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WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams embraces the essence of feminine spirituality as she informs, instructs and inspires listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/29/2020 - Mother and Father Wounds
Johnnette continues her teaching series on JOURNEY TO JOY: HEALING LIFE'S SORROW. Today's topic is "Primal Suffering: The Mother wound and the Father wound. "
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/27/2020 - So-Called “Church Approved” Covid Cures
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. This week they discuss alleged revelations from Our Lady to a Costa Rican woman that call for the use of essential oils to prevent infection by the coronavirus. This has gone viral on the Internet. What should Catholics make of revelations such as these?
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/26/2020 - Be Non-judging
Host Johnnette Williams says we must look at the face of God in every moment. Caller Margret shares of a priest that chastised a family not wearing a mask during Mass. George called in and shared Romans 14:13 - Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister." Johnnette says we must not judge especially during this crisis. Beth wants to share masks she is making with her parish so everyone will have a face covering.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/21/2020 - Tension: Nervous or Spiritual
Host Johnnette Williams shares Caryll Houselander experience of World War II through the lens of Christ's passion in the book "War is the Passion." In the book she asked the question what causes tension; nervous or spiritual. It is anxiety. She give examples of anxiety. Caller Michele shares her issues with anxiety. Kathy calls with how parents deal with the anxiety of having small children in Mass.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/20/2020 - Army of Mary and other groups ( Encore)
Johnnette talks with WOMEN OF GRACE blogger Sue Brinkmann about heretical group like 'The Army of Mary."
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/19/2020 - End-of-Life Questions ( Encore)
Johnnette talks with Fr. Jeffrey Kirby on his book: We Are the Lord’s: A Catholic Guide to Difficult End-of-Life Questions. It serves as a succinct, quick-reference guide to difficult end-of-life questions, framed by divine wisdom and Catholic Church teaching. Its easy-to-read chapters and question-and-answer format can be a welcomed help to any person or family who are searching for answers during a difficult and traumatic time.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/15/2020 - Uncovering the Wounds of the Heart
Johnnette continues teaching her series " Journey to Joy! Healing for Life’s Sorrows." In Part 2: “Uncovering the Wounds of the Heart” She talks about how sin wounds the heart and prevents us from experiencing the joy and happiness God intends for us to receive. Grace: I pray for the grace to be healed from the consequences of my personal sins and the sins of others against me.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/14/2020 - Scott Weeman- Dealing with addictions
Scott Weeman, founder and director of Catholic in Recovery joins Johnnette as they talk about additions especially during this time. Pressure and solitude can cause us to falter. Johnnette shares that today is feast of St. Corona. A caller named Glory calls and share her problems with her family. George shares about being sober 18 years.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/13/2020 - Fake Rosaries ?
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes guest Sue Brinkmann. Johenntte gives the history of Our Lady of Fatima. Sue answers a question about the “The Way of the Rose” Rosary Movement. They are a eco-feminist rosary fellowship that is open to worshiping “the Lady” whether that be Mary, the Great Mother, Kali-Ma, etc.. Caller Kiki from London tells how the Rosary help her with her children during lockdown
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/12/2020 - Be Unfailing in Patience
Host Johnnette Williams shares the words of St. Francis de Sales for the mothers who were hurt by their children during Mother's Day. " We must suffer much from children while they are young: they sometimes even hurt the one who nourishes them. The words of the great apostle should serve us as a maxim: in season & out of season.. be unfailing in patience & in teaching..." (2 Tim 4:2)
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/11/2020 - Mothers Day 2020
Host Johnnette Williams ask listeners about their Mother's Day. How is Mary your spiritual Mother? Guest Tom Sullivan talk about being a warrior for Christ. Caller Carol had a bad Mother's day with her not returning her child's phone call due to her living with boyfriend. Krista's daughter did not call her. Anne was upset but gave it to Lord and her son showed up and they had a great time.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/07/2020 - Journey To Joy Pt 1- Let Healing Begin
In this TV/ Radio simulcast Johnnette Williams begins this teaching series with the topic " Journey to Joy! Healing for Life’s Sorrows Part 1: “Let the Healing Begin!” God wants to bring us to a deeper level of wholeness and healing in Him. Grace is a gift given to us by God out of His abundant love. In fact, it is a share in the Divine Life itself. Daily prayer helps us be receptive to the grace God offers us,as do the sacraments and a virtuous life.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/06/2020 - Prophecies of Today
Host Johnnette Williams welcomes new age blogger Sue Brinkmann as they talk about wacky things that distract from the faith. Today they talk about end of time prophecies and the 2 days of darkness. They also look at modern day prophets.
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/05/2020 - A Cloister of the Heart
Host Johnnette Williams explains how we are to have a 'cloister of the heart" when we are in the presence of Jesus. She reads the words of Pope Benedict XVI, "In the power of his Spirit, Jesus is always present in our hearts, quietly waiting for us to be still with him, to hear his voice, to abide in his love, and to receive “power from on high”, enabling us to be salt and light for our world."
Women of Grace, Radio - 05/04/2020 - May Marriage Monday
WOMEN OF GRACE host Johnnette Williams welcomes her husband Jack for their regular Monthly Marriage Monday. They handle what troubles a marriage can go through especially when having to be close to each other during the COVE-19 lock-down. Caller Mary-Ann shares about her abusive relationship.