Amazon Fire TV FAQs

1. What is Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV is a device, not a service that allows you to instantly stream EWTN to your TV. To get EWTN on your Amazon Fire TV, all you need is a high speed Internet connection, a TV and the Amazon Fire TV Player. The Amazon Fire TV connects directly to your TV and can be connected wirelessly to your internet router.

2. How fast does my internet speed need to be to see EWTN?

Your Internet connection must at least be 5Mbps or better. Don't' know your speed? Check it here.

3. What is the monthly fee to watch EWTN on Amazon Fire TV?

There is no monthly fee. EWTN is a free channel. You just pay your monthly Internet bill.

4. My local cable does not get EWTN. Can I still get it on Amazon Fire TV?

Yes. All you need is the internet to see the EWTN channel.

5. Do I need a computer to watch EWTN on Amazon Fire TV?

No. A computer is not needed.

6. Can I keep the satellite/ cable that I have while having an Amazon Fire TV?

Yes. Just swap back and forth.

7. Do you have to have Netflix to watch anything on Amazon Fire TV?

No. There are many free channels and EWTN is one of them.

8. Do I need to have more than one Amazon Fire TV to watch EWTN on other TVs in the house?

You can either buy an Amazon Fire TV for each TV or it is so small and easy setup that you just unplug from one and plug back up to new one. No new sign on is needed.

9. Sometimes the picture freezes or buffers. What is the cause of this?

Check your internet speed. It may not be fast enough for the program.

10. My Amazon Fire TV froze and the remote will not go to the "home page." How do you fix this?

If it freezes – unplug the Amazon Fire TV to re-boot the system. It will go through start up and should unfreeze the device.

11. Can I use Amazon Fire TV Device outside the US?

Yes, Amazon Fire TV is available outside of the US. View this link for a list of countries.

12. Can I use Amazon Fire TV with a non Internet ready TV?

Your TV does not need to be internet ready to use Amazon Fire TV. The device connects to your tv through an hdmi port. All you need is WIFI or an ethernet cable that is connected to the Amazon Fire TV receiver.

13. My EWTN channel cuts off at 2 hours and I need to restart. Why does this happen?

We time our channel to cut off and you to reestablish connection after 2 hours. Just streaming the signal cost EWTN lots of money and if no one is watching it still cost. Consider helping EWTN with a donation.

14. What connections do I need to hookup an Amazon Fire TV to my TV?

Your TV needs to have either an HDMI input or a composite input ( RCA input).

15. I have an limited internet plan, can I still use Amazon Fire TV?

You can, but we do not recommend using any online streaming service to watch EWTN. Amazon Fire TV will use 1 - 5 gig an hour depending on your resolution / compression.

16. Need more help?

Visit Amazon Fire TV's support website


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