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Call in: 877-757-9424 | The Spirit World offers a Catholic perspective on issues related to angels, demons, and how the spiritual and physical worlds interact. Hosted by Debbie Georgianni and Adam Blai.
Open Mailbag for May
It's time for the Monthly Mailbag episode for May. Was your question answered? Listen and find out!
Open Forum on the Month of Mary
It's our monthly Open Forum show for May. Since it's the month dedicated to Mary, we'd love to hear any question you have about our Blessed Mother. You can also ask anything related to the invisible spiritual world all around us.
Blessed Mary
Why are there so many appearances of Mary? All over the world, all throughout history... Just what is going on? In this month of May, which is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we're talking about the big picture of what the Holy Spirit is doing with Marian apparitions, and what it means for you.
Sacrament of Reconciliation
There are so many misconceptions about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We want you to be able to receive the healing graces of this powerful sacrament with confidence. So on this episode of The Spirit World, Debbie and Adam talk to Fr. Doug Brown, who is a pastor in Cleveland and the chaplain for the EWTN affiliate AM 1260 The Rock.
April Mailbag Show
It's time for the Monthly Mailbag episode for April. Was your question answered? Listen and find out!
Relics, Angels, and Not Demons
This week is Open Forum so we are taking your questions about the Supernatural.
Divine Mercy Sunday
Mercy is what our world needs right now and this week, we are talking about the Divine Mercy Messages of St. Faustina.
Holy Saturday
What are we to do with Holy Saturday? What does it mean that Jesus descended into hell? What role did the angels play in the Resurrection? Call 877-757-9424 to talk to Debbie Georgianni and Adam Blai live on the air.
Making the Most of Your Holy Week
Let's make the most of the rich traditions, rites, and meanings of Holy Week, which starts tomorrow with Palm Sunday, and sacred Triduum. Do you have suggestions for other listeners? Do you have questions about this holy time? Debbie Georgianni and Adam Blai are live on the air each Saturday to answer your questions.
St. Patrick and St. Joseph
We celebrate the days of two great saints this week: St. Patrick and St. Joseph. They are both very powerful in spiritual warfare. Debbie Georgianni and Adam Blai will discuss how we ought to ask them to intercede for us.
On today's The Spirit World, bring your questions. Debbie Georgianni, angel specialist, and Adam Blai, religious demonologist, are taking live questions about anything related to the invisible world we all live in. We'll cover demonic manifestations, guardian angels, prayer, saints, and especially the new saint movie, "Cabrini."
Big Pictures
Adam and Debbie tackle Hollywood this week and when big pictures take on the supernatural how does it shape our culture.
Open Mailbag for Feb
Open Mailbag taking your questions about the supernatural
Open Forum for February
It's an open forum to ask your questions about the Supernatural.
Prepping for Lent
This week Debbie & Adam help you to get spiritually prepared the best Lenten season as well as take your calls on the supernatural.