St. Colman, Bishop of Dromore, C.

Author: Alban Butler


Feast: May 7

Dromore, in the province of Ulster, sixty-three miles from Dublin to the north, derives the succession of its bishops from St. Colman, who was descended from the sept of the Arads, and born in 516, according to bishop Usher. He was the first abbot of Muckmore, in the county of Antrim, and afterwards chosen first bishop of Dromore, a small see under Armagh, and not far distant from it. Jocelin, in his life of St. Patrick, tells us that his eminent virtue was foretold by St. Patrick; and his legend ascribes many miracles to him, and the wonderful conversion of a great number of souls to God. The ancient scholiast on the AEngussian Martyrology observes, that he was also called Mocholmoc. He died about the year 610, on the 7th of June, on which his principal festival was kept, or, according to some, on the 27th of October, on which he was also commemorated. See Usher, Primord., p. 1126; Colgan in MSS., ad 7 Jun.; Ware, p. 257, and Baert the Bollandist, t. 2 Junij, p. 24.

(Taken from Vol. 6 of "The Lives or the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints" by the Rev. Alban Butler, the 1864 edition published by D. & J. Sadlier, & Company)