Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie is a unique live daily call-in show. Hosts Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni share from their hearts and personal experiences, focusing closely on their listeners and helping them become aware of their tremendous worth and potential. Taking a fresh look at personal, spiritual and cultural issues, their ultimate desire is to bring others to a realization of how much God loves them and has a beautiful plan for their lives.
All About Relationships
On Thursday we will have our first monthly “All About Relationships” program for 2022. Some are good. Some are not so good. Some are downright awful. But no matter what shape they’re in, we all have dozens of interpersonal relationships in life. Join us and we’ll talk about some of your relationship scenarios.
Do You Feel Unforgiven?
We all make mistakes. We all sin. And we all should seek to be forgiven of the wrongs we have committed. God always forgives when we ask Him to. But we can at times not take to heart His loving forgiveness, or the forgiveness of others we have hurt. Let’s talk about this on Wednesday.
In the News (Part II)
Join us for Part II of our weekly "In the News" show!
IN THE NEWS for January 2022
Jerry and Debbie talk about what is going on in the news. Covid 19 and the rules of how to take care if it is discussed .
First Friday Eucharist
As we’ve mentioned on the air, this year we’re going to devote one show each month to discussing our love of the Eucharist. Please join us for this impactful conversation.
How Is Your Brain Health Holding Up?
Brain health, more commonly termed mental health, is so vital to a happy, healthy life. We hear a lot these days that many people are struggling in this area of their lives, especially with all of the challenges we’re facing today. On Thursday, let’s talk about how our brain health is holding up.
New Year - New You!
Is it time for a body spirit and mind makeover? Lets talk about it on today's show
Whom or What Are You Praying For?
Our first live broadcast of the new year will focus on prayer. Specifically, your intentions. Join us on Tuesday and let us know whom or what you are praying for.
What Would You Change In Your Life? (Best of)
We are asking the question on Tuesday, what would you change in your life if you could? Maybe you would change your career, your relationship, or even where you live. It is your life and only you know if there is anything you would change if given the chance. Sometimes in life it may not be possible, for various reasons, to make a change. That is why this conversation we are about to have may be just what you are looking for as it relates to your current state in life. Join us,
Dreaming Big with God!
If we believe in Matthew 19:26, then our dreams should naturally be bigger and bolder. Let’s talk about dreaming even bigger with God. This is our last LIVE broadcast for 2021. Please join us by calling, 1-833-288-3986
What Are Your 2022 Resolutions?
A while back we did a show on things we’re looking forward to. It was a very impactful broadcast. On Thursday, we’ll look toward the new year, and share with each other some of the things we are hoping and praying for. Be sure to join us!
Unscripted (December)
Merry Christmas! We continue to celebrate this holy season with our monthly Unscripted show on Wednesday.Let us know what’s on your mind or your heart.
Looking Back on 2021 with Jerry and Debbie
Share with us on Tuesday, what you feel went well in 2021 or what you think was really hard to deal with…1-833-288-3986
Christmas Has Begun!
We are now in the Christmas Season! Please keep the lights up! Call us and share how you stay in the season without rushing things like the world wants you to do. (Just a note, many stores already have Valentine’s Day products on the shelves.) 1-833-288-3986
Enjoying the Joy (Best of)
Tune in for this "Best of" Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie as they talk with listeners about preparing for Christmas and retaining the joy!