Episode Ten: From the Western Rising to Elizabeth I

Episode Ten of EWTN's The "Reformation" miniseries continues soon after the death of Henry VIII with his young son Edward VI, under the influence of Thomas Cranmer the Archbishop of Canterbury, imposing on the nation the English Book of Common Prayer and radical reforms on the Church. He banished the Latin Mass, religious practices and most of the sacraments. This caused much resentment throughout England and the people of the West Country rebelled. We dramatise the heroic Western Rising with some set piece battle scenes and the reaction of the people to the new Calvinistic church services. Edward dies young and Catholicism is restored under Mary, who executes Cranmer, despite his renouncing of Protestantism. However, Mary dies before a Catholic succession could be established.  Episode Ten ends with Elizabeth I coming to the throne and re-establishes the Church of England along Protestant lines. We also explore the uneasy relationship between Elizabeth I and the young Catholic Scottish Queen Mary, who also had a claim to the English throne. Mary also had her own problems in Scotland, which had turned Protestant under the influence of the fanatical Calvinist, John Knox.