World Youth Day and Lauretta Brown on the latest White House challenges to abortion policy.