Gianna Beretta Molla


The Servant of God, Gianna Beretta, was born at Magenta (Milan) on October 4th, 1922, the tenth of thirteen children. After studying at the Universities of Milan and Pavia, in 1949 she graduated in medicine and surgery, but, in her keen interest for children, she, decided to follow a course of specialization in pediatrics, finally qualifying in 1952. Ever since, Gianna placed herself totally at the service of children both at Ponte Nuovo di Magenta and at Mesero. Her great desire was to have babies of her own, and with this in mind she married Mr. Peter Molla, who had a degree in Engineering. Three children were born of this happy union but, unfortunately, as she was expecting her fourth, Gianna realized that she was affected by a disease which would never allow her to bring her pregnancy to a happy conclusion. Available for anything, she accepted to undergo surgery, her only preoccupation being that of "saving" the unborn child. She kept repeating "Anything, but let the baby survive!" On April 21st the baby was born, and it was a little girl! Seven days after, on April 28th the young heroic mother passed away, in the firm conviction that "it is sinful to kill a baby in the womb". She welcomed death in full awareness, happy to utter her "yes" to her child's life!

In 1972 the Cause of Beatification of Gianna Beretta was set in motion in Rome. Its postulator being Fr. Bernardino da Siena, O.F.M. Cap. whose address is:

Via Piemonte 70 - 00187 Rome

Gianna's Words

To young people: Purity should preside over the just and lawful use of sexual pleasures. Our body is sacred: it is an instrument, together with the soul, for doing good... Surround the body with the hedge of sacrifice and your purity becomes freedom..."

To her fiancee: "With God's help and blessing we shall make our family a small cenacle where Jesus rules over all our affections, desires and actions. Let's be God s collaborators in creation so that we may give Him children who love and serve Him..."

To Doctors: "We doctors work directly on man... We have chance! that not even priests have... Our mission does not end when medicine becomes useless. There is a soul to bring to God. Just as the Priest touches Jesus' body so we doctors touch Jesus in the bodies of our patients--be they poor, young, old, children... Jesus should shine through us and find many doctors available to offer themselves to Him".

To mothers: "I trust in God. but the moment has come to fulfill my duty as a mother... I renew to Our Lord the offering of my life... If a choice has to be made between the child and myself, do not hesitate in the least: choose the child! I claim for it! Save it!"

If graces are obtained through Gianna's intercession, please contact Don Giuseppe Locatelli, Parrocchia di MAGENTA (20013) Milan.